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In 6 BBY,[source?] a group of insurgents planted detonators on several seismic surveyor droids in the planet Lothal's Westhills. Beck Ollet, a local youth, and his friends Zare Leonis and Merei Spanjaf were visiting his former homestead when they discovered the insurgents. Alerted by Merei's scream, the insurgents quickly fled into the forests which lay to the south of the orchard. While examining several Imperial seismic surveyors, the youths discovered that the insurgents had planted detonators on them. However, the insurgents had been unable to set the primers due to the arrival of Beck and his companions.[1]

While Zare was unhappy with the Empire seizing farmland for mining, he believed that the attempted sabotage was illegal and contacted the authorities. The Empire dispatched several TIE fighters and an Imperial Troop Transport to the scene of the attempted sabotage. When several stormtroopers arrived, Beck misled the authorities by telling them that the intruders had fled north. While the stormtroopers defused the explosives, Beck and his friends returned home following the incident. The following morning, Zare was questioned by Lieutenant Piers Roddance about the incident, who praised Leonis and his companions for alerting the Empire to a "possible insurrection". Leonis shared everything he had witnessed that night but omitted any mention of Beck's deception.[1]


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