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"I'm proud to know ya, and my life is better for it, brave and fine little warrior."
―Noa Briqualon[7]

Wicket Wystri Warrick was a male Ewok scout, warrior and later chief of Bright Tree Village on the forest moon of Endor. The great-grandson of Erpham Warrick, Wicket was the third son of Deej and Shodu Warrick, following Weechee and Willy, and was the older brother of Winda.

Wicket led an adventurous life, even from a very young age. He and his friends, namely Teebo and Princess Kneesaa, continually protected their village and the surrounding forest from those who would do them harm, such as Morag the Tulgah witch, the Duloks, and other threats from Endor and beyond. He almost even inadvertently killed Emperor Palpatine while defending the sunstar during Doctor Raygar's quest for Imperial domination.

Wicket aided the Towani family when they crash-landed on Endor and later assisted Noa Briqualon in the battle against the Sanyassans. Wicket also played an instrumental role in helping the Rebel Alliance defeat the Galactic Empire during the Battle of Endor. After the death of Chief Chirpa, Wicket and his bride, Kneesaa, ruled Bright Tree Village together.


Early childhood[]

"It's hard being a Wokling—nobody wants you around, and you're never old enough to do anything by yourself!"

The great-grandson of Ewok warrior Erpham Warrick,[1] Wicket Wystri Warrick[5] was born and raised in Bright Tree Village on the forest moon of Endor.[1] Wicket's first name was that of a brave and inquisitive nature spirit of Ewok legend, and his surname, Warrick, was reserved for the greatest of warriors to honor another legendary figure who bore the name.[9] Early on, Wicket exhibited a sense of adventure; though his father, Deej, did not understand where it came from, Wicket's mother, Shodu, knew that he was simply taking after his father.[10] Wicket grew up with two older brothers, Weechee and Willy,[11] and he developed close friendships with Teebo, Princess Kneesaa, and Latara.[1] Wicket and Teebo played games, like seeing who could hit a burr ball the farthest.[12]

Wicket wokling

Wicket as a wokling

One spring morning, Wicket joined his older brother Weechee as he went off into the woods for archery practice. But when Wicket lost Weechee's arrows and broke his new bow, Weechee castigated his young brother. Wicket fled to the base of his Soul Tree and sulked all day, deciding that if he ever had a younger sibling, he would not be mean to him. (He eventually did gain a baby sister, Winda.)[8] Eager to grow up, Wicket was continually saddened when he wasn't allowed to go on expeditions with the older Ewoks. He was thrilled to no longer be considered a wokling when he officially gained his hood at the Festival of Hoods.[1]

On one occasion, when Wicket and Kneesaa were picking berries in the forest, they stumbled upon two creatures attempting to cut down the forest's trees. When the two got back to their village, they told Chief Chirpa of the giants, which they learned were called Phlogs. Wicket later recounted the story before the Council of Elders, an opportunity he had never had before. Unsatisfied with the Council's decision to send a scouting party the next morning, the young Ewoks turned to the shaman Logray, who told them the history of the Phlogs of Simoom and what a threat they posed. Logray gave them a white powder, which they used on the Phlogs to make them run back to their own land and leave the Ewoks' forest alone. During the celebration that day, both Wicket and Kneesaa were made honorary members of the Council of Elders.[13]

When the day of the Harvest Moon Feast arrived, Wicket invited Kneesaa and the woklings Nippet and Wiley she was babysitting, to join him for a picnic in the woods. Along the way, Wicket kept an eye out for rainbow berries, which had been particularly hard to find that summer. When the Ewoks arrived at their place by the river, Wicket decided to teach the woklings all about fishing. As Wicket caught the fish, he handed them off to the woklings to place them in a basket. Wicket later found that the baby Ewoks had been dumping the fish back into the river. Just when Wicket began to think that babysitting wasn't so hard, the woklings had another mishap involving bees and honey, forcing the four Ewoks to jump into the river. As they dried off later, Wicket and Kneesaa hung out in a tree and left the woklings to play hide-and-seek. When Wicket and Kneesaa got down, they saw that the woklings were covered in berry juice, for they had discovered some rainbow berry bushes. The Ewoks then gathered berries which were later made into Rainbow Berry Pies for the Harvest Moon Feast, and the woklings' mother thanked Wicket and Kneesaa for making the event so special.[14]

Wicket 3cheers

Wicket boasts about his archery skills.

The annual midsummer festival was another special time for the Ewoks, as they would participate in contests to show what they could do best. Wicket encouraged Kneesaa to enter the basket-weaving contest, but she felt that she would rather enter a competition in which she wasn't so experienced. When she expressed interest in the archery contest, an event which Wicket intended to win, he revealed to Kneesaa his sexist views on females in athletics. When Kneesaa entered the contest anyway, Wicket continued to put her down and promote his chauvinistic viewpoint. Still determined, Kneesaa entered the vine-swinging contest and then inadvertently got herself into the dangerous Log Ride Contest—and won. This impressed Wicket, so much so that he apologized to Kneesaa, realizing that girls could, in fact, be good at sports. Kneesaa then suggested that Wicket might perhaps win the next year's basket-weaving contest.[15]

One fall season, as the Harvest Festival approached, Wicket and Teebo put off their chores and went hang-gliding. As they traveled far away from home, the two got caught in a storm and were separated. After Wicket was blown to the ground, he took refuge from the storm in a cave and was soon joined by Teebo. Lost, afraid and hungry, the two young Ewoks waited out the storm inside the cave. Once it cleared, Wicket tried to determine where they were; when Teebo spotted smoke in the distance, he feared their village was on fire, but Wicket recognized it as a smoke signal, beckoning the Ewoks back home. Upon their return to the village, they thanked Kneesaa for signaling them. She promised not to tell anyone the boys had been playing as long as they would complete her chores for her in return. After Wicket reluctantly agreed, the three sat and shared a meal of bread and jam.[16]

Village scout[]

"You're a good and brave scout, Wicket."
Rainbow bridge

Wicket and Teebo activate the Rainbow Bridge.

At a young age, Wicket became a scout for Bright Tree Village, as did his friend Teebo. Wicket learned how to use the stars to guide him in his travels.[17]

On one berry-picking occasion, Kneesaa stepped on a fatally poisonous nightshade thorn. Unwilling to accept Kneesaa's fate, Wicket and Teebo sneaked into the Council Hut and stole the Bridge crystal that created the forbidden Rainbow Bridge, which they used to cross over the Gorge of Fire into the land of Zandor to attempt to take the Sunnydew nectar from the cave of Gantu, the Ogre. A confrontation with Gantu ensued and the Ogre's bowl of nectar was spilled and the rainbow crystal destroyed, their passage home along with it. However, the spilled nectar immediately caused new nectar-producing sunnydew flowers to sprout from the ground. The local Zandor Rockers, grateful to the Ewoks for their allowing the plants to flourish again, dug an underground tunnel for the Ewoks to travel back to the village. There, Wicket gave Kneesaa a sunnydew flower which instantly brought her back to health.[18]

Early scouting missions[]

Wicket and Teebo spent several weeks training a baby bordok as a gift for Kneesaa's birthday, but they ended up being stuck with scouting duty on the day of her party. Fortunately for the village, the two were the first to spot the return of the Zorbian space pirates. While Teebo was captured, Wicket escaped, although he was knocked from his post high in the tree and had to struggle his way back to the village to warn the Ewoks. Injured and exhausted, Wicket was bedridden while Kneesaa and the women of the tribe saved the village from the Zorbians. Wicket recovered soon enough, although he kept his right arm in a sling for a while.[19]

Guests of honor

The three young Ewoks are chosen as guests of honor.

Chief Chirpa later declared Wicket, Kneesaa, and Teebo the guests of honor for the harvest ceremony. The distinction allowed them journey to a location on Endor where the mountains and the forest met, a location Wicket had scouted before, to harvest the special light wood the Ewoks used to make their hang gliders. Upon their arrival, they discovered that the trees had already been harvested by the Quorks. Upon trying to escape, Wicket was captured by a devil beast. The Quarks then presented Wicket and the harvested wood as gifts to their king, Marlox. The king ordered Wicket to build a glider for him, but Wicket refused and insulted the king. Wicket was then sentenced to solitary confinement in a cell with no food or water. Before Wicket was even put into his cell, his two friends attempted to rescue him, but they failed and were instead imprisoned along with Wicket. Marlox later forced the Ewok boys to build him a glider by threatening Kneesaa's life if they did not. The Ewoks outsmarted the king by building a him a glider that would not fly and they rescued Kneesaa and returned home with the sacred wood for the harvest ceremony.[20]

Wicket and Teebo were soon sent on another scouting mission, several days' journey from the village. When Teebo suggested a shortcut for their return trip, the two were captured by Joddar and the Lizard Warriors. When Wicket heard the name of the warriors' Ewok leader, Graak, he knew they were in trouble, for Chirpa had banished Graak from Bright Tree Village many years earlier. The scouts tried to sneak out, but Graak would not let them get away so easily. Instead, he made the two participate in a most dangerous game: he would allow them to go home through the valley if they could escape the Lizard Warriors, who would be hunting them as prey. But Wicket and Teebo outsmarted the warriors at every turn and even saved Joddar from an Endorian swamp beast. However, after they escaped the valley, Graak went back on his word and refused to let the Ewoks leave. When Graak began to strangle Teebo with a whip, Wicket took matters into his own hands by grabbing a forked stick and pinning Graak to the ground. When it seemed Wicket had the upper hand, Graak threw dirt into Wicket's eyes and lifted a giant boulder, intending to crush the blinded scout to death. But Wicket was saved by Joddar, returning the compassion the young scouts had shown him. As the scouts headed back home, Wicket remarked that while the shortcut had taken days off of their journey, he felt as if it had taken years off of his life.[12]

Wicket foonar

Wicket and Kneesaa promise to help baby Dooni find its mother.

In between scouting assignments, Wicket was out with Kneesaa in the forest one day when they were encountered by Dooni, a baby foonar who had been separated from his mother. As they went to search for the missing mother, Wicket fell into a large hole in the ground and injured his ankle. The hole, he surmised, was intended for foonars; they soon found further evidence with a prodding rod, although Wicket used the rod as a crutch to relieve his injured ankle. The Ewoks soon discovered the ship of the foonar-capturing invaders, and Wicket quickly climbed up the outside of the ship and observed the goings-on inside. But the ship's thin viewport was unable not only to block sound waves, but also to withstand the weight of a small Ewok, for Wicket shattered the window and fell though it and into the ship. After a quick skirmish with the aliens, Wicket escaped through the window from which he came. The aliens decided that one Ewok was no threat to them, but they had underestimated Wicket Warrick. He knew all about the aliens' plans to utilize the foonars to power their "harvester" to cut down the trees of the forest. Wicket and Kneesaa wasted no time in hijacking the harvester machine, and Wicket demonstrated his technological prowess by engaging the blade and pointing the machine towards the invaders' own ship. As the aliens fled the moon, Dooni's mother destroyed the harvester and was reunited with her child, and Wicket's heroism was celebrated once again.[21]

The sorcerer's apprentice[]

"You're still too young to know the secrets of a medicine man. You're headstrong and hasty and you have too much to learn!"
Logray wicket

Wicket observes as Logray creates a healing powder from fuzzynettle plants.

During one winter season, Wicket spent much of his time at Logray's hut. One night, he asked Logray if he would take Wicket on as an apprentice so that he could one day become a medicine man. But Logray dismissed the idea, for he did not feel that Wicket was ready for such things. Later in the night, Wicket passed by the hut of his friend, Latara, and saw Logray rushing in. Wicket learned that Latara was ill, and he overheard Logray and Warok saying that they needed a fuzzynettle plant to make more medicine for her, although they would wait until the next morning to retrieve it. Knowing exactly where the fuzzynettles grew on the far side of the forest, Wicket retrieved Baga, the bordok he had trained, and headed out into the frozen forest, using the stars as his guide. Wicket found the fuzzynettles and returned to the village with the plants the next morning at dawn. Logray used the plants to create a healing powder, giving Latara a quick recovery. Logray decided that Wicket was indeed brave and that he would make a good medicine man, so the next day, he began to teach Wicket as his apprentice.[17]

One day, as Wicket began to learn Logray's magic, he once stole the sorcerer's staff to show off to his friends. Unbeknownst to Wicket, the Ice Demon, Stagorr, was watching the young Ewoks via his magical ice mirror. Stagorr tricked Wicket into summoning a wind tunnel from Ice Mountain and inadvertently transporting himself into the heart of the mountain. There, Wicket learned that Stagorr intended to steal Logray's staff to seek revenge on the sorcerer, who confined him to the palace of ice long ago. Stagorr put Wicket under a spell and sent him to use Logray's own staff as a weapon against him. While the spell took over Wicket's body, his mind remained intact, and he warned Logray when he arrived at Ice Mountain. His plan failing, Stagorr reclaimed the staff from Wicket and prepared to battle Logray again. But with some help from Logray, Wicket recalled some magic his master had taught him before. He used fire crystals to melt a portion of the icy ceiling onto the Ice Demon; the water hit Stagorr and froze on contact, trapping him by his own power. On their journey home, Wicket apologized to Logray for stealing his staff and decided not to pursue studying sorcery.[22]

A tale of Sorrow[]

"Because without both of you... life wouldn't be worth living!"
―Teebo, to Wicket and Kneesaa[23]

Mount Sorrow blows Wicket and Kneesaa off the mountain.

Taking a break from harvesting Honey Melons, Wicket and Kneesaa decided to take a dip in their favorite swimming hole while Teebo opted to wander off and write poetry. Ready to head back to the village after their swim, Wicket and Kneesaa looked for Teebo, but were unable to find him. This was particularly upsetting, since they had to carry back Teebo's basket of melons in addition to their own. They found Teebo soon enough when the aspiring poet bowled a Honey Melon at them, spilling all their baskets and knocking the Ewoks over. Wicket determined that Teebo was under a spell and hurried off to the village for the sake of his friend. Wicket found Teebo in the Council Hut, already affecting the elders with his spatially contagious spell. Even Wicket was affected when he tried to stop Teebo. Then Logray told of a possible cure: a being at the top of Mount Sorrow whose tears could reverse the spell. Wicket and Kneesaa did not give it a second thought; they took Teebo and headed to the top of the mountain. Once there, Wicket humbly approached the being, which was, in fact, the tip of the mountain itself, and pleaded for some tears for his friend. But when Teebo approached, his spell began to affect the mountain, who became offended and exhaled a wind which would blow Wicket and Kneesaa off the mountain and to their doom. But Teebo grabbed a rope and saved his friends. When Teebo told the two that he would rather live with the spell for the rest of his life than risk losing his closest friends again, Mount Sorrow was so moved that he wept for Teebo and cried him a plethora of healing tears.[23]

The rise of Morag[]

Morag projection

Morag projects her visage to the Ewoks at Bright Tree Village.

