Waywa Fybot was a male Quor'sav Imperial narcotics officer.

Biography[edit | edit source]

A Quor'sav from the planet of Uaua, Fybot wanted nothing more than to become a gourmet cook; by the standards of other Quor'sav, he was a natural. The Empire had other plans. Although the Ua system belonged to the Centrality, the Centrality's arrangement with the Empire allowed Fybot and numerous other Quor'sav to be conscripted into forced service.

Fybot found himself in the narcotics division, equipped with a powerful Service Special. He was eventually sent to the Oseon system as part of a joint Imperial-Centrality bust of Bohhuah Mutdah, the richest man in the galaxy and an addict to the illegal drug lesai.[1]

However, Fybot was corrupt and was, in fact, in Mutdah's pay. After his Oseoni partner, Bassi Vobah, declared that Mutdah was under arrest, Fybot killed her. He planned to take his bribe and flee, to begin his dream of cooking. What he didn't know was that the real Mutdah was dead and was being impersonated by Rokur Gepta, who promptly killed him.

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