Wayman was a Human male Dark Jedi who served the Sith Lord Odion during the New Sith Wars. He was a member of the Novitiates, an elite group of Force-sensitive individuals who served as the vanguard of Odion's Sith Order. Wayman also served as a Claimer who was responsible for infiltrating enemy lines and recruiting other Force-sensitive individuals into Odion's Sith organization. In 1032 BBY, he went to the foundry world of Tergamenion where he succeeded in recruiting a young woman named "Mercy", who was in reality the Jedi Knight Kerra Holt who wanted to infiltrate the Odionate and settle scores with Lord Odion.


Encountering MercyEdit

"…Everywhere, even in enemy territory. We find talented beings that have come to the end. Those who've embraced nothingness and want a way out, on their own terms. If you've embraced death as the answer – you can live for Odion."
―Wayman meeting Mercy[src]

Wayman was a high-ranking follower of Sith Lord Odion's nihilistic philosophy during the Republic Dark Age. He served as a Claimer who recruited individuals that had embraced the end and nothingness just like his Master. Wayman watched for such individuals even within enemy territory to identify those that wanted to end their lives but on their own terms. Thus, Claimers looked for such people that embraced death as their answer and brought them into the service of Odion. One such mission brought him to Tergamenion, a foundry world within rival Sith Lord Daiman's principality known as the Daimanate. He infiltrated Daiman's Sith troopers corps and rode a speeder bike. Meanwhile, Daiman had obtained intelligence of Wayman's presence but decided not to apprehend him since he wanted to use the latter as part of a greater scheme against his estranged brother Odion. Instead, he struck a deal with Kerra to make contact with Wayman under the disguise on a suicidal factory worker named "Mercy."[2]

As planned, "Mercy" jumped from a high-rise building within Wayman's patrol zone. As planned, she was intercepted in mid-air by Wayman on his speeder bike. Wayman subsequently apprehended her and Kerra pretended to attempt suicide with a blaster, thereby pretending to embrace death and nothingness. Sensing potential in the Force-sensitive young woman, Wayman disarmed "Mercy" and then used her thumb print to alter her records in the worker database to show she was deceased. Wayman succeeded in recruiting "Mercy" by appealing to her alleged desire to avenge the deaths of her family at the hands of Daiman. He offered to train her as a dark side-using Novitiate. As a test of her abilities and enthusiasm, he told her to make her own way to Odion but also gave her a signalling device that she could use when she arrived at her destination. "Mercy" complied and he departed on a speeder bike.[2]

Wayman defending Kerra

Wayman defending Kerra against Yulan

Odion's DiscipleEdit

"…Your people never live long enough to get very experienced!&hellip:I'm not complaining – you keep me and the other Claimers pretty busy looking for replacements."
―Wayman conversing with Yulan[src]

After a brief debriefing with a holographic statue of Daiman, "Mercy" departed in her Fire Lotus-class starfighter to the Daimanate where she was inducted into the Novitiate and sent on a mission to Skarpos, part of Sith Lord Malakite's realm known as the Menagerie. During the Battle of Skarpos, the Odionate forces sustained heavy casualties when several Novitiates and Thunder Guard members were killed in a tar pit ambush by Malakite's Mutates, individuals subjected to Sith alchemical experiments which twisted their minds and bodies. Wayman intervened when "Mercy's" commanding office Beld Yulan reprimanded her for her unwillingness to die in combat. She had tried to stop several Thunder Guardsmen and Sith acolytes from charging into a trap and had even tended to a wounded acolyte. These actions angered Yulan who regarded them as contrary to his master's teachings. In response, Wayman intervened and criticized Yulan's suicide wave tactics as contributing to high attrition rates among Odion's forces. He defended "Mercy" by expressing that he had high hopes for the young woman but counselled her to follow Yulan's orders in the future due to his seniority within Odion's hierarchy.[2]

