The Watchkeeper was a Bakura-class destroyer in the Bakuran Defense Fleet.



Planetary repulsor strikes the Watchkeeper like an invisible fist

Watchkeeper was part of a fleet of four capital ships, led by the Intruder, upgraded with experimental hyperwave inertial momentum sustainer technology that allowed it to break through interdiction fields. In 18 ABY, Watchkeeper was loaned to the New Republic under Captain Mantrony.

Watchkeeper was damaged upon entering the Corellian system. Captain Mantrony was able to reestablish life support, but could not repair the propulsion system. At first, Admiral Hortel Ossilege planned to leave the vessel until the end of hostilities, but then seized upon the idea of using it as a decoy to draw out the superweapon of the Sacorrian Triad in the Battle of Centerpoint Station. The ship was evacuated and controlled via remote at the head of the fleet, using a combination of Watchkeeper's half-crippled sublight engines and tractor beams from the fleet. When Light Attack Fighters from Selonia strafed the ship and quickly retreated as an invitation to pursue, Admiral Ossilege maneuvered the Watchkeeper into the trap. As anticipated, it was destroyed by the Selonian planetary repulsor, which flattened its entire lower hull before it exploded.



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