"Sir, while I cannot thank the Imperial bureaucracy for the numerous delays and aborted postings suffered by Wetyin's Colony these seven years, I am confident the Yavin system will more than make up for the harassment."
―Lile Gorsek[src]

Wetyin's Colony was a planet located within the Wetyin's Colony system of the Gordian Reach in the Outer Rim Territories region of the galaxy. A dry agriworld, it was settled by colonists from Setor around 10 BBY and was later largely abandoned.


Wetyin's Colony was an agriworld of dry plains[2] located within the Wetyin's Colony system in the Gordian Reach of the Outer Rim Territories region of the galaxy.[1] It was situated at the terminus of Wetyin's Way, which connected it to Glade.[2]


The inhabitants of Wetyin's Colony were originally from the planet Setor.[4] They moved to Wetyin's Colony around 10 BBY, bringing freighters loaded with grain seed and nerf embryos, and were later virtually abandoned due to the shifting budgets of the Galactic Empire's ministries.[2] The colonists continued searching for a new homeworld. One scout, Lile Gorsek, investigated Betshish as a possible location; however, the discovery of a native sentient species on the planet voided his claim. A second location mooted by Gorsek was Yavin 4, shortly after the Battle of Yavin.[4] At some point between 4 and 6 ABY, the space around Wetyin's Colony was incorporated into the empire of Zsinj,[3] and it remained within the territory until Zsinj's death in 8 ABY.[5]


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