As if their mountaintop wind-blown flight was not enough, Wicket and Kneesaa were soon blown about the air in their own village in a storm summoned by Morag, the Tulgah witch who was once the slave master of Logray. And it was Logray who saved the two Ewoks from again nearly falling to their demise. Then Morag created a sort of Force-apparition of herself and spoke to the Ewoks while her thieves sneaked into the village and stole the crystal eye of the kreegon, a beast which Chirpa's father has slain many years before. With the eye in her possession, Morag had the power to bring the beast back to life; thus, Chirpa chose to journey to Morag's lair at Mount Thunderstone to try and stop her. After his departure, Logray's crystal image spinner revealed that Morag was already resurrecting the kreegon beast. Kneesaa decided to go after her father, and Wicket insisted on joining her.[24]

As they journeyed to Mount Thunderstorm, Wicket spotted the chief's bordok and became concerned that Chirpa was nowhere near. They feared even more when they saw a path of cleared trees leading back toward their village. When they reached the mountain, they found Chirpa and freed him for Morag's restraints. Heading back to the village with the kreegon hot on their trail, Wicket proposed that the Ewoks make a stand against the beast. Though their attempt to kill the beast in the Molten Sulfur Pits did not go as planned, they fooled Morag into using her own magic to bring down the beast. Although her plot was foiled, this would not be the last time Morag would threaten Wicket and his village.[24]

The magnificent duo[]

Out on a sailing trip across Sunshine Lake, Wicket and Teebo searched for pearls in the water. Wicket spotted a flying Dragon-bird, and felt that it was surely a bad omen. As Teebo return from a dive with a rare blue pearl, Wicket's fears were realized when the two were attack by a devil serpent and forced from their boat and into waters. When Teebo never surfaced, Wicket swam underwater to find his unconscious friend, but Wicket also blacked out before he reached Teebo. They would have likely perished, had they not been retrieved by an Underwater dweller and taken to their Underwater Kingdom. Back to a conscious state, Wicket and Teebo met Squik and the others of his species. The Ewoks were taken aback by the plethora of pearls among the dwellers' kingdom. The pearls, the Ewoks learned, were the primary food source for the creatures, and it was their prized red pearl which gave off a glowing light that caused the other pearls to grow. The dwellers kept this red pearl hidden, and the Ewoks soon saw firsthand just why: Orcon, an underwater dweller roughly twice the size of the others, arrived mounted upon his devil serpent to steal food pearls, as he often did. Wicket and Teebo, unafraid of Orcon, stood up to the so-called "evil tyrant" but ended up only further enraging the bandit and causing him to unleash the wrath of his devil serpent via his controlling trident. Orcon then discovered the red pearl and, believing it would make him invincible, stole it and fled the cave.[25]

Ewoks underwater

Wicket and Teebo journey to Orcon's lair.

Unwilling to accept such an injustice, especially one for which he felt responsible, Wicket devised a plan to take back the pearl from Orcon. Intending to travel underwater, Wicket found a nearby patch of bubble plants which produced hard, spherical "bubbles" which were conveniently just big enough to encase the head of a young Ewok and provide a small air supply but not so large that would let in any water around the neck. Donning their newfound natural scuba gear, Wicket and Teebo set off on a pair of water wallocks to Orcon's stronghold, their new friend Squik accompanying them. As the squeaked past the sleeping devil serpent, they entered Orcon's lair. With a quick attack, the trio retrieved the pearl from Orcon, but he soon grabbed his trident and summoned the devil beast. Wicket outsmarted Orcon and took his trident, turning Orcon's own creature against him. However, the red pearl, which was used as a decoy in their counterattack, was destroyed in the process. This caused Wicket to feel remorse, but all was soon made well: on their way back to the underwater dwelling, Teebo found the blue pearl he had discovered when the whole incident began. He gave it to the dweller, who discovered that it was even more powerful than the red pearl they had before.[25]

Star Child and the Dulok treaty[]

The morning of the day upon which the Ewoks were to seal a peace treaty with their longtime foes the Duloks, Wicket spotted a blazing object falling from the sky. He and Kneesaa followed Chirpa into Logray's hut, where the shaman read from his fortune stones that the blinding light was a sign of good fortune for that special day. Wicket was among the party who ventured to the swamp where the object had crashed. The other Ewoks began to flee when the object, an escape pod, started to move, but Wicket stayed behind when the alien "Star Child" emerged from the pod. The then delighted Ewoks fed the child honey and began to take him back to their village.[26]

However, when Wicket and Kneesaa heard a strange sound, they returned to the crash site and saw two droids, C-3PO and R2-D2, which they assumed were demons. When the droids pursued them, the Ewoks ran, but in his haste Wicket tripped the wire of a Dulok trap, bringing down a boulder large enough to crush both the Ewoks and the droids.[26] The group was saved, however, when R2-D2 extended his third tread to stand on and used his other two legs to catch the boulder over their heads and toss it aside. When C-3PO explained to Wicket and Kneesaa in their own language that their "Star Child," Prince Plooz, was not a good omen for the Ewok/Dulok treaty but rather a rebellious prince and the key to preventing war between Sooma and Alzar, Wicket surmised that the trap they had just escaped meant the Duloks were not actually sincere about the proposed peace treaty.[27]

Droids ewoks

Wicket and Kneesaa meet R2-D2 and C-3PO.

Wicket and the others returned to Bright Tree Village warn the tribe, only to learn that the Peace Council had already left with Prince Plooz to meet with the Duloks. By the time Wicket, Kneesaa, and the droids reached the bridge where the two parties were to meet, Gorneesh, the Dulok king, had already kidnapped young Plooz and was having his men sever the ropes of the bridge while the Ewoks where still on it. However, when Ibleam's light shone on the highly reflective C-3PO and the Duloks saw him approaching, they feared he was a glowing Ewok demon, so they abandoned their attack. Wicket then realized that it was C-3PO who was the figure of Logray's prophecy, not the Star Child as they had previously thought.[27]

When young Plooz attempted to cross the unstable bridge, Wicket, knowing the child would never make it across, grabbed the end of a rope supplied by the ever-resourceful R2-D2, tied it around his waist, and jumped off the cliff, grabbing hold of the child just in time. After the astromech reeled the two back up to solid ground, Wicket and the Ewoks escorted Plooz and the droids back to their starship so that they could return to their own place and time to settle the Alzarian/Sooman conflict.[27]

Little help for the Fleebogs[]

When Princess Kneesaa was shrunken by a damsel flower and captured by the diminutive Fleebogs, Wicket and Teebo volunteered to have Logray shrink them as well so that they could go rescue Kneesaa and restore her size with growing powder. Once inside the Fleebogs' underground tunnels, the Ewoks encountered a web-slinging ra-lugg which almost captured Wicket, but ended up with only their bag of growing powder. The Fleebogs saved the scouts by flooding a section of the tunnel with water.[28]

Once they met up with Kneesaa, the scouts learned that reason the Fleebogs had brought Ewoks to the tunnels was so that they could defeat the ra-lugg. Moments later, the ra-lugg entered and used its webbing to capture Teebo. The group then went to the ra-lugg's lair; Wicket struggled with the ra-lugg while Kneesaa retrieved the growing powder. After she used the powder against the ra-lugg, the Ewoks all inhaled it themselves and were restored to their normal size.[28]

Morag's thorn monster[]

When the shaman Logray chose to take a short vacation, Wicket and Kneesaa helped him carry his things to his vacation spot and volunteered to take care of his herb garden back home. Wicket struggled with the gardening, claiming he was "a scout, not a farmer!" While Kneesaa warned him about over-watering the plants, Wicket spotted a flash of light from up in the tree huts. Once the duo reached the village, they saw that the witch Morag had come to destroy the Ewoks; she made a glowing thorn bush sprout from the ground which would grow stronger by drawing up all of the moisture from the ground, eventually killing the forest.[29]

Thorn monster lake

Wicket and Kneesaa run from Morag and her thorn monster.

As Wicket and Kneesaa went to get Logray back to the village, they ran into Morag's beast. First, Wicket slowed the beast by pouring a large jar of honey over it, and then they used vines to tie it to a tree. They finally reached the shaman, but unable to escape from Morag's spell, Logray sent his staff with Wicket so that he might stop the growing thorn bush. Along the way, Wicket used the staff to freeze Morag's fang-faced beast in midair. When they reached the plant, Wicket tried to stop it with Logray's staff, but it was no use; Morag had transformed the plant into a giant walking thorn monster.[29]

As the Ewoks fled, Wicket came up with a way to stop the monster. They headed toward the lake near the hot springs and jumped in for a swim. When the beast followed them into the water, it expanded so rapidly that it finally exploded, causing a rainfall over the forest.[29]


When Teebo was picked by lottery to lead the tribe for a day, while Chief Chirpa and Logray paid a visit to the Spirit Tree, it wasn't long before the young scout had caused trouble and turned many of the villagers against him. After he fled the scene on his hang glider, an alien from another world called Captain Zornak transported to Bright Tree Village and presented Wicket and Kneesaa with "gifts"—necklaces bearing "stones of obedience" that overtook the wearer's mind and forced them to blindly bend to Zornak's will. The offworlder then used Wicket and Kneesaa to enslave the entire village of Ewoks; Zornak forced them all to collect gems from the Crystal Valley and load them onto his spaceship.[30]

Teebo, meanwhile, had spotted Zornak's probe and followed it to the valley. When he was spotted by one of Zornak's men, the alien captain sent Wicket off into the woods with a weapon to capture Teebo. Wicket blindly obeyed, but Teebo outsmarted him, stopping his friend and removing his necklace. The two then returned to the alien ship, where Teebo tricked the alien captain and had Wicket place the necklace around Zornak's own neck, and then ordered him to free the Ewoks and to leave Endor immediately. Glad to see the slavers go, Wicket and Teebo returned with the Ewoks back to the village, where Teebo was heralded as a hero.[30]

Preparing for the Wistie Fest[]

Spirits were high in Bright Tree Village the day before the Festival of the Wisties. While Logray prepared for the event, Wicket and Kneesaa volunteered to help him find the things he needed. First, Wicket went out on his own, with a basket in hand, to find fungus from a brillibab tree trunk to aid the burning on the bonfire. Then, he and Kneesaa made their way up a tree to take a pink feather from a lantern bird for Chirpa's ceremonial headdress—but only after asking the bird and stroking its wing thrice. While Kneesaa retrieved items such as the gwanda gourd, Wicket found some ripe rainbow berries for the Wistie Fest pie.[31]

The night of the festival, Wicket rattled the gwanda gourd and partied with the Wisties around the bonfire. Since Chief Chirpa was so thrilled and the success of the event, Logray made sure Wicket and Kneesaa received credit for their part in the preparations.[31]



Teebo and Wicket dressed up as ghosts for Hallowe'en.

Wicket and Teebo dressed up as ghosts for Bright Tree Village's annual Hallowe'en party. When a hanadak showed up at the party, Wicket rallied the Ewoks and led a charge against the creature. When that failed, Wicket, Teebo, and Kneesaa gathered blue dlock leaves and threw them on the hanadak, putting it to sleep. While the party continued, the trio went to the harvest store to look for Chief Chirpa, who was supposed to be bringing food for the party. Once they realized Chirpa had been kidnapped by Duloks, they went to the Dulok camp and found the chief tied to a tree. Wicket cut Chirpa free, and after the chief took care of his Dulok captors, the Ewoks returned to their Hallowe'een party and had a great feast.[32]

Kradak attack[]

To cool off from the Sun Season's heat, Wicket and Teebo headed for the dam high above Bright Tree Village. However, as the neared the dam, they began treading mud and soon heard a loud crash as the dam broke. Assuming it was a Dulok trap, the duo rode to the village on the back of a snarlf horse. While the woodsman Chukha-Trok found a way to stop the water from flooding the village, a giant kradak burst through the forest floor from its underground cavern and began destroying the village. After Logray was incapacitated, Wicket and Teebo followed Kneesaa into the shaman's hut while she prepared a liquid sleeping potion. But when Kneesaa had an accident on her way to deliver the potion, Wicket was quick to point out that since she had spilled the potion onto the Ewoks below, the three of them were now the only ones left to deal with the kradak. Kneesaa's second potion attempt was more successful: a shrinking potion which transformed the kradak to a height of mere centimeters. After Wicket congratulated Kneesaa, the two confined the small creature to a cage. Wicket then proposed that they repossess the kradak's home, divert water from the makeshift breakwater, and turn the cavern into a swimming pool for the Ewoks' personal use.[33]

Climbing the Mountain of Doom[]

The Season of Snow was a joyous time when the Ewoks would play in the snow. However, this season began with tragedy for Wicket: while he and Teebo were making a slide, Kneesaa was bitten by an ice-beetle and later paralyzed inside an icy-crystal tomb. Wicket, Teebo, and Chirpa wept at Kneesaa's side while Logray researched to find a cure for the princess. Logray discovered one in the juice of a fire plant which could only be found at the deadly Mountain of Doom. Since Chirpa was unable to spare any of his men, Wicket volunteered himself and Teebo to go to the dangerous mountain.[34]


A Frost Giant holds Wicket in the palm of his icy hand.

Several days later, Wicket and Teebo arrived at the base of the Mountain of Doom by way of hang gliders. Ice-clamps attached to their feet, the duo scaled the mountain. A near-deadly run-in with a dragon-bird forced them into a crevasse in the mountain which turned out to be the entrance to a cave. After a while, they ended up in the throne room of the Frost Giants. While Teebo wanted to stay and eat, Wicket insisted that they keep moving, since the Frost Giants were unlikely to have the fire plant they were looking for. But to the Ewoks' dismay, the Frost Giants arrived. One of them scooped up Wicket into his hand, threatening to breathe on the "trespasser," which Wicket knew would mean he would be turned into a block of ice.[34]

A glimmer of hope appeared for Wicket with the return of the fire-breathing dragon-bird—an obvious threat to the Frost Giants. Wicket had the frosty mammoths build a wall of ice at the entrance to the lofty cave, and while Wicket baited the bird with his own life, the giants pushed the ice down to smother the bird, sending it to its demise. Teebo feared Wicket had perished as well, but he had in fact escaped the avalanche. The indebted Frost Giants then showed the Ewoks where to find the fire plant. Once back at the village, Kneesaa was freed from her frozen restraints. Wicket modestly denied the trouble of his journey, for he was pleased to have his friend back.[34]

Other adventures[]

Wicket's childhood was filled with many other adventures, such as the event involving the "magic" sunberries.[35] On another occasion, in the spring, Wicket planned to spend the day trout-fishing alone with his new fishing rod; his plans were dashed, however, when his mother insisted he take his baby sister Winda along. After the wokling freed Wicket's bait worms, ate his lunch, and drove him into a bush of poison ivy after his fishing rod, Wicket was fed up. They returned to the village, where Wicket visited Logray for a cure to his ivy-induced itch, but the shaman added an extra ingredient to the potion he gave. Wicket went into a deep sleep and dreamed of the time when he was a wokling on a fishing trip with his older brother, Weechee. Wicket recalled how he had felt on that day, and when he woke up, he rushed to his sister to apologize for his behavior, and he asked he to go fishing with him the next day.[8] For another annual celebration, Wicket—along with Teebo, Malani, Weechee, and other Ewoks—participated in a raft race along the river rapids of the underground caves of Endor. When Weechee did not cross the finish line with the others, Wicket's other brother Willy, with an uncharacteristic burst of courage, went back rescued Weechee. That night, Chief Chirpa awarded Wicket and the other participants with shell medallions.[36]

Becoming a warrior[]

The skills test[]


Chirpa informs Wicket that he is destined to become a bordok stable sweeper, like Orlo.

