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"Stormtroopers on waveskimmers!"
―Leia Organa to her team[src]

A waveskimmer was a type of aquatic surface ship used by the Maritime Division of the Galactic Empire's Army.


The waveskimmer was a repulsorlift[3] surface ship[1] consisting of a windowed cockpit supported by two sturdy legs angling down from either side. Each of those legs terminated in a pontoon that allowed the vehicle to float on the water's surface, and thus glide over it when propelled. Armament-wise, the waveskimmer boasted two forward-facing blaster cannons.[2]


Waveskimmer were used by the Maritime Division, a special unit of the Galactic Empire's Army tasked with maintaining order on planetary waterways.[1]


Leia Organa's team were chased by several waveskimmers during their mission on Sesid as part of Operation Yellow Moon.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

"Can't speak for Cecil, but I was thinking of the West End Games jet-ski things."
―Jason Fry[src]

Author Jason Fry intended the waveskimmer to be a different vehicle.

Waveskimmers made their first canonical appearance in the 2015 novel Moving Target: A Princess Leia Adventure, which was written by Jason Fry and Cecil Castellucci.[4] They were first pictured in Leia and the Great Island Escape, a Disney–Lucasfilm Press adaptation of Moving Target aimed at young readers, which used the appearance[2] of the AQ-5 Waveskimmer[5] from the Legends comic series Dark Empire.[6]

However, this depiction does not fit the textual evidence: Leia mentions stormtroopers on waveskimmers rather than in them. Several paragraphs later, it is mentioned that "black shape of a riderless waveskimmer skittered over the waves."[4]

In fact, Jason Fry intended it as a reference to a single-person vehicle[7] that appeared in Battle for the Golden Sun, a Star Wars Legends adventure book for use with West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.[8]



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