The Whaladon-hunting submarine, or the Whaladon hunting ship, was a specially designed craft operated by the Whaladon hunter, Captain Dunwell, on the planet Dac. The submersible housed a special whirlpool suction vent that could pull large quantities of marine life directly into its lower cargo hold. Over-sized anti-matter furnaces powered the generators that allowed the whirlpools to operate. Inside the storage basins, Dunwell's Aqualish laborers would skin the Whaladons and transport their carcasses to the Whaladon Processing Center near the Seaweed Forest.

As Whaladon hunting was considered illegal on Dac, it was necessary for Captain Dunwell to take as many precautions as possible when it came to safeguarding his operations. This bred an innate sense of paranoia in Dunwell, and as such, he outfitted every cabin in his ship with hidden listening devices (including his own ready room).

In 5 ABY, Admiral Ackbar, Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, and R2-D2 boarded Dunwell's vessel in an effort to save several captured Whaladons, including the venerable white Whaladon known as Leviathor. They managed to open the cargo hold allowing all of the captured animals back into the sea. R2-D2 activated the ship's self-destruct system and the heroes evacuated the submarine before it detonated. Captain Dunwell died in the explosion.

Behind the scenesEdit

The exact make and model of this submersible is unknown. According to the glossary index provided by the source material, it is referred to only as the Whaladon-hunting submarine.



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