When all the young Ewoks took their skills tests, Wicket vigorously prepared so that he could become a warrior, testing himself in archery, the pole-vault, vine-swinging, and other feats. But since Wicket still felt nervous, Teebo presented him with a lucksprite to help him out. However, when Wicket took his tests, he failed every one. Chief Chirpa told Wicket that he could retake the test someday, but that in the mean time, his results only showed that he was fit to be an assistant bordok stable sweeper.[37]

Wicket resigned himself to his new profession, giving up on becoming a warrior, even though his friends told him that he had failed because the lucksprite only gave bad luck. His friends even tried to stage a fake dilemma by tying Latara up underneath a bridge. When she called for a warrior, Wicket wasn't even able to help her out. As he headed to the Cavern of Broken Dreams, his friends followed. But before they could get into the cave, the sprite of bad luck showed up, and Kneesaa found herself caught in the web of a giant spider-creature. Wicket came out of the cave and, with his rope and his broom, saved Kneesaa and stopped the sprite, something not even the greatest of Ewok warriors had ever done before. The next day, Wicket retook his warrior's test and passed with flying colors.[37]

Morag strikes back[]

Morag continued to be a threat to Wicket's village. When Wicket, Teebo, and Paploo were caught playing the forbidden game of drop-the-sack, they were punished by being forced to clean up the forest floor. When a cursed Wistie, under a spell by Morag, started a fire where the three were working, they were again accused of wrongdoing, despite not truly being to blame. As a result, they were briefly exiled out of the village under the care of Wicket's older brothers. That night, all three punished Ewoks shared a dream in which the Soul Trees were aflame. When they woke up, they realized that the nightmare was real and that the trees had been communicating their plight to them. The trio interrupted the Festival of Hoods to notify the elders of the fire. Although they were initially disbelieved again by the Elders, the combination of his brothers' and the cured Queen Izrina's supporting testimony and the younger Ewoks' sensing of the trees' distress convinced them otherwise. Wicket later helped save the trees by implementing his idea of dousing them with airdropped sacks of Logray's magic foam as he and his friends flew over them on their hang gliders. As a result of his bravery and ingenuity, the punishment was revoked for all.[38]

Again out picking sunberries, Wicket saved Kneesaa from the grip of a mantigrue which they later learned was on a mission from Morag to steal their sunberry trees. Although Wicket wanted to help the Ewoks with their plan to turn the trees invisible by way of shadowroot soap, he was instead given babysitting duty, a job which included taking woklings to take a bath. Some Duloks watching nearby then conceived of a plot to steal the Ewoks' bathing soap to rid themselves of their bug problem. Upon his return to the village, Wicket found that many of the trees were invisible, but since Logray had forgotten about those near the river, Wicket and some others volunteered to coat them with shadowroot soap.[39]

When the Duloks stole soap from Bright Tree, they got rid of more than just bugs, for they had taken the shadowroot soap by accident. While the Ewoks were covering the trees by the river, Wicket sensed an enemy presence when the Duloks approached, but did not see any trouble. He returned to the village to report that they had not gotten every tree covered, and learned of the Duloks' scheme upon conferring with Logray. The shaman later had Wicket and his friends go out and gather bugs. Then, Wicket was sent on a mission to sneak among the Duloks and replace their soap with a new one made by Logray that would attract bugs. While Wicket was found by King Gorneesh, he eventually succeeded in swapping the soap.[39]

Ep02 04 sm

Wicket saves the sunberry trees.

However, after the Duloks were dealt with, Wicket realized he had dropped the magic soap into a puddle. After regretting that he had failed his tribe, he thought of a solution. He bagged up a portion of the puddle and sprinkled the liquid over the remaining visible bushes while he swung from a vine. The mantigrue returned to the village, but it left when it did not see any sunberries. To honor Wicket's "cleverness and courage," Chief Chirpa declared the day a holiday.[39]

Return of the Phlogs[]

"Well, if it isn't Master Wicket W. Warrick, come to call me more names."

Kneesaa and Latara were the first to spot the return of the Phlogs to the Ewoks' land. When Kneesaa recounted the tale to the Council of Elders, Wicket observed carefully. But at the same time, Teebo's younger sister Malani began expressing a romantic interest in Wicket, but it was not reciprocated considering she annoyed him while expressing it. Later, with his friends, Wicket mocked Malani and made clear his lack of interest in her, but young Malani overheard from nearby and became deeply hurt. As Wicket and his friends continued to play, a small munyip communicated to Teebo about Malani, and that she had run off into the forest. Now concerned, Wicket and his friend went off to find her. What they found instead were the Phlogs, and they made their escape off a cliff and into a river, after which the girls headed back to the village to warn the Ewoks that the Phlogs were on a rampage while the boys looked for Malani. When Wicket and Teebo finally found Malani, she had discovered Nahkee, a Phlog child who was also alone in the forest. Nahkee then smelled the cooking of the nearby Dulok village and dragged the three Ewoks long with him as he ran to the Dulok hideout. Nahkee, it turned out, was merely a pawn in elaborate plot by Morag and the Duloks. The Ewoks, now held captive by King Gorneesh, plotted their escape, and Wicket apologized to Malani for hurting her feelings. The Ewoks then fled the Duloks and reunited Nahkee with his parents, thereby foiling the Duloks' plot and having them suffer Morag's wrath.[40]

Saving Deej[]

"Dad? I don't know if you can hear me, but it's Wicket. You're going to be okay, Dad. We're going to make you well."

Out on a group fishing trip, Wicket wandered off into the woods when it seemed no fish would be caught. There Wicket met Mring-Mring, a friendly Gupin. Meanwhile, back at the river, Deej and the other Ewoks all struggled to pull in the huge fish Deej had hooked. They called Wicket back to assist them, and the Ewoks all soon fell back as the fish got away. Deej fell harder than the others and cut his arm on a deadly Rokna tree fungus. Weechee made Wicket feel guilty for not being around when their father needed them. The Ewoks took Deej to the medicine man Logray, who sent the Warrick brothers off to find the ingredients needed for their father's cure.[41]

Wicket deej

Shodu and Wicket wait at Deej's bedside.

The brothers split up, and Wicket went to the land of the Dandelion Warriors to find a starred urchin. There he found and rescued Mring-Mring, who had been captured by the Fftssffts while he was looking for the urchin. The two then evaded the warriors and found the urchin they were looking for. Upon returning to the village, Teebo told Wicket that his two brothers had not returned. They then went and recovered Willy from the lantern bird's nest and Weechee from the outside the frosch cave. When the group got pinned up on a hill and surrounded by hungry frosch, the shapeshifting Gupin turned into a giant flying creature and flew the Ewoks back to the Warrick hut. Wicket and his family waited around Deej while Logray concocted the healing potion. He then brought Deej back to health, much to the Warrick family's delight.[41]

Traveling with the Jindas[]

Wicket and his friends were going to look at Paploo's new raft, they invited Latara to join them, but Latara was not allowed to since her parents had been making her clean up their hut. When the Travelling Jindas came to town, Chief Chirpa allowed them to stay at Bright Tree Village and perform their show, which Wicket and the Ewoks all watched and enjoyed. The next day, Latara decided to stow away with the Jinda travelers and hone her flute skills, and she made Wicket, Kneesaa, and Teebo swear not to tell anyone where she had gone. But the elder Ewoks did learn of Latara's disappearance, and fearing the worst, Wicket decided that they would go find her. Logray gave the young Ewoks a magic seed for use in an emergency and sent them on their way.[42]

Wicket followed the Jindas' path by finding scarves and things they'd left behind, and helped save Kneesaa from a close call on a rickety bridge. They found the Jindas just as a pair of Duloks were kidnapping Latara so that she could babysit the Dulok children. Rather than follow the Duloks, Wicket decided that they should disguise themselves as and perform with the Jindas in a show for the Duloks. When the plan did not go quite as expected and their cover was blown, they ran and were pursued by the Duloks. When Kneesaa got stuck in the swamp and the Duloks close in, Wicket stopped the Duloks in their tracks by taking the magic seed Logray had given them and throwing it into the water, causing a giant tentacled creature to emerge from the waters and grab the Duloks. Wicket and his friends, Latara included, later returned to the village after the Jindas went on their way.[42]

Restoring the Tree of Light[]

Wicket was once again disappointed when he was left behind on a duty reserved for older Ewoks: delivering the sacred dust to the Tree of Light to preserve its strength, for its demise would surely empower the Night Spirit. However, Wicket refused to stay behind for long and decided to trail the elder Ewok party, which consisted of Willy, Weechee, Paploo, and Teebo. While at first, in a cave, Wicket was mistaken as a ghost, he later saved the Ewok party from certain failure when he retrieved their lantern, a magical gift from Logray which would always lead them in the right direction. Wicket then convinced Weechee to take him on in their caravan.[43]

Tied up Ewoks

Paploo, Willy, Weechee, Wicket, and Kneesaa are tied up by the Duloks.

When the time came to pass through the Arbo Maze, Weechee passed the lantern off to Wicket and insisted on leading the way himself. Despite wandering aimlessly for hours, Weechee refused to listen to Wicket's suggestions to simply follow the lantern. It wasn't until after the party ran into Kneesaa and Latara that the group decided let Wicket lead the way. When the Ewoks began crossing the Valley of Floating Trees, they were soon pursued by King Gorneesh and the Duloks. When they reached the Mountain of Light, Wicket and Kneesaa engaged in a skirmish with the Duloks, but the Ewoks prevailed when Wicket deposited the sacred dust at the base of the Tree of Light, restoring the tree to its full strength. Upon their return to the village, all seven Ewoks were rewarded with Silver Feathers of Bravery.[43]

The lucky rock[]

"How come you're not praising your lucky stone, Wicket?"
"I traded for that stone because I wanted to, and I gave it to someone I like, not some greedy Ewok who tried to get me to trade for something they wanted."
―Wicket defends getting the lucky stone he gave to Kneesaa[44]

As the winter seasoned neared, Wicket and his friends were sent off to barter for goods with the trader Mooth. Since Chirpa had warned not to waste the village's surplus on anything "foolish," Wicket had personally collected and polished a bag of monmon seeds to trade for his something of his own. Although the other Ewoks each had their own ideas as to what he should get, Wicket decided to trade for a "lucky" stone, which he gave to Kneesaa, since she was the only other one in the group who liked it.[44]

The Ewoks soon found themselves short of luck when a group of Skandits separated them from the wagon of goods and imprisoned them. However, when the Traveling Jindas passed through and learned that their onetime member Latara was in trouble, the Jindas put on a show for the Skandits and helped the Ewoks escape. Wicket led the Ewoks under a snake-like costume which seemed to scare the Scandits. Aware of their fear, Wicket had some fun with them and paraded the Ewoks around on the Jinda stage—a bad idea, as it turned out. The Ewoks fell out of formation and the giant costume ripped apart. Their cover blown, the Ewoks and the Jindas fled to Bright Tree Village.[44]

Paploo and Weechee continued to deride Wicket about his lucky stone while Logray helped rid the Jindas of the Rock Wizard's curse which forced them to always be on the move. The Rock Wizard himself then showed up at the village in a destructive rage, but he was stopped when he saw Princess Kneesaa wearing her lucky stone—his missing tooth. Once his tooth was back in place, the Wizard was back to his jolly old self, and he called off the Jindas' curse. Wicket then reminded Paploo and Weechee of their comments about the "stupid little rock."[44]

Friend of the Gupins[]

Ewoks gupin

Kneesaa, Paploo, Wicket, and Mring-Mring defend the Gupin stronghold.

In an effort to return the favor to Mring-Mring for helping save Deej, Wicket pledged to aid Mring-Mring in his mission to open the Juniper Chest which would renew the Gupins' flying and shapeshifting powers so that they could keep the Grass Trekkers away. The party traveled the waters by canoe and through the Endorian Grasslands on the backs of Makants; all the while Wicket stayed true to his cause and ensured Mring-Mring that he had the power to save his people. Once they reached the Gupin stronghold, Wicket helped blockade the doors to keep out the Grass Trekkers. Mring-Mring succeeded in opening the chest, restoring the powers of his people, and taking the throne as their new king. That night, Wicket and the Ewoks were honored guests at the Gupin celebration.[45]

Morag's end[]

Just as Wicket had before, Teebo became the apprentice of the shaman Logray. Curious to see what kind of magic their friend was up to, Wicket, Kneesaa, and Latara spied on Teebo one day, only to learn that Logray had him doing household chores rather than magic spells. Wicket and the others derided Teebo, so in an effort to prove his sorcerer's ways, Teebo took the group out into the forest to show off his magic. But Teebo's tricks failed, and Wicket ridiculed him even more.[46]

As the Ewoks left Teebo, Wicket heard the sound of a woman singing, and they traced the voice back to a beautiful felinoid in a glistening cave. But all was not as it seemed, for the graceful creature then turned into a familiar old Tulgah and the shining cave turned dark; the Ewoks had walked into Morag's trap.[46]

Just as Morag had planned, Logray went to rescue the now enslaved young Ewoks, bringing the sunstar along with him. Morag increased her power by joining the sunstar with her shadowstone. She then used her volcanic lair to transform herself into a gigantic lava creature. Wicket and the others watched while she and Logray battled, but the Ewoks prevailed when Logray summoned a gusher of water and turned Morag into stone, thereby ending the threat which had haunted Bright Tree Village for so many years.[46]

Rebuilding Erpham's battle wagon[]

Seeking shelter from a storm while in the woods one day, Wicket and his brothers found their way into an old battle wagon. The brothers soon learned from Mistress Kaink that the wagon was built many years before by their own great-grandfather, Erpham Warrick, and was used to defeat the Duloks. Wicket decided to rebuild the wagon; he obtained Erpham's original construction plans from Kaink, but when he asked his friends and brothers to help him, the only person who seemed truly interested was Malani.[47]

Over a period of weeks, Wicket, Malani, and Baga worked diligently to restore the battle wagon to its original glory. However, the Ewoks were unaware that the Duloks had been observing the reconstruction. On the day the battle wagon was completed, while Wicket took a nap inside, the Duloks made their move and commandeered the wagon. Wicket escaped, but his wagon was gone.[47]

That night, Wicket sounded the village drum and awoke the Ewoks from their beds to tell them of the Duloks' thievery. But the villagers did not share Wicket's concern, not even Chief Chirpa. Only Kneesaa was sympathetic to Wicket's loss. While the Duloks plotted their new attack on the Ewoks, the heavy-hearted Wicket visited the soul tree of his great-grandfather. There, Erpham's spirit spoke to Wicket, telling him how the Ewoks had made fun of him when he first built the wagon, but that it later proved its worth by helping them defeat the Duloks.[47]

Wicket malani wagon

Wicket and Malani threaten to pull the wagon's main support peg.

