"What sport was named the official sport of the New Order, shortly before the Battle of Yavin?"
―The Theed Palace librarian quizzing a spacer about wegsphere[src]

Wegsphere was a competitive sport introduced to the galaxy by COMPNOR's SAGRecreation branch of the Sub-Adult Group as a sport for COMPNOR members. It was one of SAGRecreation's few successes, finding a home on thousands of worlds. Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, it became the official sport of the New Order, and thus the Galactic Empire.

Wegsphere involved two teams of players playing in a six-sided, low gravity well, where they would attempt to place a ball into the opponent's goal. Wegsphere players (or at least male players) were known as "wegmen."

Imperial officer Conn Doruggan was accepted into Raithal Academy based on his wegsphere scores, and continued to excel in the sport at the Academy.

Behind the scenes[]

The game originated in a sourcebook published by West End Games, whose acronym ("WEG") is the first three letters of "wegsphere" and "wegmen."



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