What's The Story? was an exclusive feature on the Star Wars fan club website, Star Wars Hyperspace. It gave Hyperspace members a chance to leave their mark on the Star Wars Expanded Universe by allowing them to provide the backstory for certain aspects of the saga; usually obscure background characters or vehicles from the films. Winning entries became official Star Wars lore: published in the Databank and added to the Holocron continuity database. This feature was launched June 24, 2005 and concluded on January 4, 2008, as first hinted by Pablo Hidalgo of Lucas Online.[1][2] The feature began with the backstory for Tannon Praji, a character from the (then) recently released Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, and, somewhat appropriately, the final entry was Bane Malar, a character from Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, chronologically the (then) final Star Wars film.

In October 2008, new stories from What's The Story? authors began to be published on Hyperspace. As of December 2009, Edward M. Erdelac, Nathan O'Keefe, Adrick Tolliver, James McFadden, Gregory Walker, and John Hazlett have authored Hyperspace articles.

The processEdit

  • The submission form was regularly updated presenting a new subject for fans to write about, originally weekly, then in a fortnightly period and finally on the first Friday of every month. Entries were be based on the information and criteria given, and all had to be under 2000 characters in length.
  • Every submission received was read by a panel of judges, with the best marked as finalists. Pablo Hidalgo then selected the winning entry, or merged several entries and edited them into the final product. The Databank was updated with five or six winners at a time or, sometimes, individually.

List of entries and authorsEdit

Round (Entry) Subject Author(s) Author(s) real name(s) respectively Databank
10 (6)[3] Bane MalarcaledreEdward M. ErdelacLink
10 (5)[3] Pontifex Maxiron AgolergaSompeetalayTim VeekhovenLink
10 (4)[3] Teckla MinnauShadowcultistEvan BurgerLink
10 (3)[3] Slyther BushforbjSarekJohn HazlettLink
10 (2)[3] Seib NodCaptain YossarianBenjamin Christopher Norton DaweLink
10 (1)[3] Oakie DokesGrand Admiral Sean8UnknownLink
09 (9)[3] Theomet Danlé winstonvalleyjedi Unknown Link
09 (8)[4] YoxgitcaledreEdward M. ErdelacLink
09 (7)[4] Janus Greejatusvader_of_bastTimothy S. MaddocksLink
09 (6)[4] Niai FiesoexarxanSander de LangeLink
09 (5)[4] Willrow HoodCaptain YossarianBenjamin Christopher Norton DaweLink
09 (4)[4] Tian Chyleryoda's waiter, the fragrant wookiee (provided name)Timothy Carlsson, Ian Tapley (provided name)Link
09 (3)[4] Mini-Huvicko/Yuzabi Dowser binary hydromech droidcaledreEdward M. ErdelacLink
09 (2)[4] Pello ScrambasDarth NTMAidan HennessyLink
09 (1)[4] Lushros DofineAdmiralD'orl001James Lord


08 (6) Augara Jowil nawaraven104 Chad Finke Link
08 (5) Eddicus-class planetary shuttle JMMC James McFadden Link
08 (4) Krayt's Honor KenobiDX67 Paul Rock SandrockLink
08 (3) Teyora Rekab Valin Kenobi Nathan O'Keefe Link
08 (2) Rolo droid nob01Neil BakerLink
08 (1) Antidar Williams the fragrant wookiee Ian Tapley Link
07 (5) Myhr Rho Captain Yossarian Benjamin Christopher Norton Dawe Link
07 (4) Y'bith ShadowCultist Evan Burger Link
07 (3) Nar Hida NarbFlick Gregory Walker Link
07 (2) Cebann Veekan DJ Maul: Got Feet?, Bubba1227 (species name) Tommy Mac, Bob Vitas (species name) Link
07 (1) Nobot Jedi Flaherty Shaun Flaherty Link
06 (6) Onara Kuat Darth NTM Aidan Hennessy Link
06 (5) Covert Ops clone trooper[5]
06 (4) Braha'tok-class gunship Ello137 Unknown Link
06 (3) Cane Adiss jSarek John Hazlett Link
06 (2) 3B6-RA-7 TalonCard86 Adrick Tolliver Link
06 (1) Dusty Duck Hedec Ga Greg Mitchell Link
05 (6) DC0052 Intergalactic speeder Nathan (ChronoRadio) and The Dark Moose Nathan Butler, Withheld Link
05 (5) Utapau Shadow Trooper Maso Tirag Sam D. Garito