With his great-grandfather's encouragement, Wicket went after the Duloks. After he overheard their plot to destroy the soul trees, Wicket disguised himself as the old Dulok Murgoob and tricked the Duloks into driving the wagon into the water. But his cover was blown when the real Murgoob showed up; Wicket was held captive on the wagon as the Duloks led their attack. When they reached the soul trees, Malani and Baga came to Wicket's rescue. The two Ewoks kicked off Duloks until only King Gorneesh and his wife remained on board. Gorneesh tried Wicket's courage, but Wicket bested the king by pulling the main support peg, causing the wagon to collapse before it reached the soul trees.[47]

The Ewoks later rebuilt the battle wagon for Wicket in appreciation of his courage.[47]

Troming the stranglethorn[]

As Wicket and his friends partied at an afternoon dance, Kneesaa left her chieftess-to-be training lesson at Logray's hut to join them. But their dancing was cut short when an ever-growing stranglethorn began wreaking havoc and taking over the village. When Kneesaa realized she was to blame, she set off to gather the three ingredients Logray needed to tame the wild plant. Fearing for Kneesaa's safety, Wicket joined her in her journey.[48]

The first ingredient was Kete nectar. Once inside the Ketes' labyrinthine hive, the duo evaded the unfriendly Ketes and discovered their stockpile of nectar pearls. Next, they learned from a barber bird the proper way to retrieve a ganga root from the ground, and then had to flee with the last root so that the bird would not eat it. And thirdly, Wicket spotted a Trome tree; however, the tree only had one branch left, and when the resident Tromes appeared, they pleaded with the Ewoks not to destroy their home. Kneesaa then came up with a new plan, and Wicket instead carried the three Tromes on his shoulders back to the village.[48]

While the Tromes distracted the stranglethorn, Wicket sneaked into Logray's hut and retrieved the potion that would tame the plant. Logray instructed him to place one drop into each of the plants mouths, but seeing how many heads the plant had sprouted, Wicket instead gathered a group of acorns into his satchel and poured the potion over them. Then he, the Tromes, and the Ewoks fed them to the plant until it shriveled back to its original size.[48]

Romancing the Phlog[]

On the eve of the fall festival, Wicket and Teebo gathered pumpkins and hauled them up to the village. After Wicket tried to fib his way out of taking Malani to the festival, the Ewoks all gathered in dismay as a vorshak began destroying the village's support trees. Wicket and Teebo stopped the creature by dropping a net on it which Logray had doused with a magic love potion.[49]

Hoona and wicket

Hoona holds her beloved "Wickie."

Intending to steal Logray's other concoction, a hate potion, the Duloks disguised their shaman Umwak as a Tulgah trader. While Wicket and Teebo were guarding Logray's hut in the medicine man's absence, Umwak forced himself into the hut and stole a vial of potion, despite Wicket and Teebo's stern warnings. The two pursued Umwak into the woods, but the first being Wicket found was Hoona, a Phlog woman, who immediately fell madly in love with Wicket. When the Ewoks made a quick escape, Hoona followed them back to the village and began tearing it apart until she found her "Wickie." For the safety of Bright Tree, Wicket stayed with Hoona.[49]

Wicket remained in the arms of the Phlog until he was kidnapped by the Duloks while Hoona slept. When the enraged Phlog began tearing the village apart, the Duloks rounded up the Ewoks and raided their harvested food. When the Duloks returned Wicket to his long-legged lover, they encouraged the Phlog to take Wicket back to her home in Simoom. But on their way there, Wicket heeded Logray's advice and "shocked" Hoona out of the love spell by returning her affection with a plethora of kisses. With Hoona then back to normal, Wicket convinced the Phlog to return with him to the village to stop the Duloks who had made a fool of her. Once again, Wicket outsmarted King Gorneesh and his men.[49]

The Red Ghost[]

As the winter season approached, Wicket, Teebo, and Paploo took a day-long journey into the deep forest on their hang gliders. Their peaceful afternoon was interrupted when they spotted Duloks hunting maramu for sport. The Duloks were then scared off, as were the Ewoks later, by the Red Ghost, a red-furred Ewok riding a korrina. After the Ewoks flew back to the village, Wicket told Kneesaa about their encounter. She cried, and later informed Wicket that this Ewok was probably her long-lost sister Asha. That night, Kneesaa and Wicket set out to find her.[50]

The two encountered a fierce snowstorm in the woods, and Wicket nearly fell to his death off a cliff, saved only by Chukha-Trok. The Ewok woodsman tried to take the Ewoks back home, but the group was attacked by koyts and then rescued by Asha herself. Back at Asha's cave, Wicket played with korrina cubs while Kneesaa caught up with her sister. They stayed the night at cave, and the next day they help Asha defend the creatures of the forest from the Dulok hunters. The Ewoks then returned to Bright Tree Village and Asha was reunited with her father.[50]

Filling the Belt of Honor[]

"It's Wicket! We're saved! Our hero!"
―Wicket's friends in his daydream of being a warrior[51]
Wicket belt

Wicket receives his Belt of Honor from Chief Chirpa.

In a special ceremony at Bright Tree Village, Chief Chirpa presented Wicket with a Belt of Honor. Wicket was to collect trophies for the belt and, once it was filled, he would be declared an Ewok warrior. Wicket immediately daydreamed of saving his friends from harm and defending the village as a warrior. He aspired to fill the belt within a week, but Chirpa assured him that it would take much longer.[51]

Flight to the floating mountain[]

When Latara wanted her broken crystal fixed and learned that she needed a brave warrior to retrieve the Crystal Cloak from the Floating Mountain to do so, she called upon Wicket. The two rode their hang gliders to the mountain, but Wicket did not learn until later that they had to retrieve the cloak from the Gracca, the being that wore the cloak and turned everything he touched into crystal. To get rid of the Ewoks, the Gracca summoned a crystal forest to emerge from the ground, forcing Wicket and Latara to the edge of the floating mountain. They were saved just in time by Kneesaa and Teebo, who had followed them to the mountain.[51]

When the Gracca appeared and threatened to turn the foursome into crystal, Wicket stepped forth and demanded the crystal cloak; however, he quickly rescinded when he realized the Gracca's power. The Ewoks ran, and when Teebo stepped off a cliff, Wicket grabbed him by the ankle, saving his friend from a fiery death. Wicket then had Kneesaa use her lasso lace to rope the cloak off the Gracca's back, but unfortunately for the Ewoks, it fell into the molten pool below. As the Gracca continued to pursue, Wicket led him away and ended up trapping him in the crystal forest he had earlier created. Before the Ewoks returned home, Wicket retrieved a small crystal for his Belt of Honor.[51]

Saving a group of mimphs[]

Wicket kneesaa mimphs

Wicket and Kneesaa saving a group of mimphs

On one occasion, an unidentified green-tongued creature attacked a group of mimphs and tried to eat them. But Wicket and Kneesaa swooped down on a hang glider and rescued the mimphs.[52]

Kneesaa's wish plant[]

"Sorry, Kneesaa. I…"
"Failed? Struck out? Bombed?"
―Wicket and Kneesaa[53]

Wicket and the others made fun of Kneesaa as she struggled to keep her plants alive. When the Ewoks learned that the Leaf Queen had left her wish plant in Kneesaa's care for three days, they each wanted the plant for their own use. After Latara had stolen the plant from Kneesaa, Wicket stole it and wished for a Do-It-Yourself Warrior Kit. As the plant made the rounds, it eventually wore down to a leafless sprout.[53]

Warrior kit

Wicket dons his warrior garb from the wish plant.

When the Leaf Queen returned to take the plant back, Wicket stalled by telling the Queen that the plant was sleeping. She granted the Ewoks an extension, and Wicket used the extra time to search the forest for a replacement wish plant. One plant he found proved too deeply rooted to retrieve, and another was heavily defended by a dartfly, so Wicket returned to Kneesaa empty-handed. Wicket was willing to stand up to the Leaf Queen, but in the end, Kneesaa's tears healed the plant and the Ewoks were spared the Queen's wrath. The Queen even left Kneesaa with a few wish plant seeds, and just as they had with the plant, Wicket brawled with Latara and Teebo over who would get them.[53]

Moving out[]

"Y'know, it'll take a million munyips to drag me back to this place!"

Upset that he was performing household chores for his mother instead of training with the Ewok warriors, Wicket decided to move out of the Warrick family hut. As he left the village, Teebo caught up with him, and when he realized that he felt the same as Wicket, Teebo decided to leave home as well. The duo moved into an old tree fort in the forest and decided to fix the place up. But tension grew between the two as they realized that their current workload was worse than it was at their respective homes. Since the boys would not be attending the village Harvest Festival that night, Latara and Kneesaa brought them some stew for dinner. However, Wicket and Latara got into a culinary quibble which ended with Wicket covered in stew.[54]

As their first night out approached, Wicket cleaned up the fort while Teebo went out to look for food. Teebo returned, well fed, with his new friends—a trio of Kagles. The Kagles, however, chose not to stay once they learned the Ewoks had moved in without getting permission from the current landowners, the Shrieks. Although Teebo became afraid, Wicket decided that they would remain at their new fort rather than return the village.[54]

Ewoks 2-03a

Wicket and Teebo look for Shrieks.

That night, the Shrieks haunted the Ewoks. The unafraid Wicket dragged Teebo along as he traced the cackling voices all the way to the inside of the tree the fort was built in. Wicket outsmarted the Shrieks, and soon realized there was only one Shriek—Larry, a three-eyed being who had also run away from home long ago. However, when Larry had eventually returned home, he found that his people had all moved away. Wicket then had an epiphany and returned to the village immediately, bringing both Teebo and Larry along with him, and they all enjoyed the rest of the Harvest Festival.[54]

Serving "Princess" Latara[]

Continuing Wicket's quest to become a warrior, Kneesaa secretly offered him a Pearl of Patience for his Belt of Honor if he would go along with her idea to let Latara be princess of the village for a day. "Princess" Latara showed little care for Wicket and Teebo, her "peasant" servants who carried her throne around the village. Wicket eventually became fed up with Latara's treatment of him and revealed that he was only obeying her to gain the item for his belt. That, combined with Teebo's poorly worded compliment, brought Latara to tears, and she ran off into the woods alone.[55]

When Latara's friends looked for her later, Wicket spotted footprints leading to the grotto of the Gorphs. After a long slide downward, the trio learned that Latara had become betrothed to Prince Vork. Wicket came up with a plan to save their faux-princess, but the arrival of Gorph guards made them have to improvise a new strategy. Wicket tackled one guard while Kneesaa took care of the other, and once Latara joined them, the Ewoks ran to the grotto's exit as the Gorphs pursued. When Wicket realized the ramp they slid down on the way in was too slippery to go back up, he grabbed Latara's heavy crown and threw it at the Gorphs, knocking them all the way back to the Gorph throne room. Once they were free of the grotto, Wicket, Kneesaa, and Teebo all agreed that Latara's time of ordering the Ewoks around was over.[55]

Cap of the Raich[]

"The Raich? No Ewok would be foolish enough to set him free again. Why, he'd be branded a disgrace to the tribe!"
―Chief Chirpa[56]

Teebo, Latara, and Wicket are dwarfed by the Raich.

Wicket went with Latara one day to look for sparkle seeds for her Shadow Night Festival costume. While he warned her that one particular area of the forest was a bad place to look, they proceeded anyway. Wicket's fears were realized when a ferocious zomba pursued them. The Ewoks ran and eventually dead ended, but Wicket was willing to die fighting. However, their pursuer turned out to only be Teebo showing off his costume for the Shadow Night Festival. Wicket, who was going to the festival with Kneesaa, still did not have a costume, although he found one soon enough: a hat sitting on a tree branch. Wicket climbed up and took the hat from the tree—which suddenly transformed into the Raich. After the Raich captured Baga, Wicket volunteered to go after the beast, but the Ewoks decided they should instead contact Logray.[56]

Rather than be considered a disgrace to the tribe for releasing the Raich, Wicket chose to find Gonster to have a new cap made for the monster. The Ewoks flew on their hang glider to the Twin Hills and landed, after a short run-in with the Gonster's hoosha. After negotiating with the Gonster to make a new cap, Wicket and Kneesaa flew to the Raich's cave in the Dead Forest to administer a potion to slow the Raich down. However, Wicket was unsuccessful with the potion, and he and Kneesaa were instead captured and tied up.[56]

That night, Teebo and Latara flew to the cave with the new magic cap, and Teebo freed his friends while the Raich slept. But the Raich awoke before the Ewoks were away, and he pursued Wicket and his friends into the woods. Wicket's first attempt at capping the Raich was unsuccessful, since the Ewoks had forgotten to put the sparkle seeds on the cap. His second try did work, though, and their crisis was ended as the Raich was finally turned back into a tree. Wicket did try to think of a trophy to collect for his Belt of Honor, but Kneesaa instead dragged him back to the village's Shadow Night Festival.[56]

The totem pole[]

"I hope this works, Wicket."
"Of course it will. It's my plan!"
―Kneesaa and Wicket[57]
Wicket dream

Wicket goes back to sleep, thinking Teebo's abduction was a strange dream.

