The Whetstone was a war cruiser of the Kilji Illumine, a government based in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. It was commanded by Generalirius Nakirre and was half again as large as the Chiss cruiser Springhawk. Jixtus travelled on this ship during his attempted campaign against the Chiss. Pathfinder Qilori of Uandolen operated as its main navigator during this time, and Qilori was also its last commander, after the death of Nakirre at the hands of Jixtus and flight of the latter. The ship had the ability to recharge its weapons instantly with its vassals. It also held missile tubes and lasers.[1]

Commanders and crew[]

Position Title/rank Individual Reference
Commanding officer Generalirius Nakirre [1]
Helm officer One Vassal Unidentified Kilji vassal [1]
Helm officer Two Vassal Vassal One [1]
Pilot Vassal Unidentified Kilji vassal (Pilot) [1]
Sensor officer Vassal Vassal Two [1]
Weapons officer Vassal Unidentified Kilji vassal (Weapons) [1]
Pathfinder N/A Qilori [1]
Advisor N/A Jixtus [1]
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