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This article is about a lieutenant in the Imperial Army. You may be looking for Robert Watts, real-life producer and character namesake.

"Get him off of there!"
―Watts and Marquand, upon spotting an Ewok assailant on top of their AT-ST[src]

Lieutenant Watts was a male Human from Corulag and an officer who served as an AT-ST gunner in the Imperial Army. He was a crack shot, as his gunnery skills were able to produce "devastating results."[1]


Prior to 4 ABY, Watts, a member of the Imperial Army, was temporarily assigned to the Kuat Drive Yards to help develop All Terrain Scout Transport weaponry.[1]

Chewbacca tosses Watts overboard

Eventually, by 4 ABY, Watts joined Tempest Force and served under Major Marquand as the gunner of Tempest Scout 2 during the Battle of Endor. When Chewbacca and two Ewoks landed on Tempest Scout 2, Marquand ordered Watts to get the only Ewok he was aware of off their AT-ST. Watts peered out of the cockpit hatchway and was pulled out by the powerful Chewbacca, who threw him overboard, screaming during most of his 8.6-meter plummet to the ground which resulted in his death.[2] The Imperials, not knowing about his demise, later believed that Watts, alongside Marquand, had turned traitor when it became apparent that their walker was committing turncoat actions against them.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

Watts was played by his namesake, Return of the Jedi co-producer Robert Watts. Watts served in real-world armed forces, during which he obtained the rank of lieutenant.[5] The character was originally supposed to be General Maximilian Veers, and Julian Glover was invited to reprise his role from Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back. However, due to scheduling conflicts, Glover wasn't available on the day of filming, and Watts took over the part.[6]



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