Well of Shadows was a vertical tunnel that delved deep into a natural cavern system on a planet.

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Located in an area littered with rough-hewn stones that were covered with hoarfrost during winter, the Well of Shadows was series of caves on a planet. A capstone covered the shaft of the Well, which was said to be bottomless. The stonework of the shaft was unremarkable, though about fifty meters down was the location of a concealed passage. Once a sensor was depressed, a circular opening would reveal a passage leading to an open cavern.[1]

The cavern was a natural place of flowstone formations, with a octagonal pedestal carved into the center of the room at the top of a flight of steps. Atop the pedestal was placed a holocron that was known to several Forceful individuals during the Galactic Civil War. The Force Adept Kasuni Tamm infiltrated the Well of Shadows with her bogwing companion, Vaxim; both were followed by a group of fortune seekers. The leader, Markus Dorivonn, was accompanied by Zora Sasori and Dal Kir, and sought to take the holocron from Tamm. While she resisted their attempts to coerce her out of the artifact, they were forced to work together to avoid Sor Venge and his stormtroopers after they infiltrated the Well. Accessing a hidden passage under the pedestal Tamm, Dorivonn, and the others fled the Well with the holocron.[1]

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