While the Ewoks juiced the annual dangleberry fruit, Wicket decided that the job was beneath a young warrior like himself. A nearby traveler heard Wicket's bemoanings and confronted the Ewoks. He convinced Wicket to take a totem pole, claiming that all the great warriors had them. After the traveler left, Wicket carried the totem pole back the village by himself. That night, while the Ewoks slept, the traveler went to the village and used his magic ring on the totem pole to bring the totem creatures to life; once free, the creatures burglarized the village and gave their loot to their "Totem Master." When Teebo saw this, he wanted to warn Chief Chirpa, but the Totem Master stopped him and used his magic ring to take over Teebo's mind and make him one of his slaves. Wicket briefly awoke during the night and saw some of these events, but he figured it was a dream, so he went back to sleep.[57]

The next morning, when the tribe realized they had been robbed and Malani reported that her brother Teebo was missing, Wicket realized that what he saw the previous night was no dream. He, Kneesaa, and Latara set off to find Teebo and their belongings. Once they caught up with the Totem Master, Latara confronted him; however, when he used his magic ring to turn her into a totem slave, Wicket and Kneesaa followed him to his next stop: the Strutters' village. That night, Wicket and Kneesaa tried to stop the Totem Master, but they instead found themselves running from him and were soon captured by the enslaved Latara and Teebo. As the Totem Master tried to use his ring to place his spell on Wicket, Wicket grabbed a Strutter mirror and turned the energy beam back on the Totem Master, thereby placing him under his own spell; once the master's ring was destroyed, his slaves were freed of their curse. The next day, Wicket and the others returned to the village with all of the tribe's stolen belongings.[57]

Mother's birthday[]

On the birthday of his mother, Shodu, Wicket was having trouble coming up with a gift for her, and Teebo's attempts at a magical solution were to no avail. Wicket then discovered in Logray's hut a map to a Lost Temple full of precious jewels. Wicket and his three friends set off to find the temple, and once they did and made their way inside, Latara set off a booby trap which led them all down a long, dangerous slide—right into the treasure room. Wicket picked out a jewel he thought his mother would like, but the Ewoks were then chased out of the temple by a purpa.[58]

Captured Warricks

Wicket and his mother Shodu are captured by the Duloks and taken to Lady Urgah.

That night, at Shodu's birthday party, Wicket presented her with the jewel. While Wicket shared a dance with his mother, Latara's own jewel hatched—for the jewels were actually purpa eggs. Kneesaa then told Wicket, who in turn had to tell his mother about the jewel, but before he could, mother and son were captured by Duloks who wanted to steal the jewel for their queen, Urgah. The Duloks presented Urgah with the jewel, as well as two Ewok servants. However, when that jewel hatched as well and a scuffle ensued between the Ewoks and Duloks, the Warricks got away. On their walk back home, Wicket explained to Shodu how he had really gotten the jewel.[58]

Stranger invasion[]

"Eat worms and die, stranger!"

On a dark night when Logray sensed a looming evil, Wicket and Teebo pleaded to go exploring with the shaman, but they were instead once again left behind at the village. Wicket observed from afar a ceremony where other Ewoks like Weechee and Asha were being accepted into the Warrior Circle. When Teebo and Wicket spotted what they believed to be a comet, they rushed down and interrupted the ceremony to notify Chief Chirpa. However, when Chirpa looked up in the sky, he only saw a lantern bird. Determined to prove he wasn't mistaken, Wicket set off with Teebo to find where the comet had landed. While Wicket tried to locate it using his "keen warrior instincts," Teebo accidentally fell into the crater made by the "comet." Wicket took a piece of the comet as a badge for his belt, and once joined by Kneesaa and Latara, decided to take the comet back to Chirpa. However, when they passed through the region of the Soul Trees, the comet mysteriously vanished, and Wicket decided they should contact Logray.[59]

The youngsters arrived at the village to find a Dulok raid in progress and a stranger stealing the Sunstar. Wicket tried to stop the thief, but he was no match, and the being used the Sunstar to set fire to the bridge the Ewoks stood upon. They were soon rescued, but when Chirpa and the warriors—believing the Duloks took the Sunstar—set off for the Dulok swamp, Wicket and his friends went after the real thief. They traveled through the glop pits, where Wicket grabbed a glok monster scale for his belt, and into the thorn forest. There they saw the stranger, who had captured Logray, using the Shadowstone to open a pathway into another dimension to free his people.[59]

The Stranger4

The stranger tries to take Wicket back into his own dimension.

As the battle raged on, Wicket wasted no time going after the flying stranger, at one point even jumping on his back while Kneesaa went for the Sunstar, reversing its spin. As the stranger's people got sucked back into their own dimension, the stranger grabbed Wicket's ankle, dragging him back to share in his misery. As a last resort, Kneesaa grabbed Wicket's Belt of Honor, which had slipped off earlier, and hurled it at the stranger, making him lose his grip on Wicket. Once the strangers were all gone, Wicket could only think of one thing: his Belt of Honor. Not even grateful that Kneesaa saved his life, Wicket was crushed that he had come so close to becoming a warrior and that he now had nothing left. His spirits were hardly lifted when object floated down from the sky—his silver feather of bravery, the first trophy he received for his belt. He was again let down when, for his bravery in saving the Sunstar, his reward was not admittance into the Warrior Circle nor even a new spear, but rather a mere Bead of Bravery.[59]

Prize of the Mimphs[]

"Do you think Wicket is… de—… dea—…"
"Hanadak meat!"
―Wicket's friends fear the worst[60]

Wicket continued to struggle with adolescence as he was still often left behind when the warriors were called to arms, such as when another hanadak threatened the village. Unwilling to heed Chirpa's warning, Wicket was set on getting a hanadak tooth for his Belt of Honor all by himself. Wicket trekked through the forest, enduring considerable heat, and soon found the hanadak sleeping beneath a tree. Wicket set about tying up the creature and then attempted to extract one of his fangs, but before he could take his trophy, the beast awoke and easily broke through his woven confines. He went after Wicket, indifferent to the fact that Wicket had taken him prisoner, and drove the Ewok into a fast-flowing river. While the hanadak broke his pursuit, Wicket continued to float down the river. He soon went down a waterfall, hitting his head on a rock along the way and losing consciousness.[60]

Wicket Mimphs

Wicket is tied up and put on display for all the Mimphs to see.

Fortunately for Wicket, he floated ashore, but when he came to, he found himself tied up and taken prisoner—not unlike himself and the hanadak before—by the diminutive Mimphs. The Mimphs took Wicket back to their village and put him up on display for all to see. Wicket felt humiliated, and yet when the hanadak arrived at the village, Wicket broke free of his binding in order to save his captors. He tore down a curtain and climbed a tree, attacking the beast from above and blindfolding him with the cloth. The hanadak proceeded into the river and down the waterfall, but Wicket was disappointed that he was unable to fetch a tooth from the beast for his belt. In order to repay their sulking savior, the Mimphs instead gave Wicket a Mimph tooth for his belt. Once reunited with his three friends, all of whom had feared that he had perished, Wicket boasted about besting the hanadak and spoke of his excitement to share the news with Chief Chirpa.[60]

Zarrak's revenge[]

Wicket and his friends were with Teebo one day as he practiced the magic Logray had been teaching him. Wicket was unimpressed with the tricks and with Teebo's execution of them. When Teebo was approached by Zarrak, a Dark Jedi who was once Logray's apprentice, Wicket and Latara had to carry Kneesaa back to the village, for she had been put under a sleeping spell by Zarrak. After a brief cart accident, Kneesaa was healed at Logray's hut, and the shaman told them of Zarrak's past and what danger Teebo was in. Then Logray, Wicket, and the girls set out to save Teebo.[61]

When they arrived at Zarrak's mountain, the former apprentice wasted no time in attacking his enemies: he quickly encircled Logray and Wicket in flames, but Wicket jumped out in time. After Logray extinguished the fires, Wicket ascended on Zarrak from behind, trying to suffocate the wizard with his own cape. However, Wicket was stopped when Zarrak flashed his magic jewel in Wicket's eyes, throwing him from the larger Ewok's shoulders. Zarrak then used the jewel to summon rocky hands from the ground to trap the other Ewoks. But Teebo then used his magic to distract Zarrak and lead him into the abyss, making him drop the jewel, thereby freeing Wicket and the others.[61]

Door-to-door trader[]

Wicket once led his friends past the lair of the Bobog—who was no friend of the Ewoks—to Mooth's trading post. Upon arrival they learned that Mooth had come down with a cold and that business was slow. In the shop, Wicket spotted pair of eodon tusks which he thought would look great hanging over his hammock, but each of his friends wanted the tusks for him- or herself. So Mooth proposed that whoever could trade the most goods for him would receive the tusks.[62]

Wicket trader

Wicket and Teebo try to barter with the Kagles.

As the foursome set out for the river, a fierce rivalry brewed among them, and they split up by gender, with each group taking one side of the river. Determined that he and Teebo would outdo the girls, Wicket first approached the Kagles. He gave them some of Mooth's swamp pickles, but the Kagles did not give Wicket anything in return. Wicket's next customer was Larry, whom Wicket offered a fire feather blanket. But Larry also had nothing to trade, and Wicket and Teebo felt sorry for the three-eyed creature, so they gave him the blanket free of charge. The boys kept knocking on various doors, and Wicket tried all sorts of sales pitches, but they still failed to make profit. So Wicket decided to try one more customer: the Bobog.[62]

When the boys approached the Bobog's lair, they saw that the girls had reached him first and had gotten into trouble. Wicket tried tying the Bobog's wrists, but he easily tore through the binding. Teebo then gave Wicket their last remaining item: a jar of fludge, which Wicket threw at the Bobog as they fled. Then they all mournfully returned to Mooth's, only to find that the Kagles had come in and traded a family cold cure and that the Bobog had traded some jewels for more fludge. So, when Mooth offered up the eodon tusks, Wicket claimed them first since he was the one to give the fludge to the Bobog. However, the others each thought they were entitled to the tusks. Their quibbles were all for naught, though, when the tuskless eodon showed up at Mooth's, and Wicket graciously handed him the tusks.[62]

Training Teebo[]

"Now, Latara, there are warriors, and there are warriors. Now, Teebo, well…"

Still wishing Chirpa would give him a chance to become a warrior, Wicket watched longingly as the chief showed the young warriors how to subdue a grounger. Then, Chirpa said something which inspired Wicket with an idea: "A true warrior teaches what he knows to others." If Wicket could train another Ewok to become a warrior, he thought, and then perhaps Chief Chirpa would finally take him seriously. Amused by Wicket's idea, Latara made a bet with Wicket: if she won, Wicket would babysit Latara's younger siblings—Wiley and Nippet—for the next twenty days; but if Wicket won, Latara would sweep his hut for the next thirty days. After agreeing on the terms, Latara informed Wicket of her pupil of choice: Teebo, the wizard's apprentice.[63]

Not pleased by Latara's pick but willing to take the challenge nonetheless, Wicket began a warrior training program for Teebo. He first tried to teach him how to load a catapult, but when Teebo inadvertently flung himself into a river, Wicket had to jump in and save his friend from the pursuing blog. The blog drove the pair up over a dam and into a dried-up portion of the river. There, Wicket taught Teebo the art of vine-swinging, but this too ended end failure, and Wicket grew disgruntled with his "hopeless" friend. He went back and tried to change Latara's mind, but his pleas fell on deaf, furry ears. Then the Ewoks learned that the Tambles had recruited the "brave warrior" Teebo to deal with their troublesome neighbor, the blog. Wicket knew this meant trouble, so the trio ran off to save their friend.[63]

Wicket moon

Wicket moons the blog from atop the dam.

Just in time, Wicket grabbed Teebo from the blog and then taunted the beast, hoping to fool him into destroying his own dam. But something went wrong, and Wicket fell into the blog's waters. Kneesaa tried to save him, but it was Teebo's use of magic to destroy the dam that saved both Wicket and the Tambles. As the river drained, Wicket climbed to safety, and Wicket congratulated Teebo on his magic. But since it was magic that saved the day and not warrior skill, Wicket lost his bet with Latara and so was forced to mind the woklings.[63]

Odra's summer freeze[]

As the Ewoks took in a nice summer day, Wicket enjoyed a bit of surfing. But when Teebo's attempt to summon a cool breeze went horribly wrong, Wicket led the way back to the village to see Logray. Unable to find the shaman, the troupe headed for the observatory and there intercepted a message for Logray from the Leaf Queen via the Sunstar. When a flying leaf showed up outside for ferry to the Sun King's palace, Wicket convinced the group to go in Logray's stead, given the direness of the situation.[64]

When the leaf taxi neared the Sun Palace, the group was attack by a pair of Icehead commandos. Kneesaa was then knocked from the leaf and captured by the Iceheads; Wicket then made saving her their top priority. The group made their way into the Sun Palace where Wicket negotiated with the Leaf Queen and her siblings. Her majesty informed them that the sudden winter was not the fault of Teebo—it was, in reality, the result of an elaborate scheme by Odra, the Duchess of Sleet, who had frozen the heart of the Snow King to gain possession of the winter-controlling season scepter.[64]


Latara and Wicket disguised as ice-on-a-stick peddlers

Wicket wasted no time in leading the way to the Snow Palace. To sneak inside without alerting the Icehead guards, Wicket devised that the Ewoks would cover themselves completely in snow so as to resemble the Iceheads. The disguises worked, and once inside, the trio witnessed their lost friend Kneesaa being frozen in a block of ice and stuck upon an ice pick. Then, based on a comment from Teebo, Wicket figured out how they would save Kneesaa. He and Latara dressed up as ice-on-a-stick peddlers, while Teebo hid in their cart until he could grab the season scepter. This second disguise of the day also proved successful, even fooling the Snow King—he dropped the scepter in favor of a stick of ice. But while Wicket offered Odra some ice, Teebo fouled up their plan, and a skirmish ensued. When the scepter ended up in Teebo's hands, Wicket took control and used the device to melt the Snow King's heart and eliminate Odra's threat.[64]

With the King back to his jovial self, Wicket requested the release of Kneesaa, whom he hugged upon her return. After the King returned the Endor's season back to that of the Sun King, the king's siblings, as well as Logray and Chief Chirpa, arrived at the palace. Chirpa commended Wicket and his friends for their accomplishments, and the Snow King gave Wicket a trophy for his Belt of Honor: an Icehead's club. Wicket was somewhat taken aback by the unconventional and rather large gift, but accepted it graciously nonetheless.[64]

Duloks and the prow[]

"Well, Wicket, we lost the prow carving and we're helping the Duloks ambush our tribe. Any other bright ideas?"

The Fishing Festival was a big event in Bright Tree Village, and Wicket and Teebo wanted to help out in any way they could. As far as Chief Chirpa was concerned, this meant having the boys clean up his canoe. After scrubbing the boat clean and taking it into the water, Wicket chose to take his friends out on a canoe ride. But the ride ended abruptly when the boat hit a rock, dumping the foursome into the river. Once Wicket and the others pulled the boat ashore, they realized that the special prow carving was missing from the front of the canoe. Fearing Chirpa's wrath, Wicket led the others in a search of the river.[65]

Ewoks row

Wicket and the others are forced to help the Duloks row Gorneesh's battleship.

