The Waymancy Storm was a conflict that occurred in 7811 BBY[3] when the Galactic Republic came into contact with the Waymancy Hollow. The Waymancy ships were equipped with energy weapons that were far more powerful and faster than any the Republic had access to, as they utilized incredibly efficient power generators designed by the group known as the Sisters of the Machinesmith, and the Waymancy warships easily destroyed the Republic ships.[1] Despite heavily outnumbering the Waymancy forces, the Republic only achieved victory after it successfully reverse-engineered the Sif-Alulan process used to create Waymancy weapons and developed its own pulse-wave weaponry.[1]


The Signatories of Waymancy Hollow were utterly opposed to the Republic's expansion into what became the Inner Rim and the Expansion Region of the galaxy, known to colonists as the Northern Dependencies. A diverse group, some of the Signatories were religious fanatics while some believed in territorial cleansing. Others, such as the Sisters of the Machinesmith, believed in nothing beyond the cold logic of machinery. Associated with Waymancy Hollow were the mercenary army of Whirl-Point-Six, the armada of the Wives of Tingrippa, the nests of Neshtab, and the planets Muzara and Doshan.[4]

Having studied Republic technology in isolation within the Waymancy Hollow for a thousand years, the Sisters of the Machinesmith had improved on nearly every single design, creating pulse-wave blasters far more powerful and with greater rates of fire than anything in the Republic's arsenal, battleships that were faster and with greater endurance, and deflector shields capable of defeating attack by any Republic weapon.[4]

The war[]

First contact between the Republic Navy and the ships of Waymancy resulted in Republic warships being torn apart.[1] Wholesale massacre of Republic colonists throughout the Northern Dependencies followed. At the Battle of Upper Brightday, ten million colonists died in an orbital bombardment, while an entire Republic battlegroup was destroyed in the defense of Barenth as it covered a civilian evacuation of the planet.[4]

The power of Waymancy weapons meant that despite being heavily outnumbered by the Republic, in any battle they would inevitably inflict massive casualties: the army of Whirl-Point-Six carried pulse-wave cannons with immense rates of fire, while the navy of the Wives of Tingrippa carried weapons that could puncture any Republic hull and deflector shields that could soak up any Republic counterattack. At Sooncanoo Beacon, the Republic's Fortieth Flotilla was massacred to a man after a bid to boost their shields against Waymancy attack failed and left their ships drifting dead in space.[4]

The Republic Military rallied in response, resolving to liberate the northern Rim. Their ranks bolstered by volunteers and the industrial infrastructure of the Expansion Region, the Republic Military began a massive effort to counter Waymancy technological superiority. A group of spies, codebreakers and slicers known as the Squill Sifters worked to intercept and decrypt Waymancy communications. At Sif-Alula, the Republic Navy scored a decisive strategic victory when it captured Waymancy weapons and power generators, which were taken to a shipyard in the Axum system where Republic technicians struggled to reverse-engineer them.[4]

The Republic's victory came when it successfully uncovered the process behind Waymancy's weapons. Dubbing it the Sif-Alulan process, the Republic developed its own pulse-wave blasters. At Tantara, the Rocket Jumpers routed the Neshtabine nest,[3] while at Immalia, the cannonship Squintpipe, equipped with experimental shield generators and weapons, successfully broke the Waymancy formation, halted their bombardment of the planet, and sent the surviving ships into retreat. Further successes were had at the Battle of Paig and the Second Battle of Brightday, where Darsius became famous.[4][1]

The final Republic push was marked by further Waymancy atrocity until Republic forces reduced the Waymancy bridal seat to a hyperspace sinkhole.[4]


The Waymancy Storm ended with a Republic victory. Colonization of the Rim resumed. The Republic marked the anniversary of the victory, and twenty-five years later, Supreme Chancellor Nagratha gave a commemorative speech for the occasion in the presence of veterans like Chief Sergeant Saens Sukko.[4]

After Waymancy's defeat, the Sif-Alulan process for energy weapons was further refined until the 7700s BBY, when the Verpine master crafter Lyns Skutroo unveiled his improved squintpipe process. This resulted in a brief period where rapid-fire turbolasers outclassed any available deflector shield, until 7500s BBY when further developments in the squintpipe process resulted in stronger deflector shields.[1]

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The Waymancy Storm was first mentioned in the 2009 role-playing guide Galaxy at War, under the entry for the Republic rocket-jumpers,[3] and the 2012 reference guide The Essential Guide to Warfare gave further information on the conflict.[1]


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