Weldii III was a mining planet located in the Core Worlds. It was the site of a brutal mining colony led by the Bith administrator Lenc. After the gunrunner Praaelon Di sold weaponry to both sides in a local miners' rebellion, by 3 ABY Lenc tasked a group of bounty hunters and pirates with bringing Di back to Weldii III. When the attempt failed, Di led his own armed force in an attack on Lenc and his staff at Mine Shaft 342 on Weldii III and defeated the administrator.


An obscure mining world, Weldii III occupied the third orbital position[3] in the Weldii system,[1] a part of the Southern Core portion of[2] the Core Worlds.[1] The surface of the planet featured a wooded area.[3]


Weldii III was home to a mining colony. At some point, the local miners staged a rebellion, in which the gunrunner Praaelon Di sold weapons to both sides of the conflict. Administrator Lenc, leader of Weldii III's mining colony,[4] eventually responded brutally to the insurrection.[3]

Lenc learned of Di's involvement in the rebellion[4] at some point between 1 BBY[5] and 3.5 ABY.[6] In response, the administrator hired a group of bounty hunters and pirates to capture Di and bring him back to Weldii III.[4]


Praaelon Di attacked Administrator Lenc at Mine Shaft 342.

The pirate fleet caught up with Di near a remote moon[4] but was ultimately defeated by the gunrunner and his allies.[7] Subsequently, Di decided to take the conflict to his adversary. The arms dealer traveled to Weldii III with a group of associates, including three Corellian pirates, a Defel spy, and an Ugnaught demolitionist. Di's force was supplemented by an LM-432 crab droid and a pair of Rebel troopers.[3]

The group sprung its attack on Lenc at the planet's Mine Shaft 342. At the time, the administrator was supervising repairs to the mine from a bunker at the top of the shaft, accompanied by his chief miners, operators, and bodyguards. Aided by disgruntled local miners, Di and his allies eventually defeated Lenc and his underlings.[3]


The population of Weldii III included miners, as well as the Bith administrator Lenc's staff of bodyguards, chief miners, and operators. The latter group included several Humans and Mustafarians, as well as members of the Aqualish, Klatooinian, and Rodian species.[3]


At some point, a brutal mining colony was established on Weldii III.[4] In addition, Mine Shaft 342 had been excavated beneath a wooded area of the planet. A bunker, outfitted with a blast door, lay atop the mine in a clearing of the forest.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Weldii III was first mentioned in "Gunrunner,"[4] the opening installment in "Unfinished Business," a series of three scenarios for use with the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Miniatures game. The series was written by Sterling Hershey,[3][4][7] and the first scenario was published on on February 22, 2007.[4] The mining world made its first appearance in the third part of the series, titled "Shafted!" and published on March 22, 2007.[3] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed the Weldii system, and therefore Weldii III, in grid square L-13.[2]


The appearance of Boushh on Weldii III in "Unfinished Business, Part 3: Shafted!" is dependent on the gameplay outcome of the previous scenarios in the series.

The narrative structure of the three scenarios of "Unfinished Business" is dependent on the gameplay outcome of each individual scenario.[3] If the player representing Praaelon Di and his allies in-game is victorious in "Gunrunner," the second scenario, "Well-Armed and Dangerous," is to be skipped, and the narrative proceeds with "Shafted!"[4] In that case, the bounty hunter Boushh fights alongside Lenc's staff on Weldii III in "Shafted!"[3]

In addition, if in "Well-Armed and Dangerous" the player controlling the bounty hunters wins, Di is considered to be captured and brought back to Lenc[7] on Weldii III,[4] with "Shafted!" to be skipped.[7] This article assumes that as many events as possible of "Unfinished Business" play out as described and that Di and his allies are defeated in "Gunrunner," yet triumph in "Well-Armed and Dangerous" and "Shafted!"


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