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"I'm Watcher One with Imperial Intelligence. Those men you fought served me."
"What kind of name is that?"
"My title is who I am. Any other name I gave you would be a lie."
―Watcher One and the Jedi Knight[src]

Watcher One was codename for a Human male Intelligence Operative of the reconstituted Sith Empire.


Watcher One: "To ensure mission success, I compromised with the Jedi. They're here for the doctor."
Darth Angral: "You... compromised? With the Jedi vermin who killed my son?"
―Watcher One and Darth Angral[src]

During the Cold War, he was in charge of an operation on Taris to recover the former Galactic Republic scientist Doctor Nasan Godera, who was the creator of many Republic superweapons. In one of Godera's labs, Watcher One's forces encountered a Jedi Knight who was also looking for the doctor. Watcher One attempted to undermine the Jedi's confidence and resolve by revealing his knowledge of the Knight's exploits on Tython, but the Jedi remained determined to find Godera.[2]

Doctor Nasan Godera, Watcher One's target

After the Knight defeated an ambush by the agent's forces, they helped Godera's droid RE-M0 repair the facility's computers so that they could track Godera's biosignature. By resetting the tracking relays, the Knight was able to track the Imperials to a base south of Lake Brell, in the ruins of an old chemical plant. The Jedi encountered a Rodian named Vulaa in the entrance, whose friend was injured. They told Vulaa to hide and keep his friend safe, while they headed deeper into the facility.[1]

In the base, the Jedi found Doctor Godera lying dead at Watcher One's feet. However, RE-M0 arrived and revealed Watcher One's deception, and "Watcher One" and his assistants wavered and disappeared—leaving an Imperial shadow squad in their place. After they defeated the ambushers, the Jedi was contacted by Watcher One: he had been Vulaa, and his "friend" was the unconscious doctor. Watcher One then made a trade with the Jedi—he would reveal the location of a certain Sith assassin that was about to destroy a Republic colony in exchange for time to interrogate the doctor. The Knight was forced to accept,[1] but continued to pursue Watcher One after defeating the assassin.[3]

By the time the Jedi caught up with him, Watcher One had gotten his information from the doctor and transmitted it to his superior, Darth Angral. Angral was furious with him for making a deal with his son's killer, and despite Watcher One's wish to follow through on his deal to hand over Godera to the Knight, he was ordered to bring the Jedi to Dromund Kaas so Angral could kill them himself.[4]

Despite the Knight's request for the agent's surrender, they engaged in combat. The Jedi defeated Watcher One, but allowed the agent to leave in peace. Knowing that he could not return to the Empire and would be killed by Darth Angral for failing, the Knight suggested that he make a new life for himself in the Republic; perhaps the agent would find that the Republic was not the enemy he thought they were. Watcher One was surprised at the Jedi's generosity, but gratefully accepted the offer and departed. This also allowed the Imperial to fulfill his original deal to the Knight in handing over Godera, who was brought back to Coruscant.[4]

Watcher One would send a farewell message to the Jedi, saying that while he still didn't understand why he was spared, he had not betrayed the Knight's trust. Having created a new name and life for himself as a Republic citizen, his skills in espionage had given him opportunities in the corporate sector and was surprised to find his new life as compelling as his old one. He concluded that the message was the final time he would use "Watcher One," expressing gratitude for his second chance before disappearing into his new life.

Personality and traits[]

Watcher One: "Twenty years, I've avoided becoming a casualty of Sith madness. But an order is an order."
Hero of Tython: "Obligations are what shape our lives."
Watcher One: "We're not so different. For some reason, that's a comfort."
―Watcher One and the Hero of Tython[src]

Watcher One was a very honorable and loyal man, who was very devoted to his assignments. He was perfectly willing to do anything to succeed in his mission, including compromising with the enemy and betraying other agents of the Empire. He was particularly aware of the dangers of working under "Sith madness", as he termed it, and had actively avoided potentially lethal situations of Sith temper tantrums for the past 20 years.[3][4]

Watcher One was also skilled at interrogation and psychological manipulation, attempting to unnerve the Knight's resolve with his confident knowledge of the Jedi's exploits on Tython.[2] His sense of honor prevented him from letting himself be arrested,[1] so Watcher One attacked the Jedi in order to force the Knight to kill him.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Watcher One was created for Star Wars: The Old Republic, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released by BioWare on December 20, 2011. He appears as the main antagonist in the Jedi Knight's class quest on the Republic version of Taris. The Knight pursues Watcher One across Taris in search of Doctor Godera. The Imperial agent forces the Knight to give him time to interrogate Godera by revealing the location of a Sith assassin named Rora Seake, who was preparing to destroy a Republic colony. When Watcher One is defeated, he can either be set free (light side), taken in (light side, but results in his suicide), or killed (dark side).

Watcher One is also briefly mentioned in the Agent story.


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