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Che Amanwe Papanoida with an appropriated Weequay pistol

A type of blaster pistol was used by Hondo Ohnaka's pirates and various others throughout the galaxy during the Clone Wars. The blaster pistol commonly fired red blaster bolts, though Hondo Ohnaka used one that fired blue bolts. It was a very common blaster in the underworld as it was seen in the hands of numerous criminals and bounty hunters during the Clone Wars and was even carried by a Neimoidian guard aboard a Trade Federation battleship.

History[edit | edit source]

The blaster pistol was utilized by the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi when he was disguised as the bounty hunter Rako Hardeen and by the Ithorian bounty hunter Bulduga, who tried to use it against fellow hunter Cad Bane. Tal Merrick, the treacherous Senator of Kalevala, used one when he took Duchess of Mandalore Satine Kryze hostage aboard her ship, the Coronet, and used it to murder four Galactic Republic Senate Commando and Captain Gray.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The weapon is not identified by name in any canonical source, but it has similarities with DL-series pistols like DL-18 blaster pistol or DL-44 heavy blaster pistol. A similar type of animation model was later used for the blaster pistols of Nuvo Vindi, the Neimoidian Gunnery Battalion and Tal Merrik it could be, that those pistols are in fact the same model, but that is yet to be confirmed. The pistol used by Tal Merrick was identified as a LL-30 blaster pistol in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia although it does not bear much similarity to Cad Bane's LL-30 blaster pistols.

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