"Certainly you must be joking, Grand Admiral Takel. A scandal years ago involving the late Grand Moff Tarkin and a female aide? I'm sure today's Imperial administration is quite above such improprieties. Oh, and yes, I'll have a package for you next week."
―Wendell Wright-Sims[src]

Wendell Wright-Sims, a Human male, was a well-to-do Coruscanti socialite and Imperial Center's premier spice dealer during the Galactic Civil War. Wright-Sims carried out his trade, despite its seemingly questionable nature on the Imperial capital, with the expressed permission of the Emperor himself, who used Wright-Sims' impeccable taste in quality spice to ensure his elite citizens indulged only in the finest product available in the galaxy. Wright-Sims therefore humbled himself before the Emperor's good graces and also paid dues to Dark Prince Xizor of the Black Sun crime syndicate, who prevented his own spice dealers from interfering in Wright-Sims' business as a professional courtesy. In turn, Wright-Sims frequently presented Xizor with several kilograms of the best-quality spice to maintain Black Sun's favor.

Wright-Sims did not indulge in his own merchandise, however, instead enjoying the extravagant lifestyle of Coruscant high society. He regularly attended elegant social functions with his spice-addicted, high-society Coruscanti clients as a means of ensuring he was catering to his market's needs. True to his nature as a Coruscanti socialite, Wright-Sims strove to maintain a fashionable, trendy appearance, both in dress and speech, studying to make sure he wore the day's latest styles and spoke with a practiced, cultured vernacular. A veritable master of the art of superficial flattery, Wright-Sims considered it part of his job to charm his addicted society peers so that he sold enough spice to live extremely comfortably.


Coruscant's premier spice dealer[]

Wendell Wright-Sims, a Human male, was the premier importer and dealer of the narcotic spice on the Imperial throne world of Coruscant during the height of the Galactic Civil War. Whereas spice may have seemed like a natural commodity to be highly regulated, if not banned outright, on the Imperial capital, Wright-Sims' spice-dealing venture nevertheless thrived with the expressed permission of Emperor Palpatine himself. The Emperor wished for the Coruscanti elite to indulge only in the best-quality spice available, and so he allowed Wright-Sims—a man of impeccable taste in spice and the smugglers who delivered the drug to Coruscant—to pursue his import trade. Wright-Sims thus ensured that the spice flowing into Coruscant was the most refined of its kind in the galaxy, lest an inferior product should taint those considered the wealthiest and most fortunate members of galactic society.[1]

To supplement his business, Wright-Sims, an affluent Coruscanti socialite in his own right, frequently attended social engagements with his Imperial Center clients to fulfill his market's needs. Be it chatting at a costume ball, dining at the exclusive Manarai restaurant in Imperial City, or mixing with the regulars in the Imperial Palace's public corridors,[1] Wright-Sims excelled at the brand of superficial social interaction with those whose needs he served that kept him selling enough spice to live extremely comfortably,[2] and, in the process, he simply enjoyed the trappings that the high lifestyle of Coruscant society offered.[1]

The success of his spice trade notwithstanding, Wright-Sims was mindful to pay humble respect to his more powerful Coruscant society peers, specifically those who tolerated the continuation of his business. Wright-Sims recognized the generosity of the Emperor, for example, and was always willing to assist the Empire's emissaries. He also acknowledged the Dark Prince Xizor, leader of the Black Sun crime syndicate, who, as a professional courtesy, intentionally kept his own spice dealers out of Wright-Sims' business affairs. To demonstrate his appreciation[1] and maintain the Dark Prince's favor,[3] Wright-Sims often personally delivered to Xizor several kilograms of the choicest spice[1]—a cheap insurance for Wright-Sims, even though the spice allotment likely valued several million credits on the streets.[3] Xizor did not indulge in spice himself, but he appreciated the gesture nevertheless, perfectly aware that Wright-Sims was only doing what was necessary to curry favor among his clients and competitors.[1]

Reigniting an old flame[]

"Seems like you have a lot on your mind. Perhaps I can offer a diversion…"
"I don't want any of your merchandise, if that's all you're offering. You know I haven't touched that stuff since I hauled myself off the dance floors."
"As I was saying, perhaps I could offer a diversion by catching up on old times—you know, some culinary tidbits borrowed from a servant's tray, a flask of some Cedrellian aged wine, and thou, so to speak. Non-committal, of course."
―Wendell Wright-Sims and Mayli Weng[src]

Wendell Wright-Sims and Mayli Weng network at The Kallea Cycle gala.

