Lord Weston Warsheld was the High Lord of House Calipsa during the time of the Galactic Civil War. Around the time of the Battle of Hoth he had ruled the Tapani Sector House benevolently for about 87 years. At the age of 108, the years had taken their toll on the once physically-fit man. He could no longer move without the use of a repulsorchair and he required a permanent interface with a life-support system and the constant attention of a MD-5 medical droid. During this time, Lord Warsheld would rarely venture off of Calipsa and it became necessary for others to represent the High Lord at the Great Council.

Lord Warsheld personified his Houses conservative outlook. He carefully steered Calipsa through the many crises that arose after the fall of the Old Republic and the instillation of the New Order through astute business deals and careful fiscal management. He oversaw the annexation of eight of House Pelagia's systems during the Mecetti Purge which gave the house a great financial boost and an increase in political power within the Tapani sector. During this period some economists believed that Calipsa would eventually absorb some if not all of Pelagian territory while other commentators believed that their position of strength was not stable and could result in a collapse if the conditions were right.

Despite Warsheld's successful stewardship of the House, younger more aggressive factions were pushing for his removal. These individuals believed that Calipsa's resources were being underutilized and that a more aggressive stance would see their house replace House Mecetti as the most dominant in the sector.


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