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Weeba Weeba was a Human male Rancor keeper in Jabba's Palace. He was present in the lower levels of the palace when Luke Skywalker killed Jabba's rancor. He promptly shoved Luke out of the Rancor pit following its demise.

Behind the scenes[]

"I haven't seen an official source that lists the Nizuc-like rancor keeper with Luke in the rancor pit as Nizuc. He certainly dresses like Nizuc and has a beard, but I don't have any images that conclusively shows that he is one and the same."
Leland Chee[src]

Leland Chee had previously identified, in conjunction with Star Wars: The Action Figure Archive, that "Weeba Weeba" was one of the Rancor keepers,[2] the other two keepers having been identified as Malakili and Giran. Although Weeba Weeba's yellow coveralls are similar in appearance, he is not to be confused with Nizuc Bek or Velken Tezeri who are themselves, separate characters.[2] Weeba Weeba does not wear goggles around his neck as Nizuc Bek does.

In 2013, Pablo Hidalgo revealed that "Wiebba-wiebba" had been a production name for Yarna d'al' Gargan.[3]



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