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What is a Wookiee? is a Level 1 DK Readers title written by Laura Buller and Kate Simkins, and published by DK Publishing on January 19, 2015. It details various aspects of the Star Wars universe, told in first-person narrative by C-3PO. The book is a reissue of a 2005 title of the same name but with sixteen additional pages of new content.

It was reissued with new cover art as part of the Learn to Read with Star Wars: Chewie Level 1 box set on December 12, 2017. This edition's cover credits Senior Editor Tori Kosara, while the interior pages mention authors Buller and Simkins.

Publisher's summary[]

Narrated by everyone's favorite golden droid, C3P0 [sic], DK Reader: What Is A Wookie? [sic] introduces young readers to some of the strange aliens he has met in his travels, including R2-D2, Yoda, Jar Jar Binks, the ewoks [sic], and, of course, Chewbacca the Wookiee! Reformatted to included additional genre spreads throughout, What is a Wookie? [sic] is the perfect introduction to the Star Wars universe for you padawans learning to read.



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