He then informed "Mercy" and the other surviving Novitiates that Lord Odion had reassigned "Mercy's" team for a big assignment to recover the Helm of Ieldis. Wayman ordered Yulan's fleet to meet Odion at his new capital of Jubalene, formerly part of the defeated Bactranate. Yulan commented that he would arrive there but first needed to stop at Vanahame to replenish his arms supplies. "Mercy" then asked Wayman about whether Jubalene had any data centers, feigning enthusiasm for pursuing Odion's teachings. Wayman confirmed an affirmative to her question while praising her devotion. At Jubalene, he and "Mercy" were present with Odion during a combat duel pitting three Duros bankers against a rancor. The Duros had been duped into adopting Odion's nihilistic teachings and believed that they could embrace death by tackling a fully-grown rancor. With Odion encouraging them "to end the pain," the three bankers entered a berserker rage and attacked the rancor with spears. Ultimately, their efforts proved futile and they were eaten by the beast in the presence of a satisfied Odion who commented that even Lord Bactra's bankers could be used for his own purposes when properly motivated.[2]

Odion also added that he savored the deaths of individuals who had embraced death willingly, since it strengthened the dark side. He also expressed his annoyance towards life energies which glowed through the light side of the Force. While other Sith could tolerate it, he tried to block it and saw death as a relief. Odion explained that he could channel despair into a lust for destruction. Using an example, the Sith Lord attributed the Duros' berserker rage to the anguish and despair emanating from the millions of workers in Jubalene's military forge. Wayman expressed interest in Odion's "rediscovery" and asked if anyone could wield it. Odion replied that only those with the same type of "affliction" he was experiencing could tap into this destructive energy.[2]

Wayman on Skarpos

Wayman on Skarpos

Project PandemoniumEdit

"We're honored, milord [sic]. But I'm surprised you're not going there yourself –
I don't dig around in graves, Wayman – I fill them. Between Daiman and my idiot cousins, I've got my hands full. But your team will take up the research, beginning with the material in this room. Then I can claim the Helm, once and for --
―Wayman accepting Odion's mission to find the Helm of Ieldis[src]

Wayman was also present when Odion discussed about his plans to reopen Project Pandemonium, which aimed to recover the ancient Sith war relic the Helm of Ieldis. Lord Ieldis was a Sith Lord who lived before the Great Hyperspace War and had created the helm to turn sentient beings into mindless killers. The trail last ended at Sarrassia and the project was suspending since the planet was part of the Bactranate, a rival Sith domain. With the annexation of the Bactranate, Odion revealed his intentions to invade Sarrassia and reclaim the relic. Wayman's team including Kerra were assigned the task of continuing the research where the trail ended, beginning with the material available in his data center at Jubalene. At that point, Odion sensed a familiar presence in the room but could not discern who it was.[2]

However, Kerra escaped further notice with the arrival of Yulan who had arrived back from Vanahame rearmed and refreshed for the invasion of Sarrassia. While Odion and Yulan departed to watch several of Bactra's former attorneys fighting a gundark at the arena, Wayman confided to Mercy about his discomfort that Odion favored Yulan and thus kept him alive. He also expressed that he sensed a great emptiness in the force emanating through Odion's spirit. Wayman subsequently departed for the arena, leaving Kerra along with the computer. She would used that small window of solitude to access information that confirmed her parents Aron Holt and Mercia Holt had been taken captive by the Sith and dragooned into Project Pandemonium.[2]

Heart of DarknessEdit

"But I kept Wayman near you all the time. Once he knew your destination, he brought me here."
"That's right, Mercy or should I say, Kerra. And I was right to have high hopes for you… you lead us to the exact place! Odion sensed the Helm instantly. Part of the chamber had collapsed but no rock can crush the work of Ieldis."
―Odion and Wayman revealed the latter's secret espionage on Kerra[src]

Unknown to Kerra, Odion and Wayman were both aware of her true identity. Wayman secretly monitored Kerra when she accessed the records on Project Pandemonium at Jubalene to search for her parents. They realized her connection and decided to let her search for the Helm. Kerra's travels took her to Sarrassia where she learnt that the Helm of Ieldis was located on Skarpos and that planet had been her parents' last known whereabouts. During the Second Battle of Skarpos, Odion's forces were assailed by rival Sith Lords Malakite and Daiman, the latter Odion's estranged younger brother who had also wanted the Helm for himself. Wayman accompanied his master to Skarpos on a shuttle where they landed on the top of the Morbollon Mesa.[3]

