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"Tough hides. Naturally resistant to blaster fire. The Hutts like to use them as bodyguards and bounty hunters."
Luke Skywalker, on Weequay[src]

Weequays were a sentient species native to the desert world of Sriluur. Evolving under merciless conditions, their tough, leathery skin helped them endure the harsh environment of their homeworld.[2] It also provides natural resistance to blaster fire, making them ideal bodyguards and bounty hunters.[9] Many Weequays served the Hutt Clan as mercenaries, bodyguards, and slaves as the Hutts controlled their homeworld.[10] Some were able to escape those hardships and sought out the Alliance to Restore the Republic and used their skill to bring some good to the galaxy.[11] The pirate Hondo Ohnaka and most members of his Ohnaka Gang were Weequay.[12]

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