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"What is this place?"
"All that surrounds us is the foundation of life, the birthplace of what your science calls midi-chlorians, the foundation of what connects the Living Force and the Cosmic Force."
―Yoda and Serenity[src]

The Wellspring of Life, also known simply as the Force planet, was one of many such nexuses of power that manifested in the depths of the galaxy. The Wellspring was powerful in the light side of the Force and was speculated to be the source of all life. It was not marked on any star map and had no official name. The planet was surrounded by a bright nebula. Upon reaching the surface, it appeared barren, save for luminescent geysers that released energy from inside the planet. Below the surface, however, were floating islands that were covered in plant life and immersed in the Force.[4]


The planet's existence was a legend across the galaxy - even members of the Jedi Order were not fully versed in the existence of a Wellspring during the Clone Wars. One Jedi Master, Qui-Gon Jinn, discovered the legend shortly before his death and began to study it in depth. Though he believed that he had found several potential locations, Jinn was cut down before he was able to venture to one. Despite this, Jinn's spirit persevered and manifested itself in dreams to Grand Master Yoda, encouraging him to pick up where he left off. During the Clone Wars, Yoda traveled to this planet and encountered the Force Priestesses.[2]


The Wellspring of Life discovered by Yoda was located in the heart of the galaxy.[5] Enveloped within a nebula of golden gas, the Wellspring manifested itself as a planet of cracked rock. While seemingly barren, the surface was clean and pure, and hospitable to all species. Geysers of light erupted through the many fissures that crossed the world, boiling over with pure life energy.[1]

The interior of the planet was a hollow space containing drifting islands of solid ground. Floating amid amber clouds, the islands were covered in jungles of strange flora and inhabited by creatures of all shapes and sizes. The beasts that prowled the jungle did not harm visitors to the Wellspring, and neither hunger nor thirst affected anything within the planet. The planet's creatures were creations of the Living Force, and so could not be removed from the Wellspring without vanishing.[1] The Wellspring was where the microscopic organisms known as midi-chlorians were born,[3] and spread out into the galaxy. The secrets of immortality lay within the vergence and were inexplicably tied to the Force Priestesses that roamed the land.[1]



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