Odion donned a jetpack and entered the Mesa's network of underground tunnels and caves. He was able to locate the Grumani temple chamber which contained the Helm. Years earlier, Kerra's parents Aron and Mercia had exploded the cave in a last-ditched attempt to deny the Helm to any Sith Lords, killing themselves in the process. However, the Helm was a Sith artifact and withstood the explosion. Odion recovered the Helm and then captured Kerra, who was incapacitated with Force lightning and then bound in restraints. At the top of the mesa, Kerra was reunited with Wayman who commented that he was right to have high hopes for her.[3]

Wayman praised Kerra for leading Odion to the exact place where the Helm was located, adding that his Master was able to sense the Helm's presence in the Force immediately. While part of the chamber ceiling had collapsed, the Helm had been unharmed since it was a Sith artifact imbued with the powers of the Dark Side. Meanwhile, Yulan and his soldiers searched the chamber and found the crushed skeletal remains of two Human beings. A necklace and holorecorder were also found and the former was used to confirm the identities of the deceased as Aron and Mercia Holt, the late parents of Kerra. Upon learning about the deaths of her parents, Kerra descended into a state of grief.[3]

Yulan versus Kerra

Wayman fighting Kerra Holt at Vanahame.

Odion used Kerra's grief to activate the Helm of Ieldis and unleashed its dark side powers on the three Sith armies massed below, wiping them out completely. Only their commanders Daiman and Malakite were able to escape the bloodbath. Following the battle, Wayman presumably accompanied Odion and Yulan on the warship Gravedigger which traveled to Vanahame, where Odion intended to test the Helm on the captive orphans at the planet's cloister, part of a large system of planet-sized orphanages where all the children within the Odionate were indoctrinated into becoming pliable workers and soldiers for Odion's war effort. Satisfied with his successful test demonstration on Skarpos, Odion intended to replicate its results on a large level.[3]

Showdown on VanahameEdit

"I claimed you for Odion once! Give up!"
"Goodbye, Mercy. I won't save you this time!"
―Wayman fighting with Kerra prior to his death[src]

Odion planned to use the Helm of Ieldis to convert the negative emotions of the Vanahame children and unleash a Force-induced homicidal frenzy on the Grumani sector. He planned to kill all his Sith rivals particularly his estranged brother Daiman while bringing upon an apocalypse that would end all life in the galaxy. Odion hoped to become the sole sentient being in the entire universe, the king of a graveyard. Prior to activating the Helm, Odion ordered Wayman to activate a series of live feeds from locations in range throughout the Grumani sector which would then be broadcast onto holoscreens in Odion's throneroom on Vanahame.[1]

Odion and his disciples would then be able to watch the effects of the Helm within the wider Odionate. Wayman was present when Kerra was brought into the chamber and bound to a frame where she would be force to watch the entire ordeal. Odion ordered the cloister operators to switch off all the lights in the cloister for the first time, throwing it into pitch-black darkness and creating panic and angst among the child captives. Odion was then able to activate the Helm and unleash it on the Grumani sector with devastating results. Odion also exhorted his Novitiates into a homicidal frenzy with Wayman fighting several of his fellow Novitiates with lightsabers while under the influence of this Force-induced hysteria.[1]

Kerra managed to break free and activate a lightsaber, intending to confront Odion. However, Wayman dueled with her and tried to force her to give up. When she refused to submit, Wayman punched her in the chin, knocking her to the ground. However, before he could inflict a killing blow with his lightsaber, the Force-induced homicidal frenzy created by the Helm suddenly disappeared. Earlier, Kerra had successfully convinced Odion's second-in-command Yulan to turn against his master's nihilistic ambitions by stressing the sanctity of the childrens' lives. The feelings of fear and despair were immediately replace by feelings of relief and joy as the orphans had their lights restored and were then freed from their captivity.[1]

In the ensuing confusion, Wayman was distracted by the plight of his master and was then stabbed and impaled through his torso by Kerra's lightsaber. Following Wayman's death, Odion himself was killed after the Helm overloaded and burnt him to death. With the deaths of Odion and all his Novitiates on Vanahame, the Odionate itself collapsed and was divided up among the rival Sith Lords in the Calimondra family.[1]


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