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"She has more experience. She was an underminister here at the palace. Her ideas are sound and grounded in reality. Unfortunately, her palace experience hurts her in some quarters, and her bluntness hurts her in others. She has her faction, but is expected to lose."

Wila Prammi was a female Human who became the first democratically elected Monarch of Gala, after Queen Veda decided to abdicate the throne.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Prammi had more political experience than her candidates, Deca Brun and Prince Beju, having served in the government of the now deceased King Cana. It was thought by many that her position within the monarchy seemed to distance her from the majority of the people. However, due to revelations about Brun's abuses of campaign funds, and after Beju withdrew and supported Prammi's campaign, she was elected to succeed Veda.

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