"They had a better offer for the goods. Three times better. I like being alive almost as much as I love credits, so I made the deal."

Wef was a Melbu arms dealer who worked for the Hidden Hand. Beilert Valance and his crew of bounty hunters visited Wef's outpost on Heva while on their hunt for Darth Vader, where they used bot-drones to destroy the Imperial Star Destroyer that pursued them.


Arms dealingEdit

Wef was a Melbu who became an arms dealer at some point in their life. During the Imperial Era, they arranged a deal with the Pykes, but found the clients dead at the meetup point with only a Chagrian standing, who explained that he had a better deal from the Hidden Hand. Wef, valuing their life, accepted the deal and joined the Hidden Hand, operating on an outpost on the planet Heva. The Melbu also conducted various deals with other individuals over the years.[1]

Meeting Beilert Valance's teamEdit

Wef Dengar Honnah Target Vader

Beilert Valance and his team contacted Wef.

During their hunt for Darth Vader, Beilert Valance and his crew arrived at the outpost and contacted Wef, requesting a number of bot-drones. Dengar and Honnah conversed with Wef, with the latter explaining the bot-drones' purpose and that another buyer from the Rebellion was also interested in purchasing them. Honnah asked the Melbu about the Hidden Hand, but they were unable to understand her language. Dengar reiterated her question in Basic, to which Wef stated that the syndicate kept information about themselves scarce. They told them about the deal with the Pykes, and that the Chagrian and all the other individuals they met were middle men for the Hidden Hand, much like Valance and his crew of bounty hunters. Upon sighting the Imperial star destroyer Formidable, Wef stated that they were all going to die. However, using the bot-drones they acquired, Valance's crew managed to destroy the vessel.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Wef valued their life as much as they valued credits, keeping them alive in situations such as the deal with the Chagrian.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Wef first appeared in the third issue of the 2019 comic book miniseries Star Wars: Target Vader, written by Robbie Thompson.[1]


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