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"Wicket's Wagon" is the tenth episode of the first season of Ewoks. Written by Paul Dini and directed by Raymond Jafelice, the episode originally aired on ABC on November 9, 1985.

Plot summary[]

Relic of an old war[]

While gathering blumfruit in the forests of Endor, Wicket Warrick and his older brothers Weechee and Widdle ("Willy") are caught up in a rainstorm. Seeking shelter from a storm while in the woods one day, Wicket and his brothers discover an old Ewok battle wagon. Widdle is initially surprised by the skull of a boar-wolf decorating the wagon but Weechee points out that it is dead.

The brothers soon learn from a stone inscription that the wagon was built many years before by their own great-grandfather, Erpham Warrick, and was used to defeat the Duloks in a great battle. They are joined Mistress Kaink, who is also seeking shelter from the rain. She gives more information about the battle wagon, telling them that it was used during a great war between the Ewoks and Duloks. The Duloks had wanted to destroy the Ewoks' Soul Trees but Erpham devised this machine, leading the Ewoks to victory and driving them into the swamp. Wicket proudly says that it was their ancestors who did it. Before leaving, Mistress Kaink tells them that story is known by few including her, the village legends keeper.

Following the rainstorm, Wicket decided to rebuild the wagon. However, Weechee and Willy are not interested. Wicket decides to seek out his friends. While he is away getting supplies, several Ewok children including Paploo play with the battle wagon. Teebo swings into Paploo, damaging the structure. Wicket is upset but Paploo points out that the battle wagon is old and in poor shape. After grumbling, Wicket tells his friends that he has obtained Erpham's original construction plans from Kaink. Latara and Kneesaa bring them snacks. Paploo, Teebo, Latara and Kneesaa lose interest. The only person interested in helping Wicket is Teebo's younger sister Malani.

Dulok scheming[]

However, they are being watched by a Dulok spy who informs King Gorneesh. The Dulok king, who is bathing, thinks that the Ewoks are up to something. He summons his Shaman Umwak but slips, getting a pail stuck on his head. He sends Umwak to find out more information about the battle wagon. However, Umwak bumps into a tree. When Queen Urgah asks why he is in a hurry, Umwak tells her about King Gorneesh's assignment to find out about the battle wagon. Urgah convinces him to seek out the oracle Murgoob the "Cranky."

Umwak and Urgah visit his uncle Murgoob, who lives inside a tree trunk in the swamp. Urgah is reluctant to speak to visitors until Umwak identifies himself as his nephew. Murgoob is dismissive of his nephew as Shaman. Umwak tells Murgoob that the Ewoks are building a battle wagon, prompting Murgoob to panic about hiding. He explains that the Duloks were set to take over the forest when the Ewoks brought out the battle wagon and drove them into the swamps. Murgoob desires to acquire the battle wagon so that they can get their revenge on the Ewoks and rule the forest forever.

Restoring the wagon[]

Over a period of several weeks, Wicket, Malani, and her bordok Baga worked diligently to restore the battle wagon to its original glory. Wicket is glad he can count on Malani and Baga to help him. Together, they fell a tree, lift longs, fit wheels, and set up a battering ram. The trio also paint tar on the battle wagon. While the Ewoks and Baga are resting, Gorneesh and Umwak spy on them. They decide to wait until the Ewoks have finished restoring their wagon.

On the day the battle wagon was completed, Malani returns with Baga to Bright Tree Village. Wicket takes pride in his handiwork before taking a nap inside the battle wagon. While Wicket was rest, the Duloks made their move and commandeered the wagon. Wicket was able to escape King Gorneesh and his men but he was unable to stop the Duloks from escaping with his wagon.

Wicket's resolve[]

That night, Wicket sounded Bright Tree Village's drum and awoke the Ewoks from their beds to tell them of the Duloks' theft of the battle wagon. But the villagers did not share Wicket's concern, not even Chief Chirpa who thinks the Duloks are not smart enough to figure out how it works. Only Kneesaa was sympathetic for Wicket's loss.

