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"You'll know them because they're Wiborg Jenssens, marked with the tanker's logo-a kind of triple S."
―Berch Teller asks Cala to look for a set of Wiborg Jenssen fuel cells[src]

Wiborg Jenssen were a company that produced fuel cells, and had a logo consisting of a triple of the letter s. After being stolen from Imperial Governor Wilhuff Tarkin by a rebel cell, the vessel Carrion Spike picked up a batch of Wiborg Jenssen fuel cells at a tanker facility in the Phindar system. The Phindian administrator of the facility placed a homing beacon in one of the cells, which the leader of the cell, Berch Teller realized, and asked another member named Cala to find.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Wiborg Jenssen were first mentioned in the Star Wars Legends sourcebook Star Wars: Incredible Cross-Sections which was written by David West Reynolds and released in 1998. They were then brought into canon by the James Luceno novel Tarkin, which was released in 2014.


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