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Wil Asani was a male Human who lived through the Clone Wars and into the dark times.


In 19 BBY, Asani became a resistance fighter and member of The Eleven, a group started by former Jedi Ferus Olin and Roan Lands, after Emperor Palpatine reorganized the Galactic Republic into his New Order. After Lands and Dona Telamark were arrested by the Empire, Asani and Doctor Amie Antin met with Oryon and Trever Flume where they would send in information to rescue Lands and Telemark. However, they were interrupted by stormtroopers, and Asani was forced to put the data on his computer. After fleeing through a tunnel, Asani and Antin took Flume, Solace and Oryon to a landing platform in order to escape the planet.

When Flume returned to Bellassa with Solace and Oryon, Asani and Antin helpeded to find where Telemark and Lands were being held for trial. Unable to locate the ship, the only information he could give them was that the trial was on the True Justice, a ship that traveled constantly picking up political prisoners. After leaving the planet, Asani traveled with the other opposition leaders to the Jedi asteroid where they would remain hidden from the Empire. As the transpirator the ship broke and they had to stop over, Asani and Ferus discovered a tracking device on board. While he remained on the base, it was revealed that Toma was serving as spy to the Empire and was the one who activated the tracking device which allowed Darth Vader and the Empire to find the resistance leaders. Asani perished in the Jedi asteroid's destruction.[3]



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