The Wennis was a Galactic Republic and later Imperial warship of an unknown class.


The Wennis was a trowel-shaped ship primarily referred to as a cruiser, but was also given the designations of "Imperial Cruiser" or battle cruiser. It was surface-coated "dead black," easily transported 24 starfighters and sported "continent-destroying hell projectors".[1]


Wennis was constructed approximately 78 BBY and was decommissioned sometime after the foundation of the Galactic Empire. Early in his reign, Galactic Emperor Palpatine gave the ship as a gift to Rokur Gepta, whom he had just installed as Scrivinir of the Centrality, which was little more than a puppet state of the Galactic Empire.[2]

Although the flagship of the Centrality, its crew wore no military markings, in order to maintain "certain political fictions." This was because its crew was part Centran, part Imperial.

The Wennis was destroyed with all crew during the Battle of ThonBoka by Klyn Shanga and his Renatasians.[1]



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