05 (4) Wam "Blam" Lufba Sompeetalay Tim Veekhoven


05 (3) Corla Metonae The2ndQuest Billy Buehler Link
05 (2) Ottegru Grey Nex: the T is Hott!!, magicofmyth2, Valin Kenobi (name) Zack Bossan, unknown, Nathan O'Keefe (name)


05 (1) Silya Shessaun Twi'LekEntertainer, with some elements by ShadowCultist, Master Starkeiller and Hedec Ga Nathan Hathaway Adams, with Evan Burger, Withheld, and Greg Mitchell


04 (6) BesGas Three Fisty Fiham Tyler Fisher Link
04 (5) Nem Bees Lord Hydronium Kyle Jewhurst Link
04 (4) Bal'demnic Arf Maul Arthur Papadam Link
04 (3) E-3PO The Phantom Calamari, ejmacki, Fisty Fiham (introductory text) Unknown, Unknown, Tyler Fisher (introductory text) Link
04 (2) Wol Cabasshite ejmacki Unknown Link
04 (1) Olana Chion the fragrant wookiee, Master Starkeiller, The2ndquest (finishing touches) Ian Tapley, Withheld, Billy Buehler (finishing touches) Link
03 (6) Tzizvvt Sompeetalay Tim VeekhovenLink
03 (5) Barrow Oicunn Jedi Master Daniele F, jawajames1 (provided first name only) Daniele F., James Floyd (provided first name only)Link
03 (4) Diva Shaliqua nelwyn53100, Valin Kenobi Unknown, Nathan O'Keefe Link
03 (3) Acros-Krik NarbFlick Gregory Walker Link
03 (2) Melee jarjarsmeagol, Ghent_the_Slicer, Cockroach King FS, jawajames1 Alex Dishal, Unknown, Unknown, James Floyd Link
03 (1) Leektar Hecko Tenton, Arf Maul Andrew Gilbertson, Arthur Papadam Link
02 (6) Narglatch XJ-2 airspeeder Master Devwi UnknownLink
02 (5) Yavid Valin Kenobi Nathan O'Keefe Link
02 (4) Pax Bonkik javajawas Ashley Sharpe Link
02 (3) Kalyn Farnmir Captain Yossarian Benjamin Christopher Norton Dawe Link
02 (2) Romeo Treblanc Master Ki-Aaron-Mundi, Captain Yossarian (also provided name) Aaron Sinner, Benjamin Christopher Norton Dawe (also provided name) Link
02 (1) Grizz Frix Kast Morben Paul CelerLink
01 (6) UT-AT The2ndquest, The Dark Moose Billy Buehler, Withheld Link
01 (5) Swilla Corey Sompeetalay Tim Veekhoven Link
01 (4) Janu Godalhi TalonCard86, gohan316427, General Tarfful Adrick Tolliver, Unknown, Unknown Link
01 (3) Magaloof NarbFlick Gregory WalkerLink
01 (2) Rango Tel Master Ki-Aaron-Mundi, Captain Daultay Dofine (provided name only) Aaron Sinner, Unknown (provided name only) Link
01 (1) Tannon Praji Nex: The T is Hott!! Zack Bossan Link

Later EU appearances and referencesEdit

A list of What's The Story? aspects that have since appeared in new Expanded Universe material.

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Minor elements introducedEdit

Other elements introduced (or first identified) into continuity through What's The Story? include:

What's The Story legacyEdit

Beginning in October 2008, new articles and stories authored by What's The Story? writers have been published on Hyperspace.

Notes and referencesEdit

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