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The Western Reaches and the galaxy.

"I won't deny that Kelrodo-Ai is proving a difficult target, but let's remember this: The Western Reaches Operation has restored security and the rule of law to eight sectors so far, with the successful liberation of 95 worlds."
Captain Shea Hublin, during the Western Reaches Operation[src]

The Western Reaches were an area of the galaxy west of the Trailing Sectors beyond the Rimma Trade Route. Growing because of the Corellian Trade Spine and the Hydian Way, it included overflow from the Southern Core and the Trailing Sectors as those regions expanded. The distance from Coruscant caused the area to develop a sense of independence from the Core. As a result, it was a place for brooding rebellion during the Galactic Civil War along with Imperial atrocities and secret experiments.

The Western Reaches were the site of a major Imperial campaign against Separatist holdouts in 17 BBY.[1]



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