"Hey, Wembly, you're a guard. Doesn't that mean you're supposed to guard us."
"That's a good one, kid, make sure to write it down. In case you didn't notice, preventing you scofflaws from offing each other isn't exactly in our job description.
Trig Longo and Wembly[src]

Wembly was an Imperial Corrections Officer in his late fifties stationed on the Imperial prison barge, Purge. There, he met Armo Drane, who asked the guard to deliver a letter to his wife, Tso Sook Drane, and Wembly promised to do so. While on board the Purge, a droid had adopted Wembly as its master and followed him everywhere he went, an accompaniment that other officers on board the barge wouldn't have tolerated. After the Purge broke down, Wembly informed inmate brothers Kale and Trig Longo that they had sent a crew to a nearby derelict Star Destroyer. He also informed the brothers that Aur Myss had put a bounty for 10,000 credits on them. He was infected by the Blackwing virus, and though he died of it, his last action was to set the Longo brothers free. The letter was recovered aboard the Purge after its occupants were decimated by a plague, so it was unlikely that it reached him before it was released to the public for academic purposes in relation to the history of the Purge.[1]

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