Tomer: "Where's your other head?"
Hallis: "When I was walking around today, I met a young man who had no head. Just a stump that suggested he had a long, sad story to tell. But of course he couldn't, because he had no head. So I gave Whitecap to him. The man now has the voice and mannerisms of a 3PO unit, but they're better then nothing."
Tomer Darpen and Hallis Saper discussing why she's no longer wearing her second head.[src]

Whitecap was, essentially, the head of a ruined 3PO unit modified by the holojournalist Hallis Saper to serve as a recording device. By inserting a standard holorecorder, extra memory, a set of basic conversation protocols, as well as a link to a set of goggles worn by Hallis herself, the reporter turned the old droid head into a portable recording device that would look wherever she looked while wearing her sensory goggles. The original purpose of this modification was to allow Saper to interview children in what she considered a "nonthreatening" manner. Wedge Antilles, however, was quick to point out the flaws in that approach even if he did keep the substance of it to himself. After meeting the reporter and her "accessory", Wedge insisted on having the droid head programmed with a shutoff command for private conversations.

In his intended role, unfortunately, Whitecap did not quite meet expectations, as Hallis admitted that she still had kinks to work out in the theory of his use. During the Mission to Adumar, in which Saper served as the mission's documentarian, Whitecap nonetheless proved useful even if he did ultimately become damaged fairly early on (the unit would echo anything said within range of its audio sensors). Due to this, Saper was forced to come up with more creative means of recording the events of the diplomatic mission, means that ultimately proved more useful, including recording the crimes of Tomer Darpen that led directly to the Adumari Civil War and the subsequent Battle of Adumar.

It is unknown if Whitecap was ever repaired or used again by Hallis, as shortly thereafter the former journalist embarked on a new career in New Republic Intelligence.


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