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The Whills were a community of beings who notably wrote the Journal of the Whills,[2] a document that recorded important events in the galaxy,[1] as well as philosophical reflections in verse.[3] There were shamans among them, one of whom taught the Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn that the ability to retain one's consciousness after death required absolute selflessness.[4]

The moon of Jedha was home to a Force-worshipping monastic order called the Guardians of the Whills. One of Jedha's most sacred places, the Temple of the Kyber,[5] was also known as the Temple of the Whills.[6]

Behind the scenesEdit

"The midi-chlorians are the ones that communicate with the Whills. The Whills, in a general sense, they are the Force."
―George Lucas[src]

In the 2018 book James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction, Star Wars creator George Lucas explained that he intended the Whills to be microbiotic beings who fed off the Force and controlled the entire universe. They were capable of creating certain destinies for people, such as the Chosen One prophecy. In fact, all living things were only vessels for the Whills to travel around in, and the midi-chlorians (first introduced in the 1999 film Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace) served as a conduit between the vessels and the Whills. It could be said that, in a general sense, the Whills were the Force itself.[7]

Had Lucas held onto Lucasfilm Ltd. instead of selling it to The Walt Disney Company in 2012, the sequel trilogy would have featured the microbiotic world of the Whills. Lucas is sure, however, that much like The Phantom Menace, some fans would have hated his idea just like they hated the prequel trilogy, though at least the story from the beginning to the end would have been told.[7]



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