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"They set up in an abandoned field of gigantic cisterns, the ones that used to supply water to Galactic City. They filled them up with water. It's like living on a water world."
Keets Freely, on the Erased[src]

Dac was a waterworld.

A waterworld,[1] also known as water world,[2] water-world,[3] water planet,[4] aquatic world,[5] aquatic planet,[6] ocean world,[7] or ocean planet,[8] was a type of planet covered primarily in water. Waterworlds in the galaxy included Kamino, Dac,[1] Ando,[9] Glee Anselm,[10] Manaan,[11] and Tion.[12] The term "water world" also applied to aquatic moons such as Dorumaa.[13] At some point in the distant past, inhabitants of ocean worlds operated lighthouses.[14]

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