Whuffa worms were long worms that inhabited the planet Dathomir. They were intelligent and had hydrostatic skeletons.

Biology and appearance[edit | edit source]

Wuffua worms were not asexual like most worms, and had males and females. When the female was ready to mate, she would leave a trail of semi-viscous that would attract males. They burrowed through the crust of the planet and ate the minerals in the ground.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Giant whuffa worms were employed by the Kwa to act as Temple Guardians for the Infinity Gate.

A Giant Whuffa attacks an excavation site.

Thinner whuffa worms were hunted by the clans of Dathomir in extensive rituals. The clans on Dathomir used their skin to make their armor and dried hide as rope. The meat was used to make stew.[1]

When Han Solo was on Dathomir, he was included in one of the whuffa retrieving rituals for the Singing Mountain Clan. When Nuru Kungurama, Lalo Gunn, the Blackhole Pirates, Professor Groob (and his family) and the Breakout Squad were escaping Plunder Moon in an Infinity Gate they were attacked by a whuffa worm but escaped.

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