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The Ewok Weechee Warrick was the oldest son of Deej and his wife Shodu. He had two brothers, Willy and Wicket, and a sister, Winda. Weechee was the love interest of Chirita.


Weechee was Wicket's stronger and smarter older brother. He was already an Ewok warrior and, together with Paploo, probably the strongest warrior in the village. Weechee loved his family, but sometimes couldn't help teasing his younger brothers, especially Wicket.

Weechee was often the leader in Ewok expeditions, including the Light Festival quest to renew the Tree of Light. In that affair, Weechee showed an additional strength of wisdom to allow his youngest brother and two females, Princess Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka and Latara, to join against tradition. Thanks to Weechee's good judgement, those young ones proved instrumental in the quest's success.

On one occasion, Weechee was fishing with his father and brothers, when Deej was poisoned by the fungus growing on the rokna tree. Weechee, along with his brothers, went into the jungle to gather the ingredients for an antidote. Weechee braved the Frosch's lair to collect the eggs, while Willy was looking for a feather from a lantern bird, and Wicket searched for a star urchin.

Later, Weechee was notable as one of the Ewoks in the caravan to help rescue the Towani children's parents from the giant Gorax.

Behind the scenes[]

Weechee was played by Debbie Lee Carrington in Caravan of Courage, while Hal Rayle provided the voice. Weechee was usually a name for female Ewoks.


Weechee fishing card art

Weechee goes fishing.

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