"i am the unseen, the unknowable, the unstoppable. no computer can stand before me. gates open for me. back doors are revealed to me. knowledge willingly spools itself out for my inspection. I am the jedi of the electronic world. i have found evil aboard tedevium. i have found corruption. like the jedi, i shall cut it down. examine these files. test them for integrity. you will find they are the truth. go where these files lead you. do what you must do, as i do what i must do."
―A message from Gara Petothel, disguised as the White Lancer[src]

White Lancer was an alias used by Gara Petothel during her undercover mission to expose the black market scheme of New Republic Colonel Atton Repness. Petothel, using the alias Lara Notsil, gathered information about Repness's illegal operation and sent it to Director of New Republic Intelligence Airen Cracken. In order to preserve her true identity, she sent an anonymous message signed by White Lancer, a fictional computer slicer; she knew her identity would be further protected because actual slicers would allow New Republic officials to believe they were the true White Lancer to boost their reputations. Petothel deliberately included spelling and grammatical errors in her message to further disassociate herself from the White Lancer. Her true identity was never discovered.


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