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A Wii console with motion controller

The Wii is the sixth home video-game console released by Nintendo. It is the successor of the Nintendo GameCube and was succeeded by the Wii U.

In May 2006, when the Wii (formerly codenamed the Revolution) was officially unveiled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, LucasArts made no comment on possible games for the console. A few months later at the annual Comic-Con convention, however, Stephen J. Sansweet, Lucasfilm's director of content management, answered a question at the Star Wars panel confirming that LucasArts planned to develop video games for all the next-gen consoles.

The system is unique for its controller, the Wii Remote, which is motion sensitive and interactive. Fans have speculated that upcoming Star Wars games may take advantage of the console's unique motion-sensing technology in its "Wii-mote" to simulate lightsaber duels. Jim Ward of LucasArts has said that internal prototype games using the Wii-mote to control lightsabers exist.[1]

The console also allows the play of past games from Nintendo, and former competitors' consoles, through its Virtual Console service. The Wii was also backwards-compatible, allowing gamers to play Nintendo GameCube titles.

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