The jubilant Umwak addresses the Duloks, vowing to use the battle wagon to drive out the Ewoks from the forest. King Gorneesh orders his followers to bring the battle wagon forward but they accidentally drive it into a river.

While the Duloks plotted their new attack on the Ewoks, the heavy-hearted Wicket visited the soul tree of his great-grandfather Erpham. He tells his ancestor about his predicament with the battle wagon. There, Erpham's spirit spoke to Wicket, telling him not to apologize for trying hard. Erpham told him how the Ewoks had made fun of him when he first built the wagon, but that it later proved its worth by helping them defeat the Duloks. He tells him he shouldn't quit once he has put his mind to something.

With his great-grandfather's encouragement, Wicket chose to go after the Duloks. He eavesdrops on the Shaman Umwak telling his uncle Murgoob about their plan to use the battle wagon to harm the Ewoks. Murgoob advises Umwak to destroy the Ewok's soul trees in order to destroy their will to live. However, Murgoob is unwilling to join his brethren, having secluded himself for 600 seasons.

After Wicket overheard their plot to destroy the Ewoks' soul trees, he disguised himself as the old Murgoob and tricked the Duloks into driving the wagon into a nearby river. But his cover was blown when the real Murgoob showed up and takes Wicket captive.

Stopping the Duloks[]

As the Duloks travel on their battle wagon to the Ewoks' soul trees, Wicket is locked inside a cage. While Wicket figures out a way to access the battle wagon's support peg, the Duloks spot Kneesaa and Latara, who were having a picnic with a group of Woklings. Wicket alerted them to the dangers and told them to warn the elders of the Duloks' plan to attack the soul trees. The Duloks attempt to ram Wicket's friends but they get away in time.

Continuing their mission, the Ewoks head towards the soul trees but find their path blocked by several Ewok warrior led by Chief Chirpa. King Gorneesh addresses the gathered Ewok warriors, boasting of his plan to destroy their soul trees. Chirpa orders Gorneesh to stand down and to release Wicket, vowing to fight to the last Ewok to save their soul trees. Gorneesh orders his Dulok warriors to plough through the Ewoks' mound of rocks, breaching their defenses and causing them to scatter. Chirpa regrets laughing at Wicket's warning.

The Duloks also hurl spears at the Ewok warriors, causing them to scatter. As the Duloks drive through the forest, Malani and Baga pursue the wagon, seeking to rescue Wicket. Against Wicket's wishes, Malani rides onto the wagon and attempts to free Wicket from his cage. A Dulok warrior attacks her but Wicket kicks him, in the process freeing himself. They then toss the Dulok out with the cage. However, they are left to face the other Duloks.

Working together, Wicket and Malani pull the levers, causing the rotational walls to throw the Dulok warriors out. Wicket drives away another guard using the battering ram, causing him to crash in a bush. Wicket and Malani then confront King Gorneesh and his entourage. After dispatching two of his guards, Gorneesh sends Umwak but he falls off the ladder when the Ewoks throw it down. Gorneesh charges at the Ewoks but the two evade. Before leaving, Wicket threatens to pull the main support peg. Gorneesh dares him not to do but Ewok makes the hard decision to dismantle his battle wagon. The two Ewoks escape while the wrecked battle wagon crashes with Gorneesh and Urgah near Erpham's soul tree. The spectral Erpham is relieved that his tree survived.

Rebuilding the wagon[]

The Ewoks later rebuilt the battle wagon for Wicket in appreciation of his courage. Malani tells Wicket to remove his blindfold. Chief Chirpa tells him that the Ewoks rebuilt the wagon to thank Wicket for having the vision to rebuild it in the first place. Wicket quips that he is good at following orders, clarifying it is the vision.


"Wicket's Wagon" was adapted into a children's book of the same name. The episode was released on DVD in 2004 as part of the Tales from the Endor Woods feature film. It can be found on side 2 of the disc.



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Notes and references[]

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