"When Thieves Drop By" is the fourth animated short that is part of the first season of the TV series Star Wars Resistance. It was released on the Disney Channel's YouTube channel on December 17, 2018.

Official description[]

It's a bad idea to try and rob Flix & Orka![1]

Plot summary[]

Flix and Orka are working in the Office of Acquisitions when they're held up by Narb, who points a blaster at them and demands credits. Flix and Orka swiftly comply, loading the Snivvian up with a large amount of boxes of their best and newest goods. As Narb backs out, Orka presses a button under the front desk, dropping Narb through a trapdoor as Flix quickly catches the crates before they follow the would-be thief down. Later, Narb's brother Nod comes looking for him, only to fall victim to the same tactic.


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Notes and references[]

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