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Widget was Mora's droid assistant on the planet M'haeli in 0 ABY.


He assisted Mora with her repairs business, and joined her when she went offworld with Ranulf Trommer and Ch'no to join the wider Rebellion.

Widget was a short, bipedal droid with a primarily yellow and brown body and a red scarf around his neck. The odd little droid came on-line in Mora's early teens, after a half dozen botched attempts to initialize his cognitive processor. Since then, he has faithfully fulfilled his role of making his master a better mechanic, both intentionally and accidentally—his tools are an asset, but it his frequent system glitches that have given Mora monthly crash courses in droid re-construction.

Even in a galaxy choked with automatons, Widget's appearance is peculiar. His stumpy legs and wide, heavy base give him a wobbling, splayed gait and a low center of gravity. A flexible waist supports an armored torso with an inset button panel, used to input commands and run diagnostic when the droid is off-line or inactive.

The droid's arms are true marvels, each containing dozens of small machinist's tools that can be extended through the digits and palms of both square, blunt-fingered hands. The right forearm holds a magnifier, a spotlight luma and a full range of wire cutters. The left, covered by ribbed sheathing, holds a laser welder, gripper clamps and a computer access link. This is just a fraction of Widget's total accoutrement and he can add or remove items with little effort.

Following the battle of Yavin, Princess Leia came to M'haeli to support the local insurgency in their fight against Governor Grigor. Widget proved to be of worth, helping the team rescue prisoners from Grigor's mines and retrieving coded data on the corrupt governor's illegal activities.

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Behind the scenesEdit

"Widget" is a real word. It refers to any small gadget, especially one the name of which cannot be recalled.



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