Downstream, the Ewoks found the prow carving, but it was in the hands of the Duloks. When the four tried to retrieve the carving, they were captured and brought on board the Duloks' battleship. They were then forced to help the Duloks row their way to Bright Tree Village, and Latara did not hesitate to place the blame on Wicket. But Wicket soon made up for it when he enlisted the help of the Skibs to overthrow the Duloks. Wicket then commandeered the battleship and used its own catapult to bring about the ship's destruction. After abandoning ship, Wicket and the others watched in horror as the Ewok prow carving sank to the deep along with the ship.[65]

That night, Wicket explained the whole ordeal to Chirpa. Wicket feared that the chief would have him bound to a pole and shot with stones for his actions, but instead Chirpa commended the young ones and merely asked that they put a new prow carving on the boat. Wicket and the others were so taken aback by the new carving that all four of them passed out right then and there.[65]

Jadru's maze[]

"Wicket! Baga!"
"They'll be no match for me!"
―Kneesaa and Jadru[66]

While Wicket and his friends tried to bathe Baga one day, they were taken aback when a "beautiful" equine came along, a creature they decided to call Silky. The Ewoks all took a liking to Silky, so much so that Baga became jealous. The Ewoks were all impressed when they learned that Silky could fly. But when the mystical being took Kneesaa for a flight, it suddenly transformed into its natural state—a quarf—and carried Kneesaa off to the lair of Jadru, its master. The enchantress Jadru, like so many before her, desired the Ewoks' sunstar, and she was willing to hold Princess Kneesaa ransom to get it.[66]

Wicket lever

Wicket grabs a control lever for Jadru's maze.

Wicket sent Teebo and Latara back to notify Chirpa of what had happened, while he and Baga went after the quarf. After scaling a steep cliff, Wicket and his steed made their way into Jadru's fortress, but they learned from her floating crystal ball, all too late, that they were in fact in a customizable maze controlled by Jadru. Still, with Baga following Kneesaa's scent, they found their way to the throne room. Then, with Kneesaa now among them, the threesome led Jadru and her quarf astray and returned to the throne where the maze controls were to trap the enchantress in her own maze. Just as Wicket and Kneesaa were trying to figure out how they would escape, Chirpa and the warriors broke into the building. Wicket and Chirpa destroyed Jadru's control levers, ensuring that she would never find a way out. Proud of Wicket's accomplishment, Chirpa bestowed upon Wicket another trophy for his Belt of Honor: a broken control lever.[66]

Horrification from the Hut of Horrors[]

"But Wicket, this isn't the Tumble Bunnies!"
"Malani, this is better than the Tumble Bunnies!"
Malani and Wicket[67]

It was Wicket's favorite season: the time of the carnival had arrived, and the warriors' overnight trip was not far off. Wicket and Kneesaa gathered sunberries for Shodu, which Wicket hoped was the last thing he had to do before he could enjoy the carnival. But Wicket was let down; his mother asked him to take his sister Winda to the Tumble Bunny show. She did, however, give him a bribe: if he did this, Shodu might let him go on the overnight trip with the warriors. So Wicket begrudgingly took Winda to the show, and there ran into Teebo and Latara, both of whom were forced to take their younger siblings too. But Wicket backed away from the woklings' show, and was instead interested in another attraction: Horville's Hut of Horrors.[67]

Enticed by Horville's spooky spiel, Wicket very much wished to witness the horrors. And yet, Kneesaa reminded him of his mother's deal. So Wicket took a quick vote to determine which show the Ewoks would see, but despite those favoring Horville's Hut being in the minority, Wicket declared the vote to be a landslide in their favor. Assuring Kneesaa that the woklings would have a good time, Wicket and the septet of Ewoks entered the hut. But they did not leave unchanged.[67]

The Hut of Horrors left the older children shaken up and the woklings traumatized to the point of tears. Wicket realized that because of the trouble he would be in with his mother, she would certainly not let him go on the warriors' trip now. But then, as they often did, an idea came to Wicket: they would have a sleepover at his hut for the woklings, who would forget about the horrors they had witnessed because of the amount of fun they would have. But the evening did not go quite as planned; Wicket couldn't keep the woklings entertained, so they continued to cry. When Wicket's family came home, Weechee talked about the time he had taken Willy to see the Hut of Horrors, and Shodu remarked on the nightmares Willy had had afterward. Worried that the woklings would suffer the same fate, Teebo retrieved a machine of Logray's which would supposedly extract bad dreams from the woklings and store them within itself.[67]


Wicket fills in for the Tumble Bunny trainer.

That night, the nightmare machine ran while all the Ewoks slept, but a faulty leg on the device's tripod gave out, and the machine collapsed and fell right near Wicket's bed, "releasing" the bad dreams into his own mind. Wicket experienced a most bizarre nightmare. In his dream, Wicket was pursued by Horville, then fell, then rode a balloon-creature up into the sky, was taunted by Kneesaa, laughed at by woklings, kicked around by Tumble Bunnies, eaten by a monster, condemned by his mother, and chained up as an attraction at Horville's Hut. Finally, Shodu woke Wicket from his nightmare. Realizing his charade was through, Wicket confessed to his mother that he had taken the woklings to the Hut of Horrors, not the Tumble Bunny show. Shodu forbade him to go on the warriors' trip this year, because he instead had something else to do: take over the Tumble Bunny trainer's job and host ten Tumble Bunny shows himself.[67]

Elbo and the flute[]

Relaxing by the lake one day, Kneesaa had an interesting experience with King Elbo, a crab-like sea serpent with a trove of treasures who tested those he encountered and either rewarded them for their honesty or punished them for their greed. Hoping to receive a new flute to replace the one Wicket and Teebo had given her, Latara headed for Elbo's waters. But knowing their friend's rampant materialism, Wicket, Kneesaa, and Teebo followed her. However, their arrival at the lake was not quick enough, and they witnessed Latara being taken by Elbo down into his underwater Coral Castle. Planning to rescue Latara, Teebo called up a helpful fish who inflated a sea bubble—a thick membrane large and strong enough to hold the three Ewoks and transport them to the underwater lair.[68]

After a rough bubble ride down, the trio entered the air-filled castle and found their friend being held captive by a squid-like creature. Wicket distracted the creature, allowing Latara to escape. Then, the four ran through the castle trying to find a way out. They ended up in a wooden crate that hung about above a ferocious sea creature. When King Elbo approached, Wicket tried to reason with him. They eventually worked out a deal: the king would set up a test for Latara. If she passed, they would go free, but if she failed, all four would become Elbo's slaves. As the crate dropped lower and lower, Wicket bluntly told Teebo that he had no faith in Latara. But she proved him wrong, passing Elbo's test by finding the most valuable item among his treasures: her old flute that Wicket and Teebo had given her. The foursome then bid Elbo farewell and headed back to the surface, again via bubble transport.[68]

The trouble with Norky[]

"You were right, Wicket. He sure is a pain in the…"
―Wicket's friends acknowledge his wisdom[69]

When young Malani struggled with painting and considered giving up, Wicket recalled his experience of almost giving up on his dream of becoming a warrior and shared the story with her for encouragement.[37]

Norky is a meanie

Norky enjoys getting Wicket and Teebo into trouble.

Later, Wicket was upset to hear that Norky would be staying with the Warricks while his mother and father were away, because the boy frequently got Wicket into trouble. Before Norky's parents even left, he framed Wicket and Teebo for eating more than their one allotted cookie before dinner; Shodu then made Wicket go borrow acorn paste from Kneesaa so that they could make more cookies. At the Royal Hut, Wicket went in with Kneesaa and left Norky behind so as not to disturb the in-progress council meeting, but Norky again wreaked havoc, disrupting the meeting, blaming Kneesaa, and even attempting to injure Wicket on the way out. After Latara shared a similar mishap, Wicket decided to take action against Norky.[69]

In Logray's hut, the foursome observed the shaman's globe and decided to send Norky to the Vacant Valley, although Wicket initially had no qualms sending him to a more dangerous locale. The quartet duped Norky into following a "treasure" map to the valley by way of Latara's hang glider. As time passed, Wicket reassured Kneesaa that Norky would not be in any real harm; however, they quickly learned from master Logray that it was the centurial time of the natural sucking phenomenon in the Vacant Valley.[69]

The four Ewoks went to the valley, and Wicket and Teebo set out on foot—or, rather, magically spring-loaded vines to help them avoid being sucked underground. When they found Norky, Wicket had to convince the boy that there was no treasure and that the whole situation was a set-up, but that they never truly meant for any harm to come upon him. The three boys nearly perished there when they began to get sucked into a large hole, but the girls, with Norky's help, ensured that everyone made it out safely. Back home again, Wicket invited the newly humbled Norky to come back sometime, and the two shared a hearty laugh before Norky departed.[69]

Kneesaa's parties[]

Wicket and his friend caught up on their sleep at what he called "another one of Kneesaa's boring parties." But he was suddenly awaken by Latara, who was going to help Kneesaa throw a welcoming party for Prince Delby and assigned Wicket to be in charge of party publicity. Wicket and Baga placed posters all throughout the forest, and the turnout at the party that night reflected their thoroughness. When the Pugs arrived at the party, the Ewoks assumed it was the prince and his entourage, but Wicket noted that their poor manners made them seem unlikely royalty. When the guests departed, Wicket and his friends learned from an enthusiastic party attendant that they were in fact a notorious vroom gang, and Wicket noticed that were taking Kneesaa along with them.[70]

Wicket saves Kneesaa

Wicket saves Kneesaa from the vroom gang.

Hot on the gang's trail, the three Ewoks followed in a bordok-drawn carriage. Wicket caught up to the vrooms and freed Kneesaa from their clutches. They also retrieved a bag of stolen goods from the village, but this caused the Pugs the come after them. When the Ewoks' vehicle crashed, Wicket improvised a road sign that successfully led the vrooms on a path to the Duloks' swamp. With this crisis averted, Wicket led his friends back to the village, where Kneesaa ultimately met and befriended the real Prince Delby.[70]

Girl trouble[]

"Somebody's got a crush on Chirita!"
"Wha—who, me? Nuh—nah, uh, I just think she's a great warrior, like me!"
―Another Ewok and Wicket[71]

When the village turned out for the Ewok Warrior Games, Wicket watched as Chirita defeated Weechee Warrick in a wrestling contest. Wicket, who was obviously infatuated with the older woman, rewarded Chirita with a trophy for her Belt of Honor. When Malani gave Wicket a basket of freshly picked sunberries, Wicket gave them to Chirita, rather than accepting the gift for himself. Realizing that Wicket seemed romantically interested in warrior girls, Malani began an effort to make herself more appealing to Wicket. While he was hitting on Chirita, Malani staged a fake rescue attempt with her brother Teebo, but it did not go as planned, and Wicket and Chirita ended up being the rescuers.[71]

With much persistence, Wicket convinced Chirita to go on a canoe ride with him. But all the while, Malani was continuing to quest to earn Wicket's affection—she made a deal with Bothel and Trud, a pair of thieves who were after the coveted sunstar. Aware that Malani was in danger, Wicket and his friends went after her, and Wicket was finally made aware of Malani's crush. Though his social intuition may have been lacking, Wicket once again showed his skill for impromptu rescue plans when he saved Malani and reclaimed the sunstar, passing it off to Teebo to take care of Bothel and Trud.[71]

When Wicket met Chirita at the dock for their date, he was promptly rejected by Chirita, who had made other plans with Wicket's older brother. But his evening would not be spent alone—he instead indulged Malani for a short canoe ride.[71]

Raygar and the Sunstar[]

"I'll destroy you for this!"
Wicket club

Wicket tries to attack Raygar but is no match for his technology.

Trekking up a peak with his friends to feed guba birds, Wicket could not help but feel that his time could be better spent earning another trophy for his belt. And while the feeding did not go as smoothly as anticipated, Wicket soon found his way into a new mishap when he heard the cry of a perkle. The Ewoks freed the creature from its confinement in a trap, the origin of which Wicket could not determine; the same was true of the metallic being Wicket saw next, a droid that picked up Teebo, under the command of Doctor Raygar. The Imperial scientist, flying his personal repulsorcraft, then set an energy beam on Kneesaa. Wicket tried to save her and to attack Raygar's droids, but he found he was no match for the advanced Imperial weaponry.[72]

Raygar then spoke with Wicket personally and demanded that he reveal the location of their village if he wished to save his friends. Reluctantly, Wicket complied, but he and Latara were nonetheless captured and placed into a holding cell with their friends aboard Raygar's freighter. Though he tried to lead an escape, Wicket and the others were no match for the force field sealing the door. After learning that Raygar was seeking the sunstar, Wicket knew that they must escape to warn the tribe. He convinced Raygar's droid PD-28 ("Peedee") to let them out, but their search for an exit led them into an escape pod. Latara inadvertently launched the pod with her buttocks, and while the ride started off bumpy, Wicket took the helm and quickly learned how to pilot the craft. But by the time they arrived at Bright Tree, it was too late; Raygar had already taken sunstar and fled.[72]

While Wicket tried to convince Chirpa to use the "flying canoe" to transport some warriors back to the sunstar, the overeager Latara started the ship's launch sequence and only the four children and Peedee made it into the ship before takeoff. Since Raygar's ship was quickly moving towards space, Wicket chose to stay on course, rather than go back to pick up the warriors. Wicket was unprepared for the weightlessness he experienced when they broke Endor's atmosphere, although Peedee then engaged the gravity stabilizers, nor had Wicket ever seen anything quite like the Star Destroyer they approached for landing. Upon arrival, Peedee was ordered to be recycled by Admiral Kazz, so Wicket and Kneesaa decided to rescue the droid while the other two Ewoks searched for Raygar.[72]

Wicket attacks Raygar

Wicket attacks Dr. Raygar.

