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This Star Wars Legends article contains information from Coruscant Nights I: Jedi Twilight that is affected by the Star Wars: The Clone Wars project.

The continuity of Coruscant Nights I: Jedi Twilight was never established by Lucasfilm.

This article is about the resistance group. You may be looking for the clone 1174 nicknamed "Whiplash".
"That's not the sort of mission the Whiplash usually involves itself in. We protect people, extricate them from unhealthy situations, find them safe passage offworld. We don't indulge people's vendettas."
―Jax Pavan[src]

The Whiplash, was a resistance movement located on the planet Coruscant that was formed following the formation of the Galactic Empire. It specialized in removing people, specifically Jedi and political refugees, from Coruscant to other planets away from the Empire's reach.


Members of Whiplash were extremely careful to not reveal their identity to outsiders. Any meetings that would take place were done with the utmost secrecy. At times, Whiplash operators would not communicate with each other for months as they worked to undermine the Empire on Coruscant. As of 18 BBY Thi Xon Yimmon was the leader of the organization. Other notable Whiplash members include: Den Dhur, Dejah Duare, Pol Haus, Kars Korthos, Jax Pavan, Lex Rogger, Nick Rostu, Haninum Tyk Rhinann, Tuden Sal, Kajin Savaros, and Laranth Tarak.


As the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems drew to a close, the Republic's Supreme Chancellor Palpatine formerly issued the Declaration of a New Order which abolished the Republic and formed the Galactic Empire. Along with this, Palpatine issued Order 66 which condemned the Jedi Order as traitors. This began the Imperial invasion and destruction of the Jedi Temple, and the systematic execution of the Jedi throughout the galaxy.

As the 501st Legion entered the Temple, the Temple employees fled though most of the Temple Security Force was wiped out. The Coruscant Guard occupied the Senate Building and the Republic Executive Building as clone troopers patrolled the streets of Galactic City along side police officers of the Coruscant Security Force. Along with the purging of the Jedi Order, Palpatine issued a purge of the government and the military including the arrests of many of the Senators who had signed the Petition of 2000.

Those who survived the initial days of the formation of the Empire formed themselves into the Whiplash, a secret resistance group whose mission was to help Jedi and political refugees get off of Coruscant. Among the survivors was Jedi master Even Piell, who was hiding in lower levers of Coruscant. He was found by Imperial stormtroopers who defeated him but were unable to give a killing blow due to arrive of whiplash members.

Although their purpose was transporting beings off Coruscant, the Whiplash organization took part in some open conflicts as well, including the Battle in the Imperial Security Bureau.



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