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"And no tricks, Jedi. We Sith have never been known for our patience."
―White Eyes[src]

White Eyes was a prominent Lord of the early One Sith. Alema Rar encountered him in the Valley of the Dark Lords on the planet Korriban, in 40 ABY. As he did not vouch his name to her, she so regarded him for the penetrating white eyes, the only part of him visible beneath the cowl of his cloak.


White Eyes led the interrogation of Alema Rar upon her arrival at their cloister on Korriban. Alema had originally come to Korriban in an effort to find help for Darth Caedus, who she felt was losing his way following the death of his Sith mentor Lumiya. However, White Eyes and the thirty or so Sith who gathered to examine her initially had no inclination to help,[2] and to be told that they were operating entirely independently of Lumiya. When White Eyes was convinced by the Twi'lek Dark Jedi to render aid, he gave her the holocron of Darth Vectivus as a gift for Caedus.[3]

During a later meeting of members of One Sith, White Eyes ordered Dician to take the Poison Moon to capture or kill Alema. He also ordered Dician to take any Sith artifacts found in Lumiya's asteroid base. His intentions with capturing Alema were to learn Darth Vectivus' Force phantom technique and capture its source of power.[4]

Personality and traitsEdit

Like all the members of the group, White Eyes dressed in a hooded black cloak, and also black gloves.[5] He spoke in a deep, rough voice,[5] and was capable of reading information off a memory chip without the use of a machine.[6] He also displayed the more conventional skills of Force choke, and Force push.[7]

His most notable feature, however, were his eyes, which glowed brighter depending on his emotional state.[8]

In his encounter with Alema, White Eyes' firm, insistent attitude was accented by flashes of emotional intensity, and also by lapses into a dryly ironic tone, which masked the moments in which he adopted a more conciliatory attitude. However, White Eyes was not invulnerable. Alema, a Twi'lek Jedi Knight driven insane by her experiences in the Yuuzhan Vong War and the Swarm War, had learned how to manipulate people's perceptions of the truth when she was brainwashed to become the Night Herald of the Gorog hive-mind. She was able to persuade White Eyes that she had killed Mara Jade Skywalker,[2] and that she herself had been Sith-trained by Lumiya.[6]



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