After retrieving Peedee, Wicket and Kneesaa headed to Raygar's lab, where the scientist had used the sunstar to create a weapon to kill Emperor Palpatine, a weapon he wanted to first test on Latara and Teebo. When Raygar incapacitated Peedee, Wicket sought to avenge his new friend and lashed out at Raygar. He leapt for the man, dodging his blaster bolt, and attacked fiercely. In the scuffle, he inadvertently caused Raygar to fire his new weapon into space as Palpatine's shuttle approached; while the blast—which destroyed one of the Lambda-class shuttle's wings—could have killed the Emperor if fired at a slightly different angle or moment, it also may have saved the man's life by preventing Raygar from firing when he intended. Realizing his predicament, Raygar decided to kill Wicket, but Kneesaa retrieved the sunstar and freed Wicket from his grasp. Wicket then used the sunstar to destroy Raygar's blaster.[72]

Wicket, Kneesaa, and Peedee again boarded their capsule, picked up Teebo and Latara, and headed back to Endor. To honor Wicket, Chief Chirpa presented him with two pieces of the droids who had earlier attacked their village as trophies for his Belt of Honor.[72]

The Black Cavern[]

To gain another badge for his Belt of Honor, Wicket attempted a test of courage for Chief Chirpa and Head Elder Kazak which involved swinging by vine across a gauntlet of spears. Wicket's test was sabotaged, however, by a young Dulok prince. Boogutt, the son of King Gorneesh, was attempting to impress his father and the other Duloks when he cut Wicket's rope as he swung. The Ewok's subsequent fall caused him to tumble into and break the sacred sun crystal, symbol of Ewok bravery. Wicket's spirits were as broken as the shattered crystal when Kazak deemed him unfit for warriorhood. Wicket was inspired with an idea, though, when Teebo and he overheard Kazak and Chirpa talking about the crystal's origin: the Black Cavern. Wicket headed off for the cavern to retrieve a new crystal and redeem himself; however, he was trailed by another eavesdropper: Prince Boogutt.[73]

Fleeing black cavern

Wicket and Boogutt flee the creature in the cavern.

Teebo and Kneesaa later saw that Wicket's vine from the challenge had been intentionally cut. They headed for the cavern to save him. But Wicket was well ahead, and he made his way into the cavern. Once he saw another sun crystal, Wicket realized he was being trailed, so he sneaked up on Prince Boogutt. They had little time to scuffle, however, for the guardian of the sun crystal emerged from the ground and proved to be a dangerous foe. Wicket took the crystal and ran. He swung over a crevice, and when his rival Boogutt was too scared to do the same, Wicket swung back and carried the young Dulok. The tentacled guardian was hardly slowed, and as Wicket and Boogutt jumped through the cavern's collapsing entrance, the guardian grabbed the Dulok child by the ankle. Again Wicket refused to leave Boogutt behind; propping the entrance open with his sun crystal, Wicket went back in and stabbed the tentacle with Boogutt's knife.[73]

The children jumped from the cave again, just before the crystal shattered as the cavern's mouth closed behind them. Though the Duloks showed no appreciation for Wicket's courage, Kazak was thoroughly impressed and presented Wicket with a piece of the broken crystal for his Belt of Honor.[73]

Enemy of the Empire[]

Imperial invasion[]

When the Empire's first scouting party arrived on Endor, Wicket was among the warriors sent to investigate. Simply following the ship's distinctive scent, the Ewoks discovered Imperial walkers and stormtroopers. Afraid of the offworlders, the Ewoks decided to ensure that they did not reach Bright Tree Village, so they remotely guided the scouting party, led by Lieutenant Kiviett, in wrong directions and into dead ends. The Ewoks' pounding drums even frightened the Imperials, who, once they realized they had ended up back at their shuttle, headed off to their orbiting ship immediately. The Ewoks thought they had seen the last of the Imperials, but Kiviett's commanding officer, Captain Toss, disregarded the warning about the Ewoks. A few weeks later, a full Imperial invasion began.[74]

Out with his friends one day near a Dulok cave, Wicket was snatched by a flying condor dragon. He was saved when Teebo sprang to action on his father's hang glider—he attacked the dragon and brought it, and Wicket, crashing down into the trees. Upon their return to the village, Chief Chirpa admonished Wicket for engaging with the Duloks and putting himself and Kneesaa in danger. As punishment, a few days later, Wicket had to help Chukha-Trok clear out fungus-infected trees. While Wicket worked with the woodsman Ewok, they witnessed an explosion nearby—the result of an Imperial attack on a Dulok village. A survivor from the raid, Agluk, came to Bright Tree and told Chirpa what happened—destruction of the village, capture of the Duloks, and the awakening of the legendary griagh beast. Chirpa order Agluk to be held in a cage, but later in the night, Wicket, Kneesaa, and Paploo let him out on condition that he show them where he had seen the griagh. Wicket secured a rope around Agluk and, joined by Teebo and Latara on the way, the Dulok led them to his former home, now the beginnings of an Imperial base. Once Wicket observed the Duloks shackled by the Imperials, he decided that no beings deserved such a fate.[75]

Ewoks fight griagh

Wicket and Teebo battle the griagh.

Wicket and company continued to follow Agluk as he led them deep into a cave, which Wicket determined, based on the skeletal remains littered about, was likely inhabited by something hungry. As Agluk began to turn on the Ewoks, brandishing a blaster rifle, Wicket decided they should escape when the Dulok was asleep. But he accidentally woke Agluk, and their ensuing commotion awakened the beast Wicket had feared—the multi-mouthed griagh. After taking out the Dulok, the griagh attacked the Ewoks. Wicket fought back with his spear, but the Ewoks decided to flee and warn the village about the griagh.[75]

On the way back, Wicket and his friends saw that Logray and Paploo had been discovered by stormtroopers with Dulok prisoners in tow. The Ewok foursome ambushed armored soldiers, and Wicket freed the Duloks from their binders. But the fight escalated when the griagh burst up through the forest floor, knocking Wicket to the ground. While the beast attacked without prejudice, Wicket continue to engage the stormtroopers. The griagh was finally subdued thanks to a selfless final act by Zrani the Wistie and the power of the sunstar. With the battle over, Wicket welcomed the late arrival of Chief Chirpa and his Ewok scouts. And at a later celebration, Chirpa honored the young warriors, but warned that the threat of the Imperials was far from over.[75]

Helping the Towani family[]

"Starcruiser crashed!"

Over three years after the Rebel Alliance defeated the Empire at the Battle of Yavin,[11] the Warrick family was living in a ground hut, and Wicket's father Deej and brothers Weechee and Widdle brought home two Human children, Mace and Cindel Towani. Wicket greeted Cindel with curiosity and quickly befriended her. The Towanis' starcruiser had crashed in the forest nearby, and the children's parents had gone missing. When Cindel became ill, Wicket stayed at the girl's bedside and brought her flowers while his mother, Shodu, nursed Cindel back to health. Wicket even began learning the girl's language, despite Mace's claims that he couldn't even talk.[76]

Wicket cindel

Wicket Warrick and Cindel Towani

The next day, Deej and his sons fought a boar-wolf in the woods; Wicket brought down the beast with a blowdart. To learn from where the beast came, Deej and Wicket took the children to see Logray, whose crystal image spinner revealed that the parents were being held by the Gorax. The following day, Wicket and the villagers prepared for an expedition to the Gorax's lair. Before they departed, Logray held a ceremony in which the members of the caravan were given sacred totems for their journey, where Wicket received a magic walking stick. While Mace subsequently discarded his totem, which he thought was just a "stupid rock," Wicket secretly retrieved it for a later use.[76]

Wicket traveled with the caravan, partly by horseback and by foot for the rest. The group picked up the woodsman Chukha-Trok and the priestess Kaink along the way. While Wicket and Cindel played during a break in their travel, Mace became trapped beneath a magic lake, but Wicket used his magic walking stick to save the inquisitive boy. That night, Wisties visited the group's camp, much to Wicket's excitement. But after many days, they finally arrived at the fortress in the Desert of Salma, and Wicket returned to Mace the rock which would provide their entrance to the cave. At Deej's insistence, the younger Wicket, Widdle, and Cindel stayed behind near the entrance while the others went on. The children played around until a rearing spider showed up, which Wicket battled and eventually killed. Meanwhile, the others rescued the elder Towanis and returned to the entrance, where Wicket witnessed Mace killing the Gorax with the weapon of the fallen Chukha-Trok. Upon their return home, the Towani and Warrick families joyfully celebrated their reunions, and Wicket even performed a celebratory dance.[76]

As Jeremitt Towani's repair work on their starcruiser neared completion, Wicket and Cindel were out playing and picking flowers and berries in the forest. Wicket, who had become increasingly proficient in the Humans' tongue, struggled with the idea of Cindel leaving and tried to convince her to stay. He even briefly considered going offworld with the Towanis, but decided that his place was on Endor with his family. Wicket then suddenly sensed danger and returned to the village to find the Sanyassan Marauders, led by King Terak, attacking the Ewok village. Wicket and Cindel eluded the Marauders, but when he saw his family under attack, Wicket went after one of the soldiers himself. However, he and the other Ewoks were all eventually captured and loaded into wagons. Meanwhile, Catarine, Mace, and Jeremitt were killed.[7]

Terak, who was after what he called "the power"—the Towanis' cruiser's crystal oscillator—was hauling the Ewok prisoners back to his castle. He captured Cindel and placed her in the same wagon as Wicket. With Cindel's whole family dead, Wicket now considered the girl part of his family. Given their small size, the two children escaped their wagon. Trailed by a few Marauders, the two climbed up a mountain and found haven in a cave, although the Marauders' haphazard shooting caved in their entrance. With the only way out being a straight drop downward, Wicket spent hours building a hang glider from bones and material found in the cave. When his search for one of the final pieces led to his accidentally waking a condor dragon, Wicket found himself making a hasty escape in his new glider as he followed the flying creature which carried off Cindel in its claws. He freed Cindel in a dangerous midair rescue, and after a crash-landing and long trek on foot, the two children rested for the night in a hollowed-out tree trunk.[7]


Wicket and Cindel discuss in front of Teek.

The next morning, Wicket was awakened by a being named Teek who tried to steal from Wicket's pouch. Wicket was not as amused by the playful creature as Cindel, but Teek then led the hungry children to a house in the woods. They inspected the vacant house and decided that they could make it their new home—Wicket even found a conical hat to his liking. But as Wicket prepared supper, the real homeowner arrived: Noa Briqualon, an old hermit whose ship had also crashed in the forest long ago. He kicked the children out of his home, leaving them to fend for themselves outside in the cold. So Teek saw that they were fed, and Wicket started a fire for warmth—however, he accidentally singed his posterior in the process, much to Cindel's amusement. Noa, though, had a change of heart and eventually allowed the kids to live with him.[7]

Stopping the Sanyassans[]

"We fight!"

Curious where Noa went every day, Wicket and Cindel trailed him once and discovered that he was working on his starcruiser. Noa told them of his past and about his long-gone friend Salak Weet and their need for a new crystal for their ship's power drive. Wicket and Cindel grew closer to the old man; they even played music together, with Wicket exhibiting his skill of percussion. Their newfound happiness was interrupted early one morning when Wicket awoke to find Cindel missing—kidnapped by the Nightsister Charal. Wicket, Noa, and Teek set out on a frantic trek to find her, making their way to Terak's Keep. They infiltrated the castle, crossing over a deadly moat where Wicket sent a Sanyassan guard to his death to save Noa's life.[7]

The trio sneaked through the castle; Wicket freed Cindel and the previously captured Ewoks while Noa picked up the Towanis' stolen crystal power drive. With a Sanyassan blaster in hand, Wicket began to lead the party out, but when the Sanyassans pursued, Wicket and his father stayed behind to slow the Marauders down. The two Warricks were subsequently the last Ewoks out of the castle, but they regrouped and ran across the hills and back to the woods where Noa's ship sat. While Noa and others readied the ship, Wicket led the defense against the Marauders.[7]

While Noa installed the power supply in his ship, Wicket spotted the approaching Sanyassans and sounded the Ewok battle horn. They fought aggressively with catapults, bows and arrows, javelins, blasters, and more, but Terak and his men closed in on the ship still. As Wicket was pursued by an enemy trio, he fell victim to a rope trap that suspended him in the air by his foot, but he was freed by Deej and Cindel. Just when all seemed well, Terak approached and grabbed Cindel, holding her hostage. He then ordered Wicket to deliver the "old man" an ultimatum: turn over "the power" or he would take Cindel.[7]

Wicket obeyed and returned with Noa, who negotiated for Cindel's release. Wicket then took the young girl to safety while the two men did battle. When it seemed Noa would not succeed, Cindel prompted Wicket to do something. So Wicket used his sling and hit Charal's ring that hung suspended from Terak's neck. When it activated, the ring transformed the Sanyassan leader from a living being into nothing more than a solid statue. Wicket and the others stared in amazement; their fight was over.[7]

Wicket Noa farewell

Wicket says goodbye to Noa.

As the two humans prepared for their offworld departure, the Ewoks gathered around Noa's ship. Noa shared with Wicket some final words. Then Wicket had to say goodbye to his best friend, Cindel, who promised to return to Endor someday. Teek and Wicket, both deeply saddened, stood together as Noa's ship lifted off and into the stars.[7]

Falling-out with Logray[]

Wicket's relationship with his former master Logray grew strained over time. The shaman abused Wicket, who found himself distanced from the village and becoming somewhat of a loner. He was a vocal opponent of Logray's practice of the Dark Rituals—ancient rites involving living sacrifice. But despite his many accomplishments and his status as a warrior by that time, Wicket still held relatively little clout among the tribe, and since he refused to participate in the sacrificial practices, he was banned from all rituals.[74][77]

The Imperial vulnerability[]

«You have done well, Wicket. [...] We shall forget the shame of fear. Now tell us, brave one, which of our traps to use.»
―Chief Chirpa[74]

As the Empire expanded their presence on Endor and constructed a shield generator to protect their second Death Star, Wicket witnessed something that would prove vital to the Ewoks in the times ahead: he saw an AT-ST[11]—which was walking around the base of the Yawari Cliffs—step on a rock, slowly fall over, and then explode. Wicket realized at that point that the Imperials were not invulnerable; the Ewoks could build traps for the "big not-animals" and set up defenses around Bright Tree Village, preparing for the day when they would have to engage the offworlders. A few days later, Wicket presented his news and ideas to the Council of Elders, who had previously been unsure of how to deal with the Imperials. Chief Chirpa was impressed with Wicket's report and pleased that the tribe would no longer have to live in fear.[74]

Rebel encounters[]

"You're a jittery little thing, aren't you?"
―Leia Organa[6]
Leia Wicket

Wicket meets Princess Leia Organa.

