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This article covers a subject containing comic or obvious non-canon material or that Lucasfilm otherwise declared non-canon in the canon continuity.

"I have not completed my list of excessive demands!"
―Wick Cooper[src]

Wick Cooper, also known as Mr. Cooper, was a wealthy customer of the scavenger family, the Freemakers. He lived in the Wheel's upper level and at one point owned an antique N-1 starfighter. Mr Cooper was annoyed when Zander took his ship on a joyride and wrecked it. As compensation, he took Zander's Blazemaker starship only to have it explode. Despite the poor service provided by the Freemakers, Mr Cooper still sent a speeder bike to be serviced by them. Later, he encountered Kordi Freemaker and Princess Leia Organa, who pretended to be cleaners at his penthouse while on the run from Estoc and her stormtroopers.

Later, Cooper rented the former Freemaker garage and turned it into a cantina called "Wick Cooper's Caffeine and Kitsch Club."


The joyride[]

Wick's prized N-1 starfighter

Wick Cooper was a wealthy man who owned a penthouse on the Upper Ring of the Wheel,[2] a space station. During the Imperial Era, Mr Cooper once sent his antique N-1 starfighter to be serviced by the Freemakers, a family of scavengers and starship mechanics who owned a starship repair business called Freemaker Salvage and Repair. Cooper then gave Kordi Freemaker a list of excessive demands including double-steaming his engines, repairing his astromech droid, and washing the heat sinks with pure Kamino water. Meanwhile, in the garage, Kordi's younger brother Rowan Freemaker and their B1-series battle droid Roger tried to hide the starfighter from his mechanic older brother Zander; knowing the latter's reputation as a drag-racer and a starship aficionado.[1]

Despite the Freemakers' best efforts, Zander managed to take the starfighter out for a joyride. When Mr Cooper entered the garage to see his ship, Kordi claimed that it was in the back. After taking Mr Cooper back to reception room, Kordi offered to pay extra attention to his ship with Rowan offering a wax job. After Kordi and Rown returned to the garage, Mr Cooper sighed and wished he had taken the ship to Theed Hangar instead. While the other Freemakers waited for Zander to return, they tried to distract Mr Cooper by pretending to repair his ship. Meanwhile, Zander was captured by the Imperial Star Destroyer Vendetta.[1]

While Kordi and Rowan went to rescue their sibiling with the fake Jedi Naare, they left R0-GR behind to keep Cooper company. During that time, R0-GR regaled Cooper with passages from his draft autobiography From Trenches to Wrenches: The Roger Story. After reaching the 26th chapter which dealt with the Battle of Kashyyyk, an exasperated Cooper demanded a cup of caf. Seeking to lay out the red carpet, Roger gave him his favourite drink: a cup of motor oil. Cooper found the taste horrible and went to the toilet. Meanwhile the Freemakers managed to recover the N1 starfighter with much difficulty following an encounter with Darth Vader, who took the vessel for a joyride.[1]

The Freemakers managed to bring the N-1 starfighter back to their Wheel garage but it was wrecked by Zander's adventure. By that time, Cooper was irate with Roger, who had read him 26 chapters of his autobiography. Upon seeing his wrecked starfighter, Cooper was furious with the Freemakers. Zander claimed that he had taken the ship for a test flight but that the Imperials had stolen it. As compensation, the Freemakers offered him their other ships. Seeking to spite Zander, Cooper settled for Zander's prized Blazemaker starship. He took the ship for a joyride but it exploded because Zander had forgotten to fix the fusion tubes. Cooper managed to bail out of the ship and warned that the Freemakers would be hearing for his lawyers.[1]

Encountering the Princess[]

Wick encountered rebel fugitive Leia

Despite the poor service provided by the Freemakers, Mr Cooper still sent his speeder bike to be serviced by them in order to save money. This time, Zander managed to control his impulses. Shortly later, the Freemakers were visited by the rebels Princess Leia Organa and her brother Luke Skywalker. While trying to outrun the Imperial officer Estoc and her stormtroopers, Kordi, Zander, and Leia fled to The Wheel's affluent upper level. They disguised themselves as cleaners, with Kordi wearing a pot, and found themselves at Mr Cooper's penthouse.[2]

