White was a soldier of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Vector in 1 BBY. He survived the Blackwing disease and was one of the last survivors on board the derelict Star Destroyer. He later died saving Zahara Cody.

Biography[edit | edit source]

White was among the Imperial troops hiding aboard a Sentinel-class Shuttle Freebird, which was trapped aboard the Vector by a tractor beam. He was among Thirty other troops who took refuge in the shuttle when the Blackwing virus broke out aboard the Vector, turning the majority of the crew into mindless zombies who's only instinct was to kill and eat.

The seven remaining crew-members were still hiding there when Imperial Corrections Officer Jareth Sartoris tried to use the shuttle as a place to hide from the creatures. White's Commander, Gorrister, explained to Sartoris how the plague had broken containment ten weeks earlier. Sartoris then realized that the crew could not have survived that long; Gorrister informed him that they had been forced to turn to cannabalism. Two soldiers tried to hold Satoris down, but he was able to break free. Sartoris began to throw the troops out of the shuttle and into the mass of infected zombies, but White pleaded with him for mercy, and Sartoris let him live. Sartoris made his escape across the hangar while White remained in the shuttle with troopers Pauling and Tanner.

When Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Trig Longo arrived at the shuttle as per Sartoris' instructions, Tanner informed them that White had passed away. Dr. Cody later revealed that it was White who had rescued her when the creatures had attacked her, but that he had died in the attempt.

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