The Imperial activity continued on Endor as construction on the new Death Star progressed. Meanwhile, the Rebel Alliance had sent a strike team to the forest moon to deactivate the shield protecting the giant weapon.[6] Traveling through the woods one day, Wicket heard a pair of Imperial speeder bikes fly by, and then saw them each crash and explode. After waiting to make sure no Imperials would detect him[78]—something Wicket noted was becoming increasingly more difficult on Endor[75]—he went to the crash sites to put out any fires or deal with potential survivors. The first biker he spotted was a dead scout trooper, but the second he recognized as a Human woman, and she was still breathing. While he was initially reminded of Catarine Towani, Wicket then thought of the witch Charal, and so approached the stranger with caution. He prodded her with his spear until he woke the woman[78]—Princess Leia Organa of the Rebel Alliance, who, when she saw Wicket, was reminded of a baby Wookiee doll she played with as a child.[79]

Wicket remained leery until the woman offered him part of a ration bar to eat.[78] He found the food to be very good, but he again became fearful of Organa, though she was merely removing her helmet. He inspected the headgear but stopped and grabbed his spear when he heard more Imperials. When the troopers fired at them, Wicket and Organa hid behind a log until another blast hit. At that point Wicket rolled out of sight.[6] Then, as a scout trooper approached Organa at gunpoint, Wicket realized she was no friend of the Imperials, so he attacked the trooper's legs, giving Organa a chance to swing at the trooper, grab her blaster, and shoot the other Imperial before he could get away. Wicket praised the princess' skill, as he then had a new respect for her. As they headed off, Wicket urged Organa to follow him,[78] and he made sure that she arrived safely at Bright Tree Village.[80]

Meanwhile, other Ewoks had captured and brought in the rest of the Rebels: Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and the droids C-3PO and R2-D2,[6] the last of whom had eliminated the Dulok threat at the failed peace summit on Endor some time ago.[27] The Ewoks treated C-3PO as a god, and Logray insisted that the other Rebels be sacrificed in the droid's honor. Wicket vehemently opposed these Dark Rituals, but his pleas were ignored.[74] He conferred with Wuta as the proceedings continued, but they were halted when Skywalker used the Force to lift C-3PO into the air and convince the Ewoks that it was a show of the droid's "magic." This frightened the Ewoks, including Wicket, and caused them to run away, but they soon returned and untied the Rebels under Logray's orders. With C-3PO back on the ground, Wicket was reunited with R2-D2.[6]

The Battle of Endor[]

"Honorable Elders, we must aid this noble party not less for the trees, but more for the sake of the leaves on the trees. These Rebels are like the Ewoks, who are like the leaves. Battered by the wind, eaten without thought by the tumult of locusts that inhabit the world—yet do we throw ourselves on smoldering fires, that another may know the warmth of light; yet do we make a soft bed of ourselves, that another may know rest; yet do we swirl in the wind that assails us, to send the fear of chaos into the hearts of our enemies; yet do we change color, even as the season calls upon us to change. So must we help our Leafbrothers, these Rebels—for so has come a season of change upon us."
―Wicket, as translated by C-3PO[79]

That night, the Rebels had an audience with the Council of Elders in the Royal Hut in hopes of encouraging them to join their cause. C-3PO animatedly told the Rebels' tale, but the council failed to see any relevance to their tribe. Wicket observed concernedly as Solo and Skywalker each tried to woo the Ewoks. After Organa gave a short plea, Wicket finally spoke up. He articulated to the council, while C-3PO translated for the Rebels, why the Ewoks should join these people in their fight. His speech swayed the council, and Chief Chirpa declared that the Rebels would become part of their tribe.[79] Wicket embraced Solo as the Ewoks welcomed their new comrades.[6]

Wicket and Rebels

Wicket consults with Paploo about how to help Organa, Solo, and Chewbacca.

Wicket later guided a group of Rebel emissaries to the hut of Tammala, an exiled Ewok inventor who lived high the forest canopy, whom they convinced to return to Bright Tree Village to lend his expertise to the construction of new gliders.[81] Wicket and Paploo then joined Solo, Organa, Chewbacca, and the droids to meet up with Major Bren Derlin and the Rebel commandos. Not long after dawn, they arrived a ridge overlooking the Imperial landing platform, and from there Wicket and Paploo led them to a "secret" entrance on the other side of the ridge.[78] There, as Paploo distracted the scout troopers to allow the Rebels to sneak inside the bunker, Wicket stayed behind with the droids. He remained there until they spotted more Imperials arriving; realizing the Rebels were in trouble, Wicket ran to get help. After the Rebels were led back out of the bunker at gunpoint, Wicket returned—and he brought with him an entire army of Ewoks. The Battle of Endor had begun.[6]

The Ewoks attacked with a variety of weapons and traps. Wicket joined a group hunting with bolas, and while his own attack backfired and knocked Wicket to the ground, the only injury was to his ego.[78] The battle raged on, and the Rebels tried to make their way back into the bunker. Wicket participated in a hang-glider attack led by Teebo. When his friend was shot down, Wicket swooped in and saved him, but he then crashed into a speeder bike while trying to avoid an AT-ST.[79] The Rebels eventually destroyed the shield generator, allowing the fleet above the planet to destroy the Death Star, and the body of Emperor Palpatine along with it. As the victors celebrated on Endor, Solo and Organa shared an intimate moment—one which Wicket did not hesitate interrupting to share in the jubilation.[6]

After the battle[]

"Wicket [...] invited me to join him as he prepared a hearth fire in the fireplace he had constructed from the burnt-out husk of an AT-ST cockpit. He handed me an Imperial Biker Scout's helmet, lined with a large free-palm leaf, and filled with sweet berry juice which he had picked and blended himself. This was how the Ewoks celebrated their victory—by taking that which had invaded their world and making it belong."
―Voren Na'al[74]

At a village-wide party where the Ewoks and Rebels celebrated their victory in the battle, Wicket danced and fraternized with R2-D2.[6] Per the request of Chief Chirpa and the rest of his tribe, Princess Organa presided over a ceremony after the battle in which Wicket was promoted to the rank of "lead warrior." Wicket remarked that it was the happiest day of his life. In the three days following the battle, Wicket and his friends transformed the burnt-out Imperial shield generator base into part of the forest and made it their home. They wove vines through the structure, planted trees to make new walls, used logs for structural support where portions had been destroyed, and turned an AT-ST cockpit into a fireplace. As Rebel historian Voren Na'al was out doing research for a report on the battle, Wicket invited him to tour his new home. Na'al had conducted an interview after the battle, with the help of C-3PO, in which Wicket told him about the events leading up to the Rebels' arrival.[74]

Wicket marvel

Luke Skywalker uses the Force to bring Wicket back down to the ground while he talks with Lando Calrissian, Chewbacca, and Admiral Ackbar.

As Wicket's achievements gained him attention after the Battle of Endor, some claimed he would be a prime candidate to eventually replace Chirpa as chief of the village,[74] despite the role being destined to be filled by Princess Kneesaa.[19] As a bachelor, Wicket also gained attention from a number of female Ewoks, who left gifts at his hut to express their romantic interest.[74] He was more interested, however, in the Alliance visitors who would come by, and he grew curious of the world beyond Endor. Still, he would spend his days at his home, carving trinkets for the young of the village and communicating with the forest animals.[4] When the Rebels returned from a battle at Bakura,[82] Wicket and other Ewoks helped Luke Skywalker in his Force skill and lightsaber training; they were all taken aback when Skywalker used the Force to levitate Wicket high into the air.[83] The next time Skywalker asked, however, Wicket and the others were not so inclined to participate. Wicket was later one of several Ewoks involved in the brief conflict between the Ewoks and Lahsbees, eventually stopped with the help of the Alliance.[84]

Later life[]

Freeing Opunia[]

Five years after the Battle of Endor, the forest moon was plagued with weather anomalies, missing animals, thunderous noise, and other strange happenings. When the neighboring Opunia tribe stopped sending out trading caravans, Chief Chirpa called upon Wicket to investigate. After consulting with the village medicine man, Wicket took group warriors and headed to the Opunia village. They freed a group of captured warriors along the way and fought their captors, a group of Trandoshan slavers, as well as some gundarks. The Trandoshans had hit Opunia as well, so Wicket had to recruit help from other neighboring villages to help fight. Wicket had to find a group of lost warriors in order to enlist the help of Chief Rivera and his tribe. To gain another chief's support, he had to kill some rancors to save the village's nerfs. Once Wicket had enough troops, his group destroyed all the of enemy's facilities and defeated the Trandoshans.[85]

A new beginning[]

«Today I hold the spear held by Chirpa and our esteemed ancestral leaders. And today, I take a wife, the lovely Kneesaa.»
«Today I take the hand of Wicket, my handsome husband. Today I listen to the wisdom of the trees who guided us to love and live in their shade.»
―An excerpt of Wicket and Kneesaa's wedding vows[5]

As a warrior, Wicket would look back on the adventures with his friends in his youth with much fondness.[86] He eventually married his longtime friend Princess Kneesaa and became co-chief of Bright Tree Village with her when Chief Chirpa, Kneesaa's father, died.[1][5] In a special ceremony to celebrate both their union as husband and wife and induction as chiefs of the village, the two vowed to grow in wisdom together and, like the trees, to "bear new leaves and branches."[5] And many years later, in 40 ABY, Wicket's family continued to thrive on Endor.[87]

Personality and traits[]

«[...] your courage will be remembered as long as Ewoks walk the moon of Endor!»

Wicket stands on the helmet of a fallen stormtrooper.

Of all Wicket's traits, perhaps the most notable was his bravery. Wicket would do anything for his friends and his village. He battled foes of size and number far greater than his own, and yet he always pulled through. Wicket had a sense of adventure, which he took after his father, Deej.

However, as Wicket neared adolescence and began filling his Belt of Honor to become a warrior, he went through a phase of arrogance and egocentricity, traits which often impaired his better judgment and got him into trouble.[88]

Wicket was somewhat shorter than the average Ewok. He had a keen sense of smell and an acute sense of hearing, both of which made up for the naturally poor eyesight most Ewoks shared. He usually wore a hood made from an animal pelt and later carried a flint-pointed spear.

Powers and abilities[]

Although clearly not as adept as the sorcerer Logray or his apprentice Teebo, Wicket showed some potential Force-sensitivity in his ability to wield Logray's staff and perform other acts of "magic" while briefly under the shaman's tutelage.[22] Additionally, his ability to see and communicate with the spirit (possibly Force ghost) of his long-dead great-grandfather Erpham further indicated at least some connection with the Force.[47]

Belt of Honor[]

Wicket belt Ewoks13

Wicket and his Belt of Honor

On his journey to become an Ewok warrior, Wicket collected many items for his Belt of Honor:[88]

  • Silver feather of duty. Wicket had already earned this award when he received his belt.[43][51]
  • Crystal from the Floating Mountain. Wicket retrieved this after defeating the Gracca.[51]
  • Pearl of Patience. Kneesaa bribed Wicket with this pearl so that we would put up with "Princess" Latara for a day. However, he did break his agreement—and lose his patience—so he may not have received this trophy.[55]
  • Comet. Wicket took a piece of the "comet," which was actually the Stranger's capsule.[59]
  • Glok monster scale. After Teebo stopped the monster in the glop pits, Wicket took one of the creature's scales.[59]

After collecting these trophies, Wicket lost his belt and everything on it except for his silver feather.[59] Wicket's badges following this were:

  • Mimph tooth. Wicket was given a Mimph tooth as a gift since he was unable to retrieve a hanadak fang.[60]
  • Icehead club. This was a gift from the Snow King, although since it was taller than Wicket himself, it was too big for Wicket to wear regularly on his belt.[64]
  • Control lever. This broken-off lever was part one of the many that Jadru used to control her maze.[66]
  • Enemy droid parts. Chirpa gave these pieces to Wicket for retrieving the sunstar from Doctor Raygar and returning it to the village.[72]
  • Sun crystal piece. Head Elder Kazak presented this to Wicket outside the Black Cavern for the courage he showed in rescuing Prince Boogutt.[73]

Behind the scenes[]

Wicket was portrayed by Warwick Davis in 1983's Return of the Jedi. The then 11-year-old actor came to be involved in the film after his grandmother heard a radio ad calling for short actors.[89] When Davis' mother called to inquire on his behalf, she was told that Lucasfilm already had enough actors; however, when she mentioned that Warwick was a mere 2 feet, 11 inches tall, they reconsidered him for a younger Ewok. Davis then met with production assistant Pat Carr at Elstree Studios, where he was measured for a costume and did not even have to audition.[90] Davis began work on the film in January 1982. Originally just another Ewok, Davis caught the eye of George Lucas with aspects of his performance, such as his interaction with R2-D2 and the ability to stick his tongue through his Ewok mask.[89] Another part of his performance, inquisitively tilting his head, was inspired by Davis' dog.[90]

Davis was later taken to America for location shooting. The day Kenny Baker was supposed to shoot the scene in which his Ewok character (originally called "Wicket") meets Princess Leia for the first time, Baker fell ill with food poisoning, so Davis was called in as a replacement.[90] Davis' Ewok eventually became Wicket, while Baker's became Paploo.[6] Evidence of the switch remains in the comic book adaptation of Return of the Jedi, where the Ewok stealing the speeder bike is still called Wicket. Wicket's voice in the final film, according to Davis, was performed by an American Indian woman.[91]

Concurrent to the shooting of Return of the Jedi, first assistant director David Tomblin shot a short film on 16 mm film starring Davis called Return of the Ewok. It tells an alternate tale of Warwick Davis landing the role of an Ewok and trying to find his way to the "green moon of Endor," stopping by Jabba's Palace and Yoda's hut along the way. Davis is in his Wicket costume for much of the film. A short clip, where Boba Fett is pursuing Davis/Wicket on the Death Star II, can be seen in the blooper-reel easter egg on the 2004 bonus DVD for the original trilogy.[92]

Davis reprised the role of Wicket in the television movies Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure in 1984 and Ewoks: The Battle for Endor in 1985, both of which featured Wicket as a main character. Darryl Henriques voiced Wicket in both films. Since George Lucas' daughter Amanda was a big fan of Wicket, Davis performed the character at a birthday party for her, delivering presents and even letting the kids force-feed him cake.[93]

Wicket was also a main character in the animated television series Ewoks from 1985 to 1986. Although Warwick Davis did audition for the voice of Wicket,[89] Jim Henshaw was cast in the role. Like most of the characters, Wicket changed somewhat after the first season. For the show's second season, a new design team was brought on[94] and most of the voices were recast; Wicket was voiced by Denny Delk. Most second-season episodes involved Wicket—now wearing a green hood—trying to collect a trophy for his Belt of Honor. In Tales from the Endor Woods, an edited compilation of Ewoks episodes released on DVD in 2004, Alex Lindsay portrayed an adult Wicket in a narrative introduction.

In addition to his film and television appearances, Wicket appeared in a number of children's books and a 14-issue comic book series from Marvel's Star Comics imprint.

On the April 27, 2008 edition of Comedy Central's Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert (a self-described geek) "ate" Wicket (a large teddy bear with an apple stuffed in its mouth), reneging on a promise not to eat Ewok.

On June 7, 2013, it was announced that, in honor of the 30th anniversary of Return of the Jedi's release, Bean Bunny was selected to represent Wicket Warrick for the Star Wars/The Muppets crossover line.[95]


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