Watch-beasts were native to forests of Gamorr, the homeworld of the stout Gamorreans, and were domesticated to be guards. As cubs, Gamorreans took Watch-beasts from their mother to bond them with someone, which made them only follow that person's commands. Watch-beasts were extremely territorial, and would attack anyone or anything that was not the person they were bonded to, and would never leave the person or area they were assigned to guard. As they attacked, Watch-beasts would make a croaking bark which would intimidate, and could be heard for kilometers. With extremely keen vision and a good sense of smell, Watch-beasts were not taken off guard, and were dim creatures; Besides guarding an object or a place, Watch-beasts could not be taught other commands.

Watch-beasts had gray fur, large, squat, and sturdy bodies with large heads, and long, porcine faces and snouts. They had short horns on their head as well as tusks. The predators also had thick, furry legs which culminated in four powerful paws with dull claws.

A number of Watch-beasts were brought by the Imperial Army to the Imperial training world of Sirpar to guard garrisons there.[3]



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