A spacer wearing a whip.

A whip was a melee weapon that was made of a braided, ductile material.

A long rope like weapon, whips varied in length; though all typically consisted of a handle, and a long ductile cord. Whips were employed for ranged attacks, usually employing the tip of the rope and a whiplash motion to strike a target at range - though they could also be used to trip, trap, or disarm an opponent.

Additionally, throughout history, several different types of whips existed. One type was the Sancretti Arms Whip, which was made of cables of bantha hide, which modeled a rather basic and typical whip. However, more unique types also existed, some consisting of metal cables and possessing stun and shock functions, like the shock whip and neuronic whip. Some possessed more unusual traits, such as the ability to freeze targets like the Rodian cryogen whip, or to cause burns, like the fire whip. Whips were even utilized by force users, by converted into the extremely dangerous - but difficult to master - lightwhip, which used energized cables to cut down foes.

Another type of whip was discovered in 1 ABY, alongside a unique type of hat called a fedora. This whip was considered to be archaeologically significant, and could be worn around one's waist on a belt. At least one spacer was known to have used this type of whip during the Galactic Civil War. Sometimes slaves would be whipped with them especially on Zygerria.

Behind the scenesEdit


A whip on display, accompanied by an equally mysterious fedora.

In the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies, the developers temporarily reactivated the accounts of many players who unsubscribed from the game between January 1, 2008 to September 15, 2010. To encourage these players to log on, the developers offered all active players a free fedora and whip. These items would only be given to players who logged on anywhere from November 23 to November 30. On the 30th, the developers gave players the option to turn the decorative version of the whip into an actual wearable version, which could be colored up to two times.



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