"There's something not right about that Weebacca."
―Han Solo[src]

Weebacca was a male Wookiee spacer who tended to get into trouble and who had a habit of gambling and smuggling. He was a childhood friend of fellow Wookiee Chewbacca. When his homeworld of Kashyyyk was invaded and enslaved by the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War, the Wookiee dropped his then-current dealings and rushed to fight for the planet's defense. Nevertheless, he turned into a double agent for the Empire prior to the battle to free the planet several years later. However, Chewbacca and the ex-smuggler Han Solo, both members of the New Republic, caught Weebacca trying to escape the destruction of Imperial Moff Hindane Darcc's palace along with the commanders of the Imperial forces on Kashyyyk, Moff Darcc himself, and the Trandoshan slaver Pekt. With his treachery revealed, Weebacca was killed by Chewbacca.


"That's one way to deal with Weebacca."
―Han Solo, in response to Chewbacca's slaying of Weebacca[src]

Weebacca was a male Wookiee spacer and a longtime childhood friend of fellow Wookiee and Kashyyyk native Chewbacca. Weebacca was always in need of credits and had a love for the game of sabacc; it was not long before he got into smuggling and gambling. He dropped contact with his family and Chewbacca for a long time, but he eventually resurfaced as a runner of spice through the Kashyyyk system under the nose of Imperial patrols. He hated the Empire, and when his homeworld of Kashyyyk was invaded and enslaved during the Galactic Civil War, he dropped his lucrative smuggling career and rushed home to help his people. Nevertheless, Weebacca eventually became an agent for the Empire.[1]

During the liberation of Kashyyyk from Trandoshan slavers and the Empire in 4 ABY,[2] Weebacca was destroying a Trandoshan building near the city of Kepitenochan when he was spotted by the New Republic agents Chewbacca and Han Solo. Despite the fact that they appeared to be fighting on the same side, seeing a lone Wookiee unharmed caught Solo's attention due to the carnage that had taken place against the Wookiees. Weebacca helped Chewbacca and Solo reoccupy Kepitenochan and rebuild the Government Tree, with which the two New Republic agents hoped to contact the New Republic. However, the Imperials had installed three jammers that prevented the agents from dispatching a message.[1]

Weebacca is killed by Chewbacca.

Weebacca claimed that the jammers were to be found in the city of Okikuti but did not go with Solo and Chewbacca to destroy them. When the New Republic agents and a company of Wookiees investigated the city—where they found no jammers—they were ambushed by Imperials, but Solo and the Wookiees were able to escape. Later, after the Wookiees destroyed Imperial Moff Hindane Darcc's palace, Weebacca tried to escape the planet with Darcc and the Trandoshan slaver Pekt—the leaders of the Imperial invasion forces—in an Imperial shuttle. However, Chewbacca and Solo spotted the Wookiee with the Imperials, and, with Weebacca's betrayal revealed, Chewbacca killed Weebacca in a duel while Darcc and Pekt fled.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Weebacca frequently got into trouble, and he was known for his habit of gambling—he particularly loved the game of sabacc. The Wookiee was a friend of Chewbacca during his childhood years, and the two were never cross with each other,[1] though Weebacca could be untrustworthy and petty at times. When in desperate need of large sums of credits, Weebacca was willing to take any job available, including posts as a bodyguard-for-hire.[3] He eventually betrayed the Wookiees by becoming a double agent for the Empire during his home planet's enslavement. He garnered a deep hatred for the Empire early in his life; nevertheless, he eventually joined the Empire prior to the liberation of Kashyyyk. Weebacca also had brown fur and was considered in his clan to be a "small Wookiee with a big Wookiee's attitude."[1] His name contained that of the ancient Wookiee hero Bacca, the first of the great chieftains of Kashyyyk. In Shyriiwook, the name "Bacca" meant "friendly."[4] Weebacca sported a pair of ryyk blades as his main weapons during the battle of Kashyyyk.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Weebacca made his only appearance in the 2001 video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds and its expansion pack. He was first mentioned in the game's strategy guide. In-game, he is a "hero" for the Wookiee faction, and as such, he is a special unit that cannot be manufactured or produced. During several missions in the game, the player must keep Weebacca alive in order to complete the level.[1]



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