In mid–3 ABY, Imperial Advisor Kren Blista-Vanee, another prominent Coruscanti socialite, formally invited Wright-Sims to a gala at a Coruscant reception hall commemorating the season's debut performance of The Kallea Cycle, a Brentaal opera. Wright-Sims arrived at the party, packed with Coruscant's elite society, following The Kallea Cycle's first marathon portion, which he found exceedingly droll. Still, despite having to sit through the performance, he was prepared to be his usual charming self at the engagement, for this was part of his job as Imperial Center's premier spice dealer.[2]

With a head of finely pomaded hair and wearing that week's designer evening coattails, Wright-Sims adroitly made his way through the party from one superficial discussion or debate to another—marveling at the training the opera's performers must have endured to sing for five hours straight, criticizing the loathsome Rebels for killing innocents until they were once more occupying the old Senate Building, or gossiping about a purported scandal involving the late Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin and a female aide years before—all the while reinforcing his dedication to those addicted to his premium spice. In the course of his hobnobbing, Wright-Sims subtly promised spice delivery to the Lady Amber Comark, daughter of Imperial Moff Jesco Comark, and Grand Admiral Miltin Takel, both regular clients of his, in the coming days.[2]

Wright-Sims eventually ran into Mayli Weng, an old flame of his, whom he had casually courted once at least two years before. Wright-Sims recalled his time with Weng, a woman with an exceptional figure, friendly demeanor, and luxuriously long, brown hair, as a pleasant time, though he could not remember the reason for their breakup. As Wright-Sims genially reintroduced himself to Weng with minor small talk and began casually escorting her to the gala's more quiet sidelines, away from the rest of the party guests, he silently noted that perhaps enduring the opera's five-hour performance was indeed going to be worth it.[2]

However, Weng's courteousness disappeared once they were alone. She rebuked his obvious romantic advances, not wanting to open up old emotional wounds, with claims that they were both attending the party for the sake of the livelihood of their businesses—Weng was there as a representative of the Exotic Entertainers' Union to negotiate the mistreatment of her constituents. When Wright-Sims calmly pressed further and placed an arm around her shoulder, offering a diversion to her troubles, Weng moved to back away from him, rejecting any offer of his merchandise, if that was all he wanted. But selling more spice was not Wright-Sims' intention. Instead, he simply suggested they catch up on old times with one another, perhaps over some appetizers from a server's tray and a bit of Cedrellian aged wine—a worry-free evening together, no strings attached.[2]

Wright-Sims then slowly led Weng by the hand toward the reception hall's terrace arches and the balcony garden beyond, charming her with a recitation of his own rendition of the Korfani poet, Adranax: Why mourn for tomorrow in tears today/When current fleeting hours not long shall stay?/Come stroll with me, we shall find your lost peace/In an old friend's arms and a gentle kiss.[2]

Xizor's last spice endowment[]

Wright-Sims later paid a visit to Xizor's Palace in 3.5 ABY, on the morning of the day before Xizor was ultimately killed in battle with elements of the Imperial Navy, under the command of Darth Vader, over the skies of Coruscant. Wright-Sims, whose appointment, in fact, shortly followed Mayli Weng's own appointment with Xizor on the same day, presented the Dark Prince with ten kilograms of the highest-grade spice, his regular contribution to ensure he maintained Black Sun's favor. Although Xizor refrained from using the spice, he preferred to have some on hand in the event his guests cared to indulge, in which case Xizor would be the hospitable host. As usual, price was no issue in the transaction, and Xizor thanked Wright-Sims before sending the man on his way.[3]

Personality and traits[]

"Wendell, at times you can be annoyingly vapid."
"And yet, you must admit, from time to time charm can often be a fulfilling substitute."
―Mayli Weng and Wendell Wright-Sims[src]

Although spice dealing may have seemed like a questionable pursuit to some, especially among the upper echelons of Coruscant society, Wendell Wright-Sims figured the Emperor's noble subjects deserved to enjoy themselves. And if the Coruscant citizenry remained addicted and docile as a result, thus serving the Emperor's needs, Wright-Sims was fine with that too. He was careful to know his place in the Coruscant society power structure, ready to oblige both the Empire and Black Sun for permitting him to pursue his trade. Wright-Sims did not indulge in his own merchandise, however. Rather, he found pleasure in the extravagant lifestyle of Coruscant society that being Imperial Center's leading spice dealer enabled him to live.[1]

Wright-Sims considered the life of a wealthy Coruscanti socialite to be merely part of his job as a spice dealer, and to that end he was constantly attending social functions with the Coruscant elite to market his product to his addicted clients. A product of the superficial and a master of complimentary banter, Wright-Sims was careful to always tailor a vogue appearance, which meant dressing in the day's latest fashions, pomading his whitened hair with fine fragrances, and maintaining a stylishly trim physique. He regularly followed the newsnets with an eye out for the latest "hot trend," styled his speech to employ the most popular catchphrases, and kept himself abreast of recent events that prepared him for the most cultured and sophisticated conversations. Wright-Sims could adeptly discuss the latest political developments, reflect on elitist societal ideals with the Human High Culture theorists, and speculate on galactic developments with a refined fluency.[1]

Skills and abilities[]

Wright-Sims possessed mechanical ability in beast riding and repulsorlift operation.[1]


Wright-Sims's personal equipment included a datapad link to the newsnets and a hold-out blaster.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Wendell Wright-Sims first appeared briefly in the May 1996 Shadows of the Empire novel, written by Steve Perry, as one of the many business underlings who pays his dues to Prince Xizor of Black Sun.[3] The character's biographical background, based on his role as a spice peddler in the novel, was greatly expanded upon in the June 1996 Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook, by Peter Schweighofer, in which Wright-Sims is revealed to be Coruscant's foremost spice dealer, catering to the most elite elements of high Coruscant society. Artist Tim Bobko provided the sourcebook's character illustration of Wright-Sims.[1]



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