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A lightsaber was a type of weapon used in the galaxy.

Weapons were devices used to kill or damage living beings, vehicles, structures, or terrain. Types of weapons used in the galaxy included melee weapons, blasters, flamethrowers, and missile launchers. Weapons with a stun setting could be used to disable sentient beings without killing them.[1]

Some weapons fired high energy lasers or energized particles to harm their target. Other weapons fired explosive or ballistic projectiles for damage. Still other weapons were used to bash, stab, or slash their targets. Lightsabers had the distinctive quality among melee weapons that they could be used to deflect blaster bolts back to their source.[1]

Some weapons, known as superweapons, had the destructive power to destroy entire planets.[2]

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Weapons first appeared in the 1977 motion picture Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.[1]


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