Believing them to be his cleaners, Mr Cooper gave them instructions to vacuum and clean his home. He was a tedious employer and reprimanded a disguised Kordi for missing a spot. When Mr Cooper made an offhand remark about the destruction of Alderaan, Leia threw him out of the house. Kordi then removed her pot disguise and identified herself as Kordi. Shortly later, the real cleaning droids arrived. However, this caused Cooper to recognize Leia and alert Estoc and her men. The rebels managed to trick the Imperials into thinking they had died by sending their Y-wing starfighter out as a decoy.[2]

Trip to Naboo[]

Wick Cooper travels to the planet Naboo to visit the Theed Royal Palace, which has been transformed into the "Emperor Palpatine Museum". He jumps queue and tells the cashier that he is a loyal Imperial citizen and wants to go on an exclusive tour of the museum.[3]

Trip to Coruscant[]

Later, Wick Cooper and several other Imperial citizens visited the Imperial Palace on Coruscant as part of the annual Empire Day celebrations. However, the festivities were upstaged by the Sith acolyte Naare, who had rebelled against Emperor Palpatine. When Naare announced herself as the new Empress, Wick and the other crowd members booed and jeered the upstart. In retaliation, Naare levitated their platform and shattered it in mid-air. Wick and the other attendees plummeted to the surface but were rescued by Zander and Kordi, who used the StarScavenger to pick up many of the people. Wick believed that he was dead but soon realized that he had survived the fall. Naare was later defeated by Rowan, who stole the Kyber Saber and destroyed it on Sullust.[4]

Auction on Mygeeto[]

After the Freemakers had joined the Rebel Alliance, Wick Cooper visited the Mygeeto Auction House with other dignitaries including Ignacio Wortan and Graballa. While the undercover Kordi was mingling with the nobles in the luxury terrace, she overheard him contemptuously asking why some people wanted to be poor.[5]

Business owner[]

Later, the Freemakers discovered that Wick Cooper was renting their former garage and had transformed it into a cantina called "Wick Cooper's Caffeine and Kitsch Club." Cooper made a lot of money charging exorbitant prices for services such as blue milk dispensers. Cooper also converted the Freemakers' energy matrix activator into a caf machine. The Freemakers were outraged at what Cooper had done to their former home and business but focused on their mission to obtain the energy matrix activator to build the Arrowhead.[6]

Visit to Takodana[]

Over a generation later, Wick Cooper visited Maz Kanata's castle on Takodana prior to the outbreak of the First Order/Resistance War. His visit coincided with the arrival of Zander's daughter Moxie Freemaker, her droid Roger, and Ka Pao, who were looking for passage offworld in order to escape Graballa.[7]

Personality and traits[]

Wick being entertained by Roger

"Why anyone would choose to be poor is beyond me."
―Cooper, hobnobbing at an auction[src]

Wick Cooper was a haughty and condescending man who liked to make excessive demands from those who worked for him. He was an impatient man who was bored by Roger's memoirs. Cooper was also a vindictive man who liked to hurt those who had hurt him.[1] Despite despising the Freemakers, he still sent his vehicles to be serviced by them to save costs.[2]

Cooper also regarded the poor with contempt and was perplexed at "why anyone would choose to be poor".[5] Cooper was a profit-seeking businessman who turned the Freemakers' former garage into a cantina and charged exorbitant prices.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

Wick Cooper is a supporting character in the non-canon animated television series LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, which first premiered on Disney XD in late June 2016. He first appeared in "Zander's Joyride", which was released on June 22, 2016. Cooper later appeared in "Crossing Paths", which premiered on July 11, 2016. He is voiced by Thomas Lennon.


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