The Westhills was an area in the outskirts of Lothal's Capital City that lay by the Barchetta River. Prior to the coming of the Galactic Empire, it was home to several orchards that grew jogan fruits. The Lothalian youth Beck Ollet's family once owned an orchard there before selling it to the Empire and moving to Capital City. The Galactic Empire began buying and confiscating many of these orchards so that they could dig up the land for mining.

During the winter season, Lothalian insurgents attempted to blow up Imperial seismic surveyor droids, but were thwarted by the arrival of Zare Leonis and his friends: Beck Ollet and Merei Spanjaf. Later, Leonis and Beck witnessed Imperial forces under Lieutenant Piers Roddance massacring peaceful protesters who wanted to present their grievances to Governor Arihnda Pryce. This incident turned Leonis and Beck against the Empire. During the summer season, Beck joined a rebel cell which made a second attempt to sabotage Imperial mining operations in the Westhills.


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