What Goes Up... is the seventh episode in the LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars television series. It debuted on November 10, 2018.[1]

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The episode opens with Roger addressing three Resistance flight cadets: a Sullustan and two humans. He tels them to train their eyes, ears, and all other appendages on him. He tells them that this mission will test their courage and resolve. Today, they will learn what it takes to be a pilot. Roger tells the cadets that he has detailed this in his autobiography From Trenches to Wrenches: The Roger Story, which he describes as available on the HoloNet at an extremely reasonable price. The cadets look with bemusement.

Roger then proceeds to read Chapter 317, "What Goes Up." During the Galactic Civil War, Roger had been sent to Maz Kanata's castle for a pick-up run with the Rebellion. Roger struggles to lift a crate but ends up detaching his limbs. When Roger asks if this crate is carrying Jabba's bath tub, Maz replies that it is carrying heavy artillery. She tells Roger not to hurt himself because she will get some of the boys to lug it for him. Roger says that won't be necessary because he has the perfect tool for the job.

Roger returns from the StarScavenger with a rocket pack and asks Maz if she thinks it is great. He says it will give him the boost he needs. Roger manages to lift the crate from the bottom with the help of his rocket booster. Maz remarks that this is not bad for a battle droid, which Roger agrees with.

As a stunt, Roger throws the crate in the air but loses control of the rocket pack. The crate lands outside Maz's castle, narrowly missing the pirate. Roger spins through the air, struggling to control his rocket pack. Roger rockets through her castle, overtuning tables and disturbing patrons. Roger is caught by the Dowutin Grummgar who is about to bash him. However, Maz tells him to stop because Roger is hers.

Maz tells Roger that he owes her "big time." When he offers to pay in installments, Maz replies that she was thinking of one easy payment. Maz takes Roger's rocket pack as compensation and uses it to reach the marks on the battlements of her castle, which is lined with flags from various cultures and groups. Roger struggles to carry the crate back to the StarScavenger only to be crushed uner its weight.

Returning to the present, Roger tells the flight cadets "once you have been up it is hard to come down." Poe Dameron arrives and Roger hands the cadets back to him. Roger offers to read another chapter but a disapproving Poe shakes his head. Before leaving, Roger tries to advertise his autobiography, describing it as reasonably